Stella Dimoko Sunday In House Gist -Housekeepers/Helps/Nannies


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Sunday, July 07, 2019

Sunday In House Gist -Housekeepers/Helps/Nannies

Can we gist about our housekeepers/ house helps / nannies etc?

What are you experiences with them?. Were they live in or come and go?.

Any positive or negative encounters?

Some housekeepers /house helps can strip your house naked in your absence. Steal your jewelries and ATM cards and still swear that they had nothing to do with it....

Some nannies do not know the kids they take care of have CCTV installed to watch what they do and some findings have left some parents scarred with fear for life.....

Some bring in charms to collect husbands or wives.....

 Some can make the kids lives under their care unbearable ....
When we were little,at a point in our lives,we had some helps come and go and I remember that she used to pinch me badly and twist my ears for no reason.....Because my mum was not around,if i reported to anyone,the twisting and pinching would

Blog PA says their house help in the 90's turned to a snake and tormented them ....Maybe she will gist us in the comment section.

Some house helps end up becoming like family and are sent to school and end up Marrying into the families they went to work...
Some become like Siblings...
What is your housekeeper/househelp/nanny story?


  1. The only one we had was like a small mummy to us. Aunty Iquo, we love you, only God knows where she is now.

    1. My sis took one like that and d our washer man got her pregnant

  2. Mine is like a sibling. Known her since she was 16years, now 26years. People think she is a family either hubby or mine side.
    Thou, not 100 perfect, we are human or my level of love and tolerance. I pray for the best for her. From the day of my first now in my fifth and last pregnancy and she is here.
    God bless your soul Amaka. And may you never change. The best will locate you.

    1. Amen to your prayers... God bless you too

    2. My parents help has become family o, she came in 2008. She was in jss class now she's in HND2. You can't even differentiate her from the rest of us and she's from the North. We all wear the same cloth for every event that we host. She has already told us she will marry in our house.

  3. Please people treat your helps well.They are humans. No poor them poor, them no kill person.

    No one knows tomorrow.
    Sow mercy so that you can reap mercy.

    Yes, I am shouting!

    -Queen Jay

    1. Take a πŸ₯ƒ of chilled beer 🧐

    2. @SluttyChikito

      If you been dey shak chilled beer
      How you go treat house help well kwanu eh? 😜
      No be on her you go pour all ya chilled anger/frustrations
      of beer drinkers?
      Ajuju ajuru aju

    3. Some house helps are 😈,they do you bad whether you treat them well or not

    4. My neighbor had this help, small girl oooh!! The way she treated this girl ehnnnn, you will cry... Small, fair fine girl!!

      When she starts beating this girl, you will think she's fighting with her husband... Thankfully, the girl ran to the police station to report her and they came and asked her to send the girl back to her parent!!

    5. Ajuju I am always on my best behavior πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    6. @cookie don’t mind those people.
      The way they treat people’s kids eh.
      Imagine giving your little help leftover foodπŸ’πŸΏ‍♂️
      She can’t even eat with the other kids. She has her own plate, spoon and cup and it’s kept separately. God have mercy on such wicked souls.

  4. When I was much younger, our house helps are majorly akwa-ibomites,they come by 7 and close by 6pm Mondays - Saturdays. All of good behavior, hardworking just one stole mum's jewelry but most had no issues with us but they love making up excuses why they wont be at work,it's either auntie died or in-law died,I still wish them well wherever they are niw

  5. She lives with me, we still pay her and I buy her things. She handles my kids with love. My Voltron. Admission please come fast. Amaka you are the best soul anyone can live with.

    1. Admission at 26? What happened all those years?

    2. @ Castor
      Education is never too late

      BTW i am not the anno

    3. Abeg pls get Amal’s lesson teacher so she can pass her exams or send her to learn something

  6. Mine is like a sibling. Known her since she was 16years, now 26years. People think she is a family either hubby or mine side.
    Thou, not 100 perfect, we are human or my level of love and tolerance. I pray for the best for her. From the day of my first now in my fifth and last pregnancy and she is here.
    God bless your soul Amaka. And may you never change. The best will locate you.

