Stella Dimoko BBNaija Season 4 - Venita And Khafi Settle Their ISH.


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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

BBNaija Season 4 - Venita And Khafi Settle Their ISH.

Have you noticed that Venita is always involved in most dramas in the house.

 On Tuesday night, while the housemates prepared Moi Moi for their weekly task and started rehearsals for the drama, she got into more confrontation with Khafi. She told Joe that she didn’t want to be in the same room/space with Khafi and Joe told Khafi to leave to avoid further drama.

Venita told Enkay that Gedoni that keeps coming on to her (this is actually a lie). Enkay told her that she should discourage him because that is how feelings develop. Enkay cautioned Venita that they are new housemates and Venita should stop getting in the middle of Gedoni and Khafi. She told her that she’s not sure if it’s her strategy but she should stop as she behaves like someone that acts before reasoning. She also told her that it was wrong to attack Khafi’s profession.

Khafi seems to have figured Venita’s game plan and told Mercy that Venita loves to be the center of attraction hence the frequent tantrums when she’s denied that.

Wednesday morning started with Khafi following Venita all around (according to Venita). She said that Khafi wasn’t giving her any breathing space as she always wanted to be in the same space as she was. Joe told Khafi that he was the one that asked her to leave the room the day before and not Venita.

Seyi mentioned that the best way for the rift between Venita and Khafi to fizzle out is if they fight it out and get strikes each. Mike tried to intervene with Venita and Khafi present,but Khafi excused herself to the toilet. Venita followed Khafi to the toilet so they could settle their issues.

 The camera wasn’t in the toilet so we don’t know how that went. They both went to the HOH room and apologized to each other repeatedly for the misunderstandings they’ve been had.. 

Khafi shed tears and they both hug it out.

This doesnt mean the drama would end though...lets see how it goes!!


  1. Venita has celeb complex and she's making it hard for people to like her.

    I think both Khafi and Venita want to be the center of attention so bad. They both have pretty girl problem with Khafi being the sweet next door girl while Venita is the showstopper.

    They will be aight las las.

    1. Perxian queen, you have summarized all I wanted to say. They will be alright Las Las.

    2. Aunty venita has a lot of emotional issues going on with her. Any small thing she will start crying like a baby. I'm tired of seeing her on my screen to be honest. She gossip and lie alot for her age. Khafi is also an attention seeker to badt.

  2. Venita is pining for attention too bad and acting like she's the smartest, cutest one in the house so she must always have things done her way. She needs to dial it down alittle . Khafi wants attentive reassurance always but she's a sweet girl.

  3. Venita and khafi.these 2 women eh

  4. Venita is always bringing up issues where there are none. She makes a big deal of little or no issues. She expected to be the center of attention when she got to the house but that was not the case. Even Frodd dumped her while she was forming hard to get. Now she is unstable and she is going about nagging and lamenting to everyone

  5. It's all a game...whatever strategy works best for them

    1. Exactly my dear. The whole point of the game is that 60m is at stake. And your job is to stay in the house until the last day.. by winning the hearts of voters to vote you to remain, or winning the hearts of your fellow housemates not to nominate you for eviction. Everyone has their strