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Monday, August 19, 2019

Amebo Column - Oga Settle Your 'Bill'

Nigerian men have no chills these days i tell you! 

It has now become a trend for men after doing the do with a lady to start forming ' I can't give you money when you are not a prostitute'! Oga biko wetem ego! Osiso!

The holier than thou can pretend all they want! But the honest ones would attest to the fact that, there have been times as a lady you force yourself on a one night stand when you have no other source to meet up with a bill or need!

These men either married or in a serious relationship, and are aware of the ladies' predicament after perforating everywhere with holes on her body will then form ' but we both enjoyed it'!....Enjoy fire!

After you will be wondering why you see mad men with big blokos! 
It is simply cos a lot of them have misbehaved with their manhood and karma caught up with them! 

Please let both parties stick to the transaction!

Make it known from the start so both parties are aware what each person wants out of the activity! Men, please respect yourself and don't think it is every lady that cares what the public thinks if you tag her a whore!

I know a lady who screwed for a living and sponsored herself through her first degree and law school! 

What a woman uses the money for is none of your business! settle her when the show is up!

I will be back with another Theme..

Na Me Amebo


  1. Replies
    1. This one just made me think of the problem boiling in my house. Dh n I use to run a business but it didn't favour me because uncle will want me to beg for anything and when I am given I should go down on my knees and thank him. When I stopped begging n insisted on salary which was just 60k, uncle stopped paying my 2 children's fees. I resorted to selling my jewelries for that. This was on for almost 2yrs. See me that use to receive 6 digits salary when better side hustle being ridiculed.Who ask me to embark on 2missionary journey. Shey after first one failed I shd have stayed on my own with my kids.. During this time uncle hate paying staff salaries. Some of them resorted to stealing goods and some will carry money and run. Business that was doing sales of 3million a week started struggling to see 500k a week.

      One diligent staff who I can vouch for that doesn't steal nor lie stayed even with inconsistent salary because she was living with us. Early this year I told uncle that I needed to get a job so I can pay school fees this September as fees go reach 1m. He said no problem all the best.As God could have it. First place I was employed with 6figures. At least with that I felt assured. DH was so angry to the point that I missed my supposed first week at work. He embarked on a journey of tormenting me Infront of the loyal staff and she haven been with us for 2yrs knew me better and spoke up on my behalf. That was the beginning of her own trouble. DH told her to stop work knowing fully well that he is owing her salary almost 200k. Now the problem is she stopped work since March n still living with us but has refused to go and DH has refused to pay her salary. House keeper is stubborn n rude to me so when I asked her to leave DH said she will only leave if loyal staff is leaving too. Oga pay loyal staff her money, oga say No that she must leave him house. Me I have gone mute on it cos I don't want to get involved but DH keeps dragging me into it that I am the one asking loyal staff to stay. I even offered loyal staff 50k to leave and come later and she said NO that DH is fun of owing without paying. As I speak to you now DH is packing his load in 2mighty Ghana must go out of the house that until loyal staff leaves before he will come back. Me on my part I am minding this my job that is paining him. Please oooo I do bad in anyway?

    2. Your DH is a control freak and very very insecure. Let him pack his bags, once he does, send the house keeper away. Don't worry, he will act like the prodigal son and come back to his senses. At that point, give him your ground rules. Whatever you decide to do, DO NOT STOP WORKING

    3. How u guys marry men that can’t pay bills? Tufiakwa

    4. Please what is D about your H?

    5. You have a living husband, yet you alone pay their fees. Please concentrate on your job so you can take care of your babies.
      When he is tired, he’ll return.

  2. agreement is agreement yoooo x2
    e don reach for settlement
    you come dey tell me nonsense
    agreement is agreement yooooo


  3. What about the ones that marry wives on credit???
    Does not take care of the woman properly let alone children.
    Umu nwoke......ndewo nu ooo

    1. Is it the one they called Abuja marriage?

    2. Lol @ Teejay. Which one is Abuja marriage again πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    3. Abuja marriage means organized marriage, they rent parents, get married, have kids and separate after some years

  4. Lol. Which one is perforate holes again? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. It means it was put in every orifice that's on her body.

  5. Using tohtoh or rod (yes, men are also into prostitution but they are fewer 1 Kings 15:11-12) to make money is the greatest form of idolatry.
    Male and female prostitutes pollute the land just like bloodshed does. Num.35:33

    A lot of girls who sell fork for a living do not know that they are full time employees of the devils to
    multiply the unfaithful among men;
    Proverbs 23:28 27For a prostitute is a deep pit, and an adulteress is a narrow well. 28Like a robber she lies in wait and multiplies the faithless among men.

