Stella Dimoko Suspect Confesses To Ending The Life Of His Lover Because He Was High On Drugs...


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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Suspect Confesses To Ending The Life Of His Lover Because He Was High On Drugs...

Bearded Bidemi Mojupa 26,reportedly ended the life of his lover inside Corporation estate in Amuwo Odofin recently...........

Dressed in a black, white and ash checked shirt and black trousers ,His expression while recounting the incident that led to his killing the woman he described as “my prostitute friend,” showed no sobriety for a first-timer, who claimed to have not premeditated killing the woman identified as Christy for denying him s*x.

Mojupa, a graduate of Mass Communication from Rivers State Polytechnic admitted it was not the first time they would be having “good time,” adding that he dragged her inside the house when she made to leave and then stabbed her on the neck from behind.

According to him, he was high on Rohypnol, tranquilizer about 10 times more potent than valium, which he became addicted to while in school where he joined the Vykings cult group.

The suspect, who was paraded before reporters at the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (SCIID) Panti in Yaba on Tuesday, said he was under pressure to have s#x and felt bad when Christy turned him down.

Mojupa said he tried to force her but she refused and insisted on payment before service which led to an altercation between them, which probably alerted the neighbours.

The suspect denied being a ritualist, claiming it was the mob justice meted to him that made him admit in the viral video.

He said: “She was my prostitute friend. It was not the first time we were meeting. I was high on drugs and under pressure to make love when I went to pick her. We agreed and came my place But when I wanted to do it, she refused and said I should pay her first. We started arguing. She walked out and wanted to leave but I dragged her back inside and stabbed her on the neck.

“It was a kitchen knife I used in stabbing her. She did not see the knife coming. I had earlier used the knife to peel oranges and dropped it on top of the washing machine before I went to pick her.
After killing her, I was afraid and wanted to run away. I did not know what to do.”

Asked if he planned to escape and put his uncle in whose house he committed the crime in trouble, Mojupa said no, adding “I would have only escaped for a while.”

Asked about the 17 women handbags found in the duplex, Mojupa said they belonged to the owners of the house his uncle took over from.

“It is my uncle’s house. When the incident happened he was not around but he is back now. Those bags belong to the former owners of the house. The people my uncle took over the house from. I have never killed anyone and I am not a ritualist. I was high on drugs,” he said.

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  1. Dont worry, the drugs will clear from your eyes soon while in prison.

  2. One request pls,there's nothing to protect anymore,people like this their picture should also be posted so we can see and disgrace them more
    Rip to the dead!

    1. Supported @Zinny!..Yes Stella, sometime do post their picture.
      R.I.P to the dead!

  3. Bloody lier

    Someone has been paid heavily so the narrative can be changed

    The best part of this is that your video has gone viral and you are easily recognizable

    The corporation estate residents treated you very fairly

    There was no mob...MAY the SOULS of ALL THE GIRLS you have killed not rest in peace!


  4. Stellz, edit your caption ' c=suspect confesses to ending the *****
    Don't post this.


  6. The first story i read else was that she killed her for ritual purposes and romoved some of her vital organs.

  7. This bastard is lying. This thing happened in my estate. He said he has a person he supplies body parts to in mile 2 for sale. He also said he has done it only once before the day he was caught. He was not pressured into making those statements as there was no jungle justice meted out to him.
    I wish we beat the living daylight out of this bastard. We were all in shock.
    Btw, no owner of the house is back. The house belongs to an ex footballer that is out of the country and hasn’t been around for a while and not his uncle. The house is locked up as I type. He was perching with the younger brother of the owner but that one traveled.
    I see people want to change the story now because the next thing is to arrest the bastard that gets the body parts for sale and then the clients that buy.
    Was it mentioned that when he was taken to the police station, there was another case that happened the same night, the exact same thing!
    We are not safe in festac/mile2 (ritualistic haven)


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