  7. Lessons learnt.
    1)Soldier come,soldier go.. barracks dey.
    2)The one that will stay, will.
    3)No matter how wonderful you are, it doesn't change the bad ones.
    4)Always be hands on with your home and kids(both parents) so that if anyone bails, you can cope.

    A good house keeper/nanny/house help deserves every good in the world, they are the real mvps.
    Never employ kids to come take care of kids, it is under age labour.
    Finally, be good, do good,never owe wages out of sheer revenge(they can push you) or wickedness. Your reward will surely come.

  8. Ours has been good so far. She’s been with us for few a years, no complaints, save for her lateness sometimes.
    She does her work diligently and is very appreciative of little stuff you do for her.
    She’s never taken anything in the house without first asking....once in a while.
    We don’t see her as just a house keeper, but family.
    She’s married with 5 kids but unfortunately, her husband is a terrible person....he abandoned them.
    Sometimes I wonder how she got involved with that guy.
    She’s a very beautiful and hard working woman. I pray her children turn out so well and be proud of them.

  9. Presently I do not have a house help because the first kid can take care
    of the rest... and my former help had
    gone ahead to marry.
    After our marriage, the help I had was
    more like a child to me. She was brought in by a relative. She went to
    same school with my kids. I paid same
    school fees for them, they rode same
    bus etc. She was quite useful and called me "mommy". That meant a lot
    to me. She was very kind to my kids.
    We fasted together, prayed together and had fellowship together. I told
    her that I wanted her to attend University
    at my expenses.

    When she came initially and showed some stubborn tendencies, some ladies
    told me she as a "witch" and that I
    should send her away. My answer -Jesus delivers witches and I know him.
    I don't send to any pastor, I would have her delivered myself.
    But I knew she wasn't a witch, she was just being a child.

    If you need a house help, find one of
    the kids that needs help from around
    you, even your relatives. Treat them like your child and
    they will honor and respect you and
    all that you honor. It is very foolish of some women to treat a house help badly and finally leave
    your kids and some women foolishly leave their husband's food etc. for
    the help (to press phones
    for social mmebi). Nobody prepares what my DH
    eats. If I travel, he cooks what he eats. The help will only cook what
    she and the kids will eat.
    Nobody washes my husband's boxers or clothes, I do that myself.
    I no dey allow that one for anybody even for washing machine.
    He does same for me when i am not able to do so.
    For those of una wey dey get house help wey una dey pay and una no dey
    concerned about her education or marriage even when she is of age...una go allow una daughters
    serve that way? 😯😯😯
    Ajuju di egwu o
    That pay makes her see it as "business" and your kids as "goods"
    Make her live in a home she can call hers and she will belong. She be
    house help no be slave unu anugo?
    😜😜😜😜 Read more in Prov. 31

    1. Please note that I only had a help when the kids started coming...
      If you never get kids and you get (a full nyash and boobies) help, wetin you wan make she
      help you do?
      No be to help you "service" (and snatch the snatchable) oga on top?
      Na only question I been ask o. If only you and your husband live in the house
      and you get a help, make you say no be laziness dey worry you.

    2. ANG from your write ups I assume you are a good woman. Please, keep it up.

    3. Awwwwwwwww ajuju is such a sweet woman. You have my kind of beautiful heart ❤️

    4. This one that first kid is taking care of the others. Be careful not to steal her child hood with house stuff. I’m quite sure it’s s girl cause naija Mother’s hardly ever try that with their first son
      And not all wives with no kids shouldn’t get help. That’s not yours to decide whether or not she needs help. She could get one but use wisdom to pick one that won’t tempt her husband or herself

    5. Ang i did this and more..yet she hurt me. Abeg forgot talk

  10. I have promised myself never to have anyone live with me not to talk of house help.

    Right now I manually do all the work even though it's draining physically.

    I don't even know how I'll face the next stage of job hunting and working without a help. I don't want to expose my children to harm sexually,psychologically and spiritually.