    Nne, whether you are tagged hoe or not, whether you are a campus babe or a city "happening girl" or you string sugar (bitter) daddies along... you are
    on a satanic evangelism -harvesting the souls of men for that "grand party" in hell with devils!

    But the good news is that WHOSOEVER (call girl or not, hoe or not etc.) believes in Jesus shall not perish but have everlasting life (John 3:16-17)
    He did not think twice before accepting the thief on the cross.
    John 3:17 For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him.


    1. well said Ma'am....God bless you.

    2. "Nne, whether you are tagged hoe or not, whether you are a campus babe or a city "happening girl" or you string sugar (bitter) daddies along... you are 
      on a satanic evangelism -harvesting the souls of men for that "grand party" in hell with devils!"

      *** 😲CHIIISSSOSS, You go fear SDK BVs.
      Kai Lord forgive us.

    3. I saw the two biggest girl aka runz girls in my school at Ebeano the other day. Thot they won't recognise me. Both married with kids even stocking up on baby diapers and groceries. One even paid for my stuff.
      They both came in jeeps. One with police escort. While I the good girl no husband at 31 and came with my small 2009 Camry.
      As I am,i don't judge people.

    4. @18:31
      What does the Scripture say; "...that jeeps, marriage, children etc." are the guarantor's of a heavenly home or eternal life?
      You obviously have a warped sense of what eternal life in Christ means and let's still use scriptures to straighten that:

      1 Timothy 6:5 These people always cause trouble. Their minds are corrupt, and they have turned their backs on the truth. To them, a show of godliness is just a way to become wealthy.
      6Yet true godliness with contentment is itself great wealth. 7After all, we brought nothing with us when we came into the world, and we can’t take anything with us when we leave it. 8So if we have enough food and clothing, let us be content.

      Proverbs 11:4 Riches won’t help on the day of judgment, but right living can save you from death.

      Psalms 73 13Surely in vain I have kept my heart pure

      and have washed my hands in innocence.

      14All day long I have been afflicted,

      and every morning brings new punishments.

      15If I had spoken out like that,

      I would have betrayed your children.

      16When I tried to understand all this,

      it troubled me deeply

      17till I entered the sanctuary of God;

      then I understood their final destiny.

      PLEASE girl, study your bible, the Word of God and learn about life and after life and do not be deceived by riches inugo?

  6. But why will a man 'Marathonly' on a woman's body and at the end of it refuse to settle as agreed initially? That's not fair. If you must patronize and enjoy, be ready to pay as well. Even the one you called wife, after a good sex enjoyment, courtesy demands you make her happy as well. It won't be wrong giving her some cool cash for shopping you know.

    I stopped criticizing women of easy virtues long ago not that I justified their actions but truly, if you don't know why they have to do what they do,then don't judge them. Majority aren't happy they are doing that and would wish for a better option if given. Some ended up becoming better wife in the society after some years of going into such line.

    This life is so deep that we shouldn't take the privilege of others for granted, for it may come back to haunt us.

    1. Chai, this Teejay don bring me out. I have been jejely reading SDKblog and minding my business.
      Biko Teejay are you saying that everytime you have sex with your wife, you have to "give her money for shopping"? Well its good that you are not yet married according to you. Keep making money because you will need plenty of it.

    2. Not necessary all the time but the main word here is, make her happy as your bestie.

  7. If u cannot afford to settle her maritally, den settle her monetary, if u don't have kudi, don't have an erection...

    That been said...

    The Bible says..thou shalt not commit adultery/fornication

    Adhere to it.

    1. πŸ˜ͺπŸ™Š
      Hypocrite Blackberry the international BED BREAKERπŸ™Œ

    2. Lol...efulefu, have I broken your bed before? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    3. BlackBerry, I live in PH and I wish we could be friends. Like in my head, you are my best friend and we have conversations a lot
      Love you baby.

  8. Lemme kukuma collect the remaining water and face front too.


  9. absolutely right. some men no know say some of we innocent girls day use kpekus to meet up.

    1. That is how i met one who has been on my case for more than 2 years. This man has money oh. i told him to please help me with some cash to start up a business since i can't get a job. He asked me how much? I said 50k.He said he won't unless i sleep with him. Few months ago, i agreed when hunger wan kill me. This bastard fucked the hell out of me and then next morning, He handed 25k to me claiming his atm has issues and it was on a weekend. i just changed it for the man, i told him if he doesn't want me to kill him and myself inside the room that he should better pay me my complete me. The man said i should chill that i am his girlfriend. I said nope i am not your girlfriend because i never accepted to date you.moreover you are a married man and the only reason i agreed to sleep with you is because of the money you promise to give me for my business. So i didn't see single guys to date, it is now a married man? Better respect respect your old age and give me the money. That is how we started quareling, finally he added 15k to the 25 making it 40k. i took it with tears and told myself this will be the first and last time i will sleep with a married man for money. I went home kneel down and asked God to forgive me because u felt dirty. I used the money to start selling OK bags. Maybe God bless this my bag business. Some of these men are wicked. Can't they help a woman with sleeping with her?

