Stella Dimoko Actress Dayo Amusa Explains How She Makes Money...


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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Actress Dayo Amusa Explains How She Makes Money...

Yorubawood actress Dayo Amusa was bombarded with the following questions
“How do you support yourself financially? Travelling costs a lot of money, I can see from all your posts you are just travelling and eating. When do you do the actual job?

She responded in details,shedding light on a side of her that many do not know.....

''I recently received this question on one of my posts: “How do you support yourself financially? Travelling costs a lot of money, I can see from all your posts you are just travelling and eating. When do you do the actual job? 🧐” I didn’t think it needed an explanation but here goes... Where do I get my money? I work.
Yup, I have a job and career. I’m an actor, film maker @amzadolproductions a well paid brand ambassador @bismidmakeup a brand influencer to so many successful brands and products @waleadeauto I also have my hands in 1 or 2 other business @paydabkiddiesworldincluding my yet to be unveiled lash line @dalashpro

That’s just an hint! 

You may see me on Instagram enjoying a vacation, a fancy dinner or a coffee but what you don’t see in details are the work done in between each of my posts where I’m too busy to even scroll through the app! You don’t see the days that I come home so late into the night, exhausted, my feet aching from running around. You don’t see me on those busy, anti-social night shifts as I’m responding to work And you don’t see the days like today where I am at home in my pyjamas eating whatever leftovers I can find in the fridge! 😂

Of course, I don’t want to complain because I know I’ve been blessed with SO much; an education from a young age, a healthy body and mind to be good at my job and a loving family who support me throughout it all. Plus I have a wonderful and very hard-working big baby ❤️ who loves to see me smile 😊 . Not everyone has these things and so I know I’m one of the lucky ones! #Alhamdulillah.

But still, I think that it’s up to each of us how we choose to spend our money and time off. I like to make the most of my few times off and if that means flying out to UK to see my cousins or enjoying a brunch in US with friends, why not? 

Here’s to everyone out there working hard and playing hard too; always remember to treat yourself once in a while, you work hard for it and you deserve it! #jmvwithdayoamusa


  1. Now this is a positive post.

  2. Okay. ‘Hard working’ Dayo, we have heard.

  3. people will never miond their business.

    1. 14:18 please tell them jare. Diseases aside, it only takes a reckless and unlucky person to catch those. You could catch them even while being faithful to a cheat.

      Back to my point. I'm always dumbfounded when people talk about making money with vagina. Let me tell you, men(people) who pay good money for sex don't demand isolated sex. What they pay for is a 'total package' ;Beauty, brains, manners, emotional intelligence, resilience, good self esteem,ability to take shit when necessary, endurance, tolerance, understanding, support, adaptability... the list is endless. If it was that easy(I do tell envious girls/women), why not go and make yours(with your own pussy). Forget, it's not easy to date a rich man and to convince him to part with his hard earned money. Except for the ritualistic ones who may not give a damn about substance or class.

      This is the same reason I would always respect Yahoo boys who haven't added the 'plus'. You people think it is easy to scam? Try it now.

      My comment also goes to 16.45
      It's not all about sex ok? In fact, you should ask experienced (runs) girls, most times it's not even about sex. Sex is just part of the package. That's why girls who have nothing but sex to bring to the table get dumped easily.

      Bottom line is, it takes a(n) highly intelligent woman to make money with vagina without adding 'juju'. Accord us the due regard, please. It's the same brain your so called pastors use to brainwash you in church, that our politicians are using to embezzle, that children(students) use to scam their parents, that our yahoo boys use to do their business, that your regular boyfriends use to enter your pussy without 'wifing' you first, that 'corporate oloshos use to make their money and it's the same brain that legally married wives use to make money off their husbands, big deal!!! Even some husbands use it on their richer, legally married wives.

  4. NO woman will come out to tell you that she makes money with her vagina. None

    1. And do you think it’s easy making money with the vagina? Do you know the risks involved such as the possibility of contracting diseases or not even getting the money you are having sex for?
      Making money from the vagina is way harder than making money through other means.

    2. @14:18
      So why do you hide the facts and pretend? Just as you have hidden under anonymous to spill that?
      You know that diseases abound, yet you keep collecting them with the curses that come with it?

    3. very stupid comment....i earn about 900k monthly after tax. i am building 3 self contain apartment in mowe and i have a 3 bedroom in abuja am paying through mortgage..i can afford to travel anytime i want cos i also sell stuff. then one idiot will say i make money through my vagina cos am single..i pity your stupid mentality. some actresses do business which we all know...

    4. Apart from diseases sex is hard work for some women. I HATE sex. Overrated animalistic stuff

    5. @16:05
      clap for yourself. YOu spoke well for yourself. Do not speak for another.
      And in all you mentioned; "I have, I have, I have", I did not read you mention about
      eternity. We will all stop breathing some day and that's the end of all "I have". that is
      if you don't have an eternal home.

    6. @18:35 clap for your bitter judgmental self cos I don't see how eternity should be mentioned here when am responding to a question about accusing women of using their vagina to make money. I mentioned all the "I haves" to tell evil minded and myopic people like you that women can also own stuff without using the vagina. some of us will be rich and still enter heaven because all we have is reaping the dividends of hardwork and adding value with the talent God has blessed us with.

  5. Classy response, no abuse or cursing whomever that must have asked her the question. Liz Anjorin should come and read. Welldone Dayo

  6. big baby = big god

  7. I will Get you 50% reduction shipping fee on all your online shopping contact me on wathsapp 0708298869221 August 2019 at 15:21

    this people has pay their due though

  8. They have all started acknowledging their "big baby/god/helper" at last. Interesting. The wise ones are investing while the f**lish ones are ONLY slaying. This one get sense.

  9. My question is why do people feel single girls can't be wealthy, but believe single guys can be wealthy?

  10. Enter your comment...OK

  11. I just showed my landlord this post and he said I should not pay for 6 years.

  12. Big Girl,Big God.One day one day,you people will be bold enough to admit without shame,the source of your wealth.For now,keep posting all sorts to justify your extravagant lifestyles some people or sinister actions are funding.

    We have heard all your talk talk.Just know it in your mind that you are the one Bicycle is riding,not us.


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