Stella Dimoko President Buhari Vows To React Fiercely To Killings Caried Out By Bandits...


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Sunday, July 21, 2019

President Buhari Vows To React Fiercely To Killings Caried Out By Bandits...

President Muhammadu Buhari has strongly condemned the killing of 37 innocent people by bandits in the Goronyo Local Government Area of Sokoto State.
He also commiserated with the victims of the unfortunate attacks, the government and people of Sokoto State.

A statement to DAILY POST on Saturday by his Senior Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, said the President has vowed to respond fiercely against “these brutal and remorseless enemies of humanity.”

“This frequent and large scale killings of poor villagers by gangs of mass murderers must be met with the fiercest force the government can mobilise.”

He announced that troops have been deployed to the affected areas and aerial security measures put in place.

“The Police commissioner as well as the Sultan of Sokoto, His Eminence, Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar III, has since visited the affected local government area, Goronyo.

“The Presidency is consulting with states racked by this tit-for-tat violent attacks with a view to complementing the security measures being put in place by getting the communities to dialogue with one another.

‘‘The results we are getting from Zamfara State where this sort of engagement is ongoing at the instance of the local authorities working with the police and other security agencies are very encouraging.

‘‘Other states in the federation where there are similar security challenges are encouraged to emulate Zamfara in the hope that the solution to the problems will be found.”

Buhari added that his administration will continue to encourage dialogue and disarmament of communities and bandits, but will not tolerate any situation where the spirit of ceasefire is made mockery of by continued violence against innocent people.

*Nigeria entered a one chance bus with this man as President...OMG!!!


  1. Na today ni? No be today yansh dey back...

    1. My dear no be today yansh don get centre parting jare

  2. Empty promises, he has no idea of what to do.

  3. Hahahahahaha.... Stella I need to hug you this minute. We are already doomed with the old man who hasn't just proved to be clueless but incapacitated. You see how he stylishly branded them bandits. Who are the bandits in sokoto? I guess they are the southerners hahahahahaha... Full blown Fulani herdsmen in action here, perpetrating evil and they are shielding them from prosecution.

    Since 2015, isn't it talking this old man have been doing without any action? If it's southeastern Nigeria, you will see the speed Buratai and his men will be sent to kill innocent people.

  4. Sebi they opened their eyes and voted him in. Mtchewww

    Someone that took almost 6 months to get his cabinet together last 4 years, made everything so slow, people still didn't learn from that, yet they voted for him and he's still doing the same thing.

    I wonder why most Nigerians always act like they've been jazzed during election. God save us!

    1. Cynthy, ohun to won ma je ni o je ki won gbon

  5. Full display of incompetence and lack of intelligence on fleek

    An ignorant man is a dangerous man
    If the head is empty
    The body is in trouble

    GOD help us all in Jesus Name, Amen
    Buhari you must give account if not to men but to GOD about Nigeria

    Leadership is a responsibility
    That is what the blockheads in leadership positions in Nigeria are woefully ignorant about

    They only greedily see power, money, women, leverage

    They densely cannot see SERVICE

  6. "When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn" ...Professor Yemi Osinbajo. 24/05/2015

  7. What is all these shouts about incompetence? Tribal, Ethic, Kidnapping, Religious killings is nothing new in Nigeria. In as much as I understand majority of the people on this blog don't like Buhari or feels otherwise about A.P.C. trying to pin the blame on Buhari or A.P.C is plain hypocrisy! Coming out to condemm the culprits would be in order. Teejay, I think your hypocrisy is so glaring, even the blind can see it! What has Fulani herdsmen gat to do with this? Banditry has been happening in the North since early 90's.... Way before Buhari. If it rains too hard, na Buhari or the sun shines too hot, it is Fulani herdsmen! One thing is certain though, Buhari is ruling and will rule by God's grace for another 3years. Anybody that don't like it, can go jump off a bridge.

  8. Buhari has so many vows in his kitty than any living president in this present day earth.


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