  11. I don't have a house help yet but i have three grown up boys who are my husband's apprentices, he is a business man and can't do without them. Non of them is above 20 but they most of the times behave like toddlers, these boys gives me alot of headaches from correcting little mistakes they are meant to know, atimes i wish to wake up and throw them out of the house but what comes to my mind when such happens is that i will ask myself if they were my biological children, will i treat them that way.
    Coming to my growing up, we had several maids and nannies cos my mum didn't live with us as a result of her job taking her to different parts of the country, my dad on the other hand was a disciplinarian and any little thing, he will send the maid way
    One of the maids was so dumb, tell her to buy soap, she will come back with a match box to the extent that she got pregnant by one mallam, we later found out that they were many having turns with her and she couldn't tell the actual person that got her pregnant

    Another was so mean that my parents are still not aware of what she did to us till today, she placed a fork on fire and pressed it on my little sister's tummy, threatened to skin us alife if we ever mentioned that to anyone, the mark is still there till today. She was not only bullying us, she use to sleep with one of our neighbors a girl like her. My first mental picture of sex was me climbing the suckaway cover behind the toilet to watch her fucking the girl, i doubt they knew it was lesbianism they were practicing. She even tried to forcefully finger me one-day and i screamed because the pain was too much so she let my sister and i be

    Or was it Glory that tried to seduce my dad severally but guy man told his wife and they sent her away, apart from that, she was an angel, very neat, a good cook trust calabar girls and she treated us with love, we really missed her. After she left, my mum started taking us around to where ever she is posted, all my dad did was to visit us on weekends.
    My family never had any help till recently because my dad is aging and secondly my adopted brother is still little and mom needs some helping hands if not bye bye to house helps biko. No live in nanny, they all come and leave.

    1. QueenAmy, please if possible your hubby should rent a place for those boys. Not safe for you and your kids.

  12. My help has been good so far.

  13. This post came at the right time.
    I have been so lucky with househelp. My first stayed for a year and got pregnanted by a boy in the neighbourhood. I never met her people. She was sent to me from home.
    The second stayed for 13 years. I saw her through secondary and university. She too was sent to me. In those 13 years, I never met her people. But we were talking on phone when GSM came. She only went home 2 times. Even Niw at 34 she still want to be with me, I kicked against but she shows up occasionally as i am trying to fix her up in a better job. We were very close. She has never stolen anything from me. She was a very discipline girl. Had access to every where in the house. My present girl is 19. Came as a WASC holder last year. Lives permanently in the house. Has her room with all conviniece including Tv. It's a different world to her as she said she is fron a very poor home. I dont know her people die met them. I called and told someone to help me get a girl. I had 3choices. I spoke to them on phone, accessing them but settled fir this. I then sent money for Transport. They sent her to be in Lagos I went to park to pick her. Keep 1milion carelessly,you will find it complete. Even when she sees money lying around, she will pick and put it on the table. She is a great cook. Keeps the house clean. Washes the cars. Since she has all 9 papers in WaEC, I asked her what she will like to do, she said nothing. Just happy to be out of her sorrounding where she couldn't eat. but i cant buy that. She has been just there in the house, I am planning to employ her in my organisation ie. Fed govt job.. Very diligent. When i was about travelling abroad with my family, I asked if she will be able to stay alone in the house,she said yes. I was forced to be locking our room that period as we had forex and so much valuables in my room,. We left her alone and just returned yesterday, met everything intact. Did a lot of shopping for her. See her showing off in church today!
    I do not pay her any salary. I dont pay any. I put them through school. Always live in. Intrest all my house help well. Infact people always refer to them as my daughters any time we go out cause they dress neatly and healthy. I took their pictures upon first arrival. Make sure no ganging or frienship stuff within neighboorhood. Study for Sonetimes and see if i can keep or not. I have had reasons to return one or two after a week as they did not fit into what i wanted. I have never gotten a paid servant. My style has worked for me for over 25years now. I plan to keep this present one for a long time hence she will work and make a living for herself. She flows very well with the family. She will start computer lesson very soon around the neighboorhood. Just preparing her ahead. I am a top Federal government official. And i intend to turn her life around. She has told me, she is not going anywhere. Funny her parents have not met my. But have faith in me, maybe based on what she tells them. I have changed her phone 3tines since she came. I just gave her one yesterday I bought abroad.(Used phone) She is a very happy girl.

