Stella Dimoko Service Year Boulevard 117


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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Service Year Boulevard 117

Hhahahahahahahhahaha wow....This babe can gist!!!

Hello SD, please publish my own NYSC experience.

So, I served in 2014, batch C. I had initially planned to serve in the west but somehow I got posted to Bayelsa state and so, off I went.

 I had a stop over at my sister's house in Portharcourt and then the next day, I journeyed to Bayelsa. I finally got to camp, did all the necessities and settled in. 

The camp was a shit hole. I never ate the camp food for one day cos the food was total rubbish. No water, we had to scramble for water or pay some little children to fetch for us. I made friends though, both with corpers and the army soldiers. I didn't really partake in any camp extracurricular activities, infact, I always looked for an excuse to lay in bed and not go out at all. 

Camp was fun though.

 Quite a lot of things happened. One of the girls in my hostel was a kleptomaniac. Always stealing people's stuff including underwear. She was caught severely and punished. We even conducted a mock deliverance session for her one time. 

One of those days during lectures, we found a dead baby boy beside the hall. Apparently one of the corp members had a baby by herself and dumped it there. She was eventually found out bleeding in one of the hostels.

 Another corper died too. She slumped and died during parade.

 Anyway, after staying for about 2weeks, I became bored and horny. Lol. My then boyfriend was in Owerri at that time so I devised a plan on how to leave camp and go see him. I had this soldier that was really into me then so I decided to use him as part of my plan. He had a car and I needed someone to drive me out of camp if my plan worked.

 On the day I decided I would leave camp, I faked an asthma attack. I had seen people with the disease and how they react to it so it was easy for me to copy. I did it so well that I was given leave to go and not even come back to camp. 

Soldier guy drove me out of camp to where I picked a bus going to Owerri. I stayed 4days out of camp before I decided to go back because I heard they would share our first alawee in camp and I didn't want to miss it. Lol. I got back to camp and worked my PPA to Yenagoa. Because I read English, I was posted to a school in Biogbolo. 

After camp, I got to the school only for me to find out I was the only corper posted there. Apparently, they needed an English teacher and didnt want to hire one so they requested for one. I asked them if they would provide accommodation for me and at least pay me. They showed me an empty classroom I would be sleeping in while I share toilet and bathroom with the pupils of the school. They said they ll also pay me 5k every month. 

Immediately, I asked the proprietor to reject me, that I wouldn't possibly live in such environment. She refused and accepted me by force. Na so I begin cry oh. 

I called a friend that worked in the govt house and she asked me to come by her office. I got there and was asked to wait at the reception. While there, Stella if you see the way these people where bringing in cash after cash ehn?! Cars filled with cash were being driven in. Anyway, one man who was waiting to see the governor asked me what the problem was after he saw my teary face. I narrated everything to him. Immediately, he just put a call across to the state coordinator and told him about me.

 The SO asked me to come to his office. I went there, he took my posting letter from me and gave me a new one and asked me to go and look for any PPA of my choice. I was so happy. I went round and finally got a private school in Amarata where I was paid 12k monthly. 

After squatting with a friend for like a month, I got my own accommodation. The house used to be a hotel but they ran out of business so the owner decided to rent out the rooms as self contained apartments. The guy in charge, became a thorn on my flesh. Every night, he came by my window , begging for s#x. Asking me to open the door for him. During the day, he ll just greet me and pass oh but at night he ll resume his position at my window. 

It was weird. 

All the same, I had fun in Bayelsa even though everything was too expensive. Their roasted bole and fish delicacy was to die for. I ate it almost everyday. And their men, kai! Randy set of people. They just see you and proposition you for s#x almost immediately. 

No respect for women at all. 

Made me understand why my landlord was how he was. The NYSC zonal inspector nko? That one pursue me tire. He was a pastor in MFM then oh. Yet he went after everything in skirt. As for my landlord, after staying 3 months without giving in to his demands, he cut me off from electricity. When I confronted him, he said I hadn't paid for 3 months and gave me a bill of over 20k. 

I was furious, mad, angry all at the same time. When I refused to pay, he threatened he was going to call his cult boys and they ll beat me up. Out of fear, I moved out that same day, had my things sent to phc, reported the matter at the NYSC secretariat and finally had him refund my rent. I didnt bother getting another apartment. I just reached an agreement with my PPA and was coming to Yenagoa once a month from Phc till I passed out. 

So many other things happened oh during my NYSC days, if I mention them one after the other, space no go remain so lemme just end here. I hope y'all find this an interesting read.

*Such an interesting read!!!...Where you dey work now?


  1. Very interesting and eventful year for you. Lol

  2. Enter your comment...very funny

  3. lols you is a funny woman Stella,no be small where you dey work now

  4. Interesting, I like your gist

  5. My kind of person
    I can gist ehn😂😂😂

  6. NYSC Bayelsa 2018:

    Posted to what seemed like an island on the Atlantic Ocean. Not up to 500 inhabitants...

    Takes 1hr on the waterway to get there(omo their waterways get roundabout o) Remember a day the speed boat I was in had an engine fault and was being repaired on sea...

    My assignment was to teach in a school without permanent staff. Na scam o. Even students na scam(by 10:30am, them go tell you you say they tired, they once abandoned classes to watch two mating dogs)...

    Speaking of mating, they like sex. While I stayed in this particular village, sometimes I would think that sex gives them meaning, else, they would be having multiple suicides...

    Or they won't... Because their lifestyle was simple.

    1. Is that not southern ijaw Abi sagbama
      They have 8 local governments

    2. @Olori na Egbopulama. I heard southern Ijaw get levels... :)

  7. Very nice write up, I served in Bayelsa also (2010) in amassoma, their men were close to dogs, always looking for somewhere to hang their manhood., that’s why their HIV rate is high.

    1. I beg to differ... I also schooled in NDU which is adjacent the NYSC lodge. Don't over exaggerate things.

  8. You tried well well in your gist.
    You faked asthma just to travel and collect fork?
    Pray that you won't ever be visited with asthma.
    Ndi Naija girls born and strangulate are everywhere o
    even in nysc camp? How did they ever allow a pregnant woman
    about to pop to come to camp?

  9. Where you dey work now😂
    Stellz u no go kill person.

    Congratulations jor ex kopa

  10. When I am done with nysc, I will send in mine. it's a rollercoaster of events🤦

  11. 'the army soldiers' as an English Graduate is this correct?

  12. Nice write up and also funny.
    I love the way you give this gist.

  13. So, you could not hold yourself for just three weeks of camp without sex. You had to lie in order to go and fuck. Fornicator like you.

  14. During my Nysc 2013-2014 Oyo state Batch B, my platoon engaged another platoon in singing battle, that turned to show. The soldiers were the ones teaching us different abusive songs.

    Amidst the singing battle, Our macho man come outside flex muscle, their macho man too flex muscle, dem show fine babe, we show fine babe, we show tall guy, dem bring tall guy. Dem come show one fat girl with big bakassi, na Dia we finish dem. Our own fat Copa na like x13 of their own. Na there The battle end


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