Stella Dimoko RE: Nigerian Soldiers On Escort Duty Abscond With Billions of Naira


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Monday, July 15, 2019

RE: Nigerian Soldiers On Escort Duty Abscond With Billions of Naira

The attention of the Nigerian Army has been drawn to some media reports fallaciously suggesting that billions of Naira was carted away by troops on Operation HARBIN KUNAMA 111 Sokoto assigned to escort Very Important Personality (VIP) to Kaduna.

Accordingl to the wrong media report - "Some personnel of the Nigerian Army absconded with "billions of naira" while on escort duty",

While it was true the personnel have absconded with large amounts of money belonging to a VIP they were assigned to escort to Kaduna, the exact amount is not known to 8 Division Nigerian Army or the then General Officer Commanding (GOC) the Division, Major General HO Otiki as was fallaciously imputed in some unverified media reports.

It should be important to clarify that neither the GOC or any personnel of the Division is aware of the exact amount of money in possession of the VIP at the time of this uncommon, embrassing, obnoxious and painful incident. It is only the person involved (the VIP) that knows the total amount involved and disclose to the media if need be.

In the face of this disgraceful, embrassing and unimaginable professional infraction by the five soldiers, who conived and orchestrated the robbery and thereafter deserted/ absconded, the Nigerian Army authority has on receiving the report, constituted a high powerered committee to holistically, thoroughly and decisively investigate the sad incident.

For record and posterity, this was what happened and has since been reported to all the Nigerian Army formations and units and the public for awareness and possible arrest of the criminals when seen:

"The under listed 5 soldiers of operation HARBIN KUNAMA III Sokoto were detailed on escort duty from Sokoto to Kaduna at about 1500 hours on 11th July 2019. The VIP was in a white Hilux, while the escorts were in a Buffalo gun truck. The soldiers conived and robbed the VIP at gun point on their way to Kaduna. They however abandoned the gun truck at the airstrip in Jaji. They have since scattered in different directions including Jos, Suleja etc as indicated in last geoloc tracking".

"Nigerians are by this notice advised to intercept the following individuals or report them to any police station:
1. Cpl Gabriel Oluwaniyi 07083502341 08063406601.
2. Cpl Mohammed Aminu 07034619455.
3. LCpl Commander Haruna 08039594638.
4 LCpl Oluji Joshua 08137622689.
5. LCpl Hayatudeen 08033756986.

All the above listed 5 soldiers were attached from Infantry Corp Centre Jaji".

All formations and units of the Nigerian Army have been alerted and requested to direct their men to be on the look out for these 5 deserting and disgraceful soldiers. They are to be apprehended and handed over to 8 Div Provost Group for prompt action/ prosecution.

The Nigerian Army as a respected institution, under the able leadership of Lieutenant General Tukur Yusufu Buratai, will do all that is necessary to fish out these criminals. Such kinds of individuals, once discovered, - have no place in today's Nigerian Army.

Acting Director Army Public Relations
15 July 2019


  1. Stella this your dog o, i dey fear im face o. lol

  2. They robbed the VIP on the way to Kaduna and still had the liver to drive the buffalo gun truck to jaji?......hmmmmmmm

  3. Lol...tell that to the birds

  4. Nonsense report to the police for what? Because money is involved and it belongs to yourr " supposedly elites" of this country.
    How many cases that have been reported to the police was actually investigated and justice prevailed, how many. The little girl that waa raped by the he goat of a man that Stella talked about few weeks ago that Tonto spearheaded the protest in Abuja what has been done about it, the case was about being swept under the carpet. Now una don hear money, u have rushed to reveal their names, how many rapists names have been revealed in this country.
    To hell with Nigeria police
    the armies on the run
    The money in question
    And the owner of the money.

  5. Thank God they didn't kill the man (VIP). May they be caught and made to pay/suffer for their crime. Ndi anya ukwu!

  6. This is just damage control.It is very GLARING that this money belongs to the top army military commanders.This explanation makes no sense.After robbing the so called VIP on the way from sokoto to jaji according to the army,the soldiers would not dare enter Jaji.The military just wants us to believe that the money does not belong to them.Lie!

  7. The truth will soon emerge, as no legitimate businessman will ever embark on such journey in a highly infected bokoharam region.

    1. The truth is that,this money is just 'returns' meant to be sent back to the top military commanders in Abuja.These soldiers know about this.It didn't start today.10 billion could be budgeted for on paper,it is transported in cash to its destination.Afterwards, 5billion could be repatriated back to abuja to be shared among top military commanders.Report fire!Intact if I see these guys,I would shake their hands and say well done!

    2. I agree with you. For them to risk their lives, their profession! They decided to collect their share jare.

  8. if I even see them, I won't talk, rather I will request for my own share... the weather hot abeg

  9. Godspeed guys. Since they want to play it like this. Uwa afid.

  10. Please leave them alone. They are only helping themselves with money that rightfully belongs to the poor with them inclusive. If it was a pdp member that had that amount of raw cash by now all hell would have been let loose. God will protect those runaway soldiers. May they never be caught amen.

  11. 2 Yorubas and 3 Hausas.If i see them, i wont report them as that is part of their settlement from Abacha loot that ought to be distributed among us but some people decided to eat alone simply cos they are powerful.

  12. See the story they have now concocted 😂
    They think all people are as foolish as they are.

  13. God I pray for the safety of these gallant brave solders who took what actually belong to them.

    For the useless generals may the blood of innocent soldiers killed by bokoharm due to low equipment and supplies from our wicked senior officers speak against their generations,this is just the beginning soon junior officers will start taking the lives of these wicked beast that call themselves our leaders


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