    1. God bless you abundantly

      For showing them love and care, your pocket will never run dry

    2. You have a good heart madam, God bless you. Please am interested in the federal government job.

    3. πŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏ

    4. Awwww....God bless your kind soul

    5. God bless you real good.

  14. My sister was always so unlucky with helps, either they are witch, or they are thieves. i pray to be like my sis when I'm married, that woman knows how to take care of her helps, that whenever they are to leave, they will cry or the parent will beg to be taken back

    She starred praying for one, and the one she has now has turn family, she came at 14 and now 17, she part of us now, we treat her as family. When visitors comes newly, maybe for a week for some stuff, and you see them trying to take advantage of her cos she a maid, we will put you in your place immediately oh, no matter who you're, and the girl knows we love her and not scared taking her right, she not so wonderful, she has her flaws but we love her like that

    She had issues with one street boy, that goes around looking for trouble, the boy thinking cos she a maid, nothing will happen, kia that day the street knew, this people that stays in that duplex, acting all quiet and minding their business in the estate na mad people oh. Now no one take advantage of her again.

    But before God gave my sis this one, she had maid that killed her son, 2sons and before we realised it, the second one has already died, and even having a still birth, some help are demons from hell. That period kia, i don't want to even type about it, the pains was deep for everyone

    1. So sorry about what your sister went through.

  15. This thought was just in my mind today. Let's teach our helps the same way we teach our children. Let's teach them the word of that the devil won't plant evil seeds in their hearts. I grew up with alot of househelps not...infact at every point of my growing up we had at least 2 persons staying with us. Alot of them are married now (relatives mostly) and none them abused us at all. The kind of environment my parents created was superb. The word of God was at the centre and it made the home a stable place. we had issues with some of them but generally it was a great one.

    I grew with that same mindset...i have people staying with me... they are not perfect but I try to make sure that they know Jesus for themselves. It has been good too. I want them to fear God and not me or hubby. That will solve 100% of my problem.

    1. I’d rather put strangers in my house than relatives. Ungrateful lot 🀭

    2. Relatives!! God have mercy. My dads people troubled my mum in her own home and as much as she tried for them they still say she did nothing. Ha!!! Never again. The same cycle wants to repeat in my home now,I reject it o

  16. I have a nanny who is like 13 years older than me with grown up children, she lives with me, oh, she is a good woman. She knows what to do at the right time. She takes care of chores and my son when I am at work. I pay her, recharge her phone sometimes,let her cook her meals with meat, eggs and fish provided as the case may be. I don't raise my voice at her and I even call her mummy. Never had reasons to quarrel and if she wrongs me, she is quick to apologize. Thank God for this oh.

    1. very dangerous, the helps older than you are usually envious. They are smarter than the young ones so will never show their feelings but deep down they hate you because they they are older and havnt gotten to where you are.
      When my older help was leaving last year I got a glimpse of who she really was.
      After i had taken her Christmas shopping and bought gifts for her siblings and she left the stories started flying on how she used to gossip about how I spend money at home. My next door neighbor from her tribe that I never met dislikes me. Went to borrow fetcher and I introduced who I was, this woman locked the door and went in.

    2. I can't take a help older than me and I make sure they are above 18 too.

  17. Our house help back then was and is still family to us, she began staying with us from when I was born till when I was 9. She went to the same school with us, did everything with us and she loved me dearly. I love her too. Even till now, I still spend some of my Christmas holidays in their village with her mother and siblings. They don't joke with me, neither do I.
    She's not perfect, she has her flaws, sometimes she beats hell out of us and I hated her, Lol. But the things she taught me then are still helping me greatly.
    She remains my aunt till eternity.

  18. I have had bad experience with live-in househelps that I only hire cleaning services/house keepers now.

    Is it the one that always barge in on my then spouse in state of undress.
    The one that sleepwalks stark naked.
    The one that always finds your keys no matter where you hide it.
    The one that store the phone numbers of her boyfriends with female names.

    So, it's bye to female househelps.

    1. Sleepwalks naked ????
      Is sleepwalking a thing?

    2. Sis, na so I see am. Countless times

  19. Some house helps ehn. They can do and undo oh.

    Thinking back now, all I could remember vividly was our (I and my younger cousins) screams any time she turned. She will turn back when she wants especially if she senses someone coming. I was so little then. We couldn't tell our parents. We couldn't tell anyone. It was as if our tongues were tied each time they came back from work.

    She was brought to take care of us during one summer vacation.

    But she was caught one day in action by our neighbour who came to look for my senior sister unannounced. According to our neighbour, she saw it and ran out to call our mother to see with her two eyes what she has been telling her. That we always cry everyday. That she feels the girl might be doing something to us. She told her the girl looks possessed.

    That fateful day, we were eating in the room. She walked in. She shouted on us for pouring rice on the floor and the next thing she turned and we started screaming.

    They took her to Bishop for deliverance. During the deliverance, her COs came and took her. That was the last we heard of her. She never returned.

    1. What did I just read 😨
      Jesus Christ of Nazareth πŸƒπŸΏ‍♀️πŸƒπŸΏ‍♀️πŸƒπŸΏ‍♀️πŸƒπŸΏ‍♀️πŸƒπŸΏ‍♀️

    2. Wow 😱😱😱

    3. There's no correct phrase in English language like 'do and undo'.

    4. This is a terribly traumatic story! Are you for real??!!!

    5. na wah oπŸ€₯πŸ€₯

    6. This is just like nollywood movie...😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

    7. So it's true ?????

      I have heard of such stories repeatedly but never from one who it happened to.

    8. dont understand this gist. she turns how? into an object or animal? abeg explain make this gist for no loss

  20. there is a woman in my area that does agent for anything you want like if you are looking for accommodation, house help etc. She complained to my ears that she brought a 14 year old girl for someone from Kaduna but they refused to give refund her the tfare she spent so she refused to give them the girl reason being they can't take good care of her if they can't afford her tfare. She doesn't want to take the girl back cos of the living condition back in her home. She was now asking around for who will take the girl, I really felt for the girl, if not the condition of this country and our leaders without scrupples, she wont be in that condition. going from house to house with the girl, she finally met a couple who took her in.

    My helper is not a live in. I don't let her bath my son (four year) to prevent all these tiny aruruala.

    I was once a help for my aunt, my father's sister. She never protected me from her husband who beats me at every little mistake. I went to live with the at the age of ten and the experience was terrible. If her husband is flogging me with koboko, she can never come out and say it's OK, you ve flogged her enough. At 14,i packed all my clothes and wrote a letter and kept it in my bag with hope that I would see a relative that will help deli we it to my parents. My parents don't live in the village, they live in the north though and they allowed me to go live with her cos she complained of being lonely and she was ttc too. I wasn't giving her headaches, I don't wait to be reminded about my chores but sometimes if the husband comes back and meet poop in the dog's cage, it will be serious flogging and she won't come and save me. When she saw that letter and asked me, I told her I am tired and want to go. She got scared I might run away and they took me back to the village for my father to come and take me back with him from there. When my father came back, he believed the beating is not good enough reason for me to leave, he said I want to go and be pampered by my mother so he decided he won't take me back to the north but I should rather stay with their mother (my grandmother) in the village. My grandmother dealt with me... Let me end the story here, I don't have energy to type again. But in all, I learnt not to treat the girl working for me anyhow because I didn't like the way I was treated..

  21. Beloved you say what! Oh my Goodness this right here is scary.

  22. What exactly did she turn to?

  23. She came as a house help seven years ago at the age of eleven to my house but now turned to my first daughter. I don't joke with her o. My kids have bonded with her that I can't let her go. Though she has some skoin skoin but in all she is a very GOOD girl. She made all her O level papers at first sitting and I am currently processing her admission into the University. She chose the university where I work as the first choice so her admission is settled.

  24. When I had my second daughter, I requested for my cousin's 15 yr old son to come and assist me while going to school. Thus lady sent her 16 yrs old daughter too who she said I should enroll in a tailoring school for apprenticeship. Thankfully, I had a 23yrs old around (one of my shop girls). This fateful day, I had to go to my shop for something, took the big girl with me to bring back soup things to cook but thank God for the Holy Spirit who prompted me to drop the girl on the way to return to the house and ask the boy to come and meet us with a bike. When the girl later went to pack clothes from the lines, the Holy Spirit prompted her to look through the window and she saw the 16yr old girl trying to strangle the baby with her eyes wide open and totally lost to the world. The big girl kept banging on the glass window while screaming the girl's name but she was in another world. She said she couldn't risk turning around to go and rescue the baby because it might have been too late. After a while, their eyes met and she seemed to have come back to reality, then the big girl now ran to carry the baby. You needed to see her nail marks and streaks of blood on my daughters neck. By the time I came back, the whole estate were in my house, nobody could call me because there was no gsm then. I had to return her home the next day and when queried, she said she never wanted to come to my place but her mum forced her so she reasoned if she killed the baby, we would be compelled to return her home . She actually said she had tried spirituality but she couldn't succeed so she had to go physical. My baby was just 30 days old, I had her through CS against medical advise that the pregnancy should be terminated because I couldn't carry the baby to term. I never had an abortion as a spinster so I kept praying to God for help and made a vow that I would name the child OLUWASIJIBOMI if he gave me the grace to carry and birth her successfully. That is the child someone plotted for days to kill. I still thank God till date for not putting me to shame

  25. By his grace... When am married,, if my wife won't be ready to care for any maid as her own son or daughter then she should just forget about it

  26. We had lots of maids and cleaners while growing up but I will never forget Ifeoma. There is nothing this girl did not do. She was a witch and tried to kill my brother that was still a baby to the extent that they had to tear his head open to put blood in his body because the doctors couldn't find any vein. She always crossed her legs and interchanged her slippers. If she does this, means she's in a meeting so no matter how much you call her name she won't answer.
    Thank God for the kind of person my mum is, she used prayers to finish the girl and the girl confessed the house was too hot for her so she ran. Thank God my brother did not die.
    As for me, no maid. I prefer doing my chores myself and taking care of my kids even after a stressful day at work. I no fit shout.

  27. This is to reply Queen jay.πŸ‘†. You all know about Nneka, i was singing her praise her last year and how her father wanted to extort me just so i can keep her. Nneka is like my child, she goes to school in same school as my kids. I am proud to say i pay 105k every term for her. Mind u i am jobless so i had to convince my husband its the right thing. To treat everyone equal.. She dishes her own food. I allow 2 peices of meat for her. Which is no big deal o. She wears classy wear. Still remember how she sang when she saw me paying 18k for her xmas gown. Shoes nko. Even stella knows her sef. Na shame make me no send stella this as chronicle. I treated this girl soo well cos of how she has suffered. So sometime issue came up that my son is stealing...oh my God i cried o...i talked to my son and even flog kept happening almost everyday. Hmmmmmm my son is a very conservative type and quiet.

    One day my husband said he knows his son..he doesn't lack anything so this is strange, he tgen installed hidden cameras when they all went to school.

    My fellow bvs till today i hate and blame myself. We didnt only see her stealing...we saw her molesting my gentle son. She eats my kids meal. Beat them and even leave them unsupervised just to go and molest my kid. I cried so much...this put a strain in my marriage cos hubby was so furious. She is 15 and my eldest son is 7. ..stella this na why u no hear from me. My son hv been in therapy since. We just took her back. I no fit talk abeg

    1. OMG 😱😱😱😱
      This is really sad

    2. I believe this πŸ’―. I'm so sorry this happened to your son and I hope he gets all the help he needs.
      I ve swore off female househelps.

    3. Perxian i have 2 little girls. Since i was abused growing up .i dont like male helps. The only time i left my kids os to go to the market. I pet her so much i cant send her to buy lil stuff.

    4. This story has further convinced me not to get a maid. They are more of a burden than a blessing. I have 2 children and I will look after them myself. Make person no go use e own hand cause wahala

    5. OMG... she must be possessed. It's even those helps that lack nothing that do the worst.

      Thank God for your family. God will heal your son.

    6. Thank God you found out before more damage was done. This is why I keep shut when people write epistle on the formula to a great help. There is none. No matter how perfect you think your help is, ensure you have cameras for your kids sake.

    7. I can feel goose bumps all over me. What an experience. I'm so sorry ma'am.

  28. My mom got a "mission girl" around year 2001/2002,she was so young and we took turns to bath her and wash her clothesπŸ˜‚shes was there when we all got married,rotates our homes when we need help(shes with me rightnow cos the girl living with me just left)and goes back to my mom,shes 22 now,wrote jamb and will be going to college of education(shes not strong)later this year,of course she has her issues but shes πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ™Œ


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