    2. babe next time you record your conversation with the man and use it to threaten them, men are wicked and we women should teach them some lesson.

    3. Your own is even better he gave you half of the money, the foolish man I sleept with died one week after, he could not even give me the money he promised b4 he died, life happens I have decided not to sleep with anyone no matter how bad it is.

    4. @Excited courtesy, i actually did but deleted the video and his numbers from my phone when i got home. He will meet his own in front.

    5. Me i thought i had met a bigger boy. He comes to my house with different big big rides. The foolish securities just let him enter cos of big car.
      This man said heaven and earth to me that he wants to date me. His so called project he has been working on it for one year. If I count all he has given me maybe 80k together. Baby I will settle you soon after my project. After sleeping with me 3 times just 80k.
      I have decided to let him be and face my abroad boyfriend in peace.

    6. hahahahahahaha i cant stop laughing i swear. anon 15:56 why will he die without giving u ur money na, thatd pure wickedness. you should have gone to his burial and land him better slap mbok. i hate rubbish.

  10. I only realised that ashewo is one of the hardest job on earth after my ist experience of sex, no man deserve to treat these women wrong after using them like public toilet.

    1. Who said they are used like public toilet? SAME WAY UR HUSBANDS AND BF'S USES U NON ASHEWOS IS SAME WAY THEY ASHEWOS ARE USED.An ashewo has every right to refuse/reject any style she isn't comfortable with;except the ones wey no get sense or are overpowered.As for the anal,no be every runsgirl dey do's not even cool,there are more chances and risk of contracting Stds.Lastly,runs get levels..just pray to meet sensible people ..not mad dogs...

  11. Message to ndi osho free masters

  12. hmmm. I do runs once once. call me ashawo, I will bare it...if you give it to your boyfriend for love, I give it for money. it's not the most honorable thing to do but you can't outrightly shame me because sex is sex. I have learned to state my price and make it clear because some men can be tricky.

    1. Speak the truth and the truth shall set you free.
      You are assertive.
      Anyways protect you and protect the rest while planning to close this shop and move on to other better transaction or endeavors.
      Yes you can baby girl.

  13. Well sometimes, you need to use what you have to get what you want. For good/innocent girls forced into prostitution for whatever reason, never forget the first rule of prostitution which is "ALWAYS COLLECT YOUR MONEY FIRST ".

  14. Anytime a married man approach me and start talking about taking care of me and all , the first question I ask Is an you buy me a house? That’s to tell you that I’m not in the category of the regular girls you meet everyday. I have paid my dues when I was in university but know I can afford anything I want because I work and I don’t leave above my means . So if you are not going to make me better than you met me the answer is I’m not interested. I cannot be with a married man because of 50k, 100k .

  15. why should a woman even give a man hr pussy without collecting money from him? that same guy will go out there and spoil other girls with the money you refused to collect and be forming i gave it to him cos i love him. Who love epp?

    If i find love and ready to give my pussy omg i will attach money to sex so that the guy will value iot and know i am not his come chop free totoh and waka. So that if the relationship end i know i didn't lose anything. Women should stop giving guys free something they are evil. Make a video recording or voice recording if he is a married man threaten to expose him to his wife, if she is an ashawo why do you want to sleep with her?

    I dislike it whenever men say i cannot give you money cos you are not an ashawo, how did you know and what she want to do with the money is not your business.

  16. Wow . Ndi ashawo, una plenty o. Where are Lagos and Abuja runs girls? Your stew is on fire o

  17. Stellaaaa. You de see your bvs? Money for hand, back for bed boku.
    I think it’s time for another anonymous night post. Title should be, how l furnished my apartment,
    How l went on my first vacation. Tori go boku.

  18. Oh boy!!! Runz girls and ashawo plenty for this blog, see them supporting each other, and na them go still participate for s&m post oo. God help us.

  19. Why would you pay her? All they do is to ask you to hurry up. That kills all the joy. The least she could do is moan or pretend to enjoy it. As a rule of thumb, don't pay anyone that hurries you up. Or you carry tdb, and she insists na only two rounds. 2 rounds for N10k, she dey mad. I no go pay. Let heaven fall.

  20. I pity all these ashewo(women) here. women have really lost it. I'm highly disappointed in you all. Won't ever read this blog again. You all are prostitutes. No wonder u always accused men for Ur woes. You are all low lifers


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