Stella Dimoko Woman Drags Ex Husband To Court For Denying Her Access To Their Children


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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Woman Drags Ex Husband To Court For Denying Her Access To Their Children

No matter how bad a parent is,the other parent has no right to deny access to see ones Child(ren)

A civil servant, Mrs Grace Obiaje, on Monday, dragged her ex-husband, Raymond, before a Customary Court sitting in Jikwoyi, over denial of access to her eight-year-old daughter, who is in his custody.

Obiaje told the court that her ex-husband, who is a clergy, instructed the headmistress of her daughter’s school not to allow her see the eight-year-old.

“The headmistress stopped me from seeing my child when I went to her school. She told me that my husband gave her the instruction not to allow me see her.

”I pleaded to her as a woman to allow me give my child what I bought for her, but she refused.
She pushed me out of the school and locked the gate. I was heart broken,” she said.

Obiaje also told the court that her husband got her arrested for picking her daughter from school.

She prayed the court to order her ex-husband to allow the children spend the holiday with her, NAN reports.

Raymond, in his defence, denied the allegations and prayed the court to issue an order restraining Grace from going to the school.

“All she told the court are blatant lies. I pray this honourable court to stop her from going to the children’s school, because anytime she goes there, she distracts the children and leaves them psychologically troubled,” he said.

The Presiding Judge advised the parties to maintain a cordial relationship with each other, and not allow their marital squabble to destroy the children.

In his ruling, Mohammed ordered Raymond to allow the eight-year-old girl to spend two weekends every month with her mother.

“Do not instigate the children against each other,” he ordered.

from dailypost.

*Wicked Pastor...Why should she not see her kids?God bless the Judge for ruling in her favour!!!


  1. It is very heartbreaking for a mother not to be allowed access to her child. Very heartbreaking. A man can manage it but a woman cant.

  2. And he calls himself a pastor,wickedness in high places.How can a man be so mean denying a mother thr right to see her children.Na wa...o,only God knows what she went through in the marriage.

    1. Pastor is just a title ooo. Things " Pastors" have done to people ehn.

  3. Agony of a woman.... The child should have been with the mother in the first place until she is over 15years, while the man provide periodically for them. Can the man really groom up a female child more than the mother would have done?

    1. Don't mind them. With the heart breaking stories of men sleeping with their daughters going around these days.

    2. Sometimes I am tempted to think humanity have lost it all.

  4. Emotional black mail
    Emeka Ike part two

  5. how comes the girl is with her father and not with her mother? thank you judge for considering the mother, that pastor is end time pastor. Wickedness of the highest.

  6. The judge made a good decision by allowing the kid to go spend some weekend with her mother.

    That man is wicked, but who knows what the woman did that made her leave her marriage without her kids.
    Before you signed that divorced papers (this applies to both men and women) make sure you both sorts out the visitation process. It is the most important part of a divorce proceedings.
    Visitation periods like, long summer holidays, Christmas and Easter holidays and even on special occasions are very important for the both parties to disagree and agree on.

    Women who leaves their kid(s) with their ex husband without first settling all the important issues can take all the blames from me because, I do not see any reason (outside health problems) that will make a mother just leave her kids with her ex husband without first deciding on her visitation rights.
    Kids are safer with their mothers, I mean mothers who are not self centred.

    1. Hope you know sometimes these kids are "kidnapped" by a parent ..
      You are saying signing divorce papers who knows maybe it was just bride price returning that sealed the divorce between these 2

    2. @Orela, thank you for schooling Ms A, if you don't wear the shoes, then don't jump into conclusions.. Thank God things finally worked in the woman's favour as well with the help of a judge with human sympathy

  7. Kids are not always safer if the mother is not financially stable. If she is squatting they are exposed to all forms of danger which may not be the case if their father is comfortable. And they will likely be put of school as well.
    Summary is women should try to be financially okay so that they can take their kids along.
    My mum took us along from our daddy's house to face me I face you. We were sent out of school for fees. My sister hated her while I just cried.

    One day out of frustration she dumped us at his gate and dear daddy came back from work to find us waiting.

    We were actually better off with him. My sister could have been sexually harassed if we stayed longer in that shanty!!

    1. Sorry about that. Thank God all the sufferings has passed away however can you finish the tory .

      The most Complex

  8. This only brought back sad memories of when i was a child....Father tried everything possible so that our mother will never see us again.
    It was hard very hard to live without a mother.
    I and my siblings had to run away from home on several times risking our lives just to locate mom
    Don't blame mum for not taking us at first.She had nothing to her name only a meager salary she was earning which could barely sustain us all.

  9. Ds here is a woman that knows her right, probably financially stable & fought for her right. That’s what Emeka Ike’s wife should have done , especially for her then 3yr old. Who knows if she had no money to pursue that then. Ladies , struggle & save for future eventuality, no one prays for such , but what if it happens?

  10. I want to see the man who could separate me from the being I carried and nurtured inside of me, went through the pains to birth and sleepless nights to care for. You see why some ppl throw wicked blows in the life. You try that shit with me and may the Gods have mercy on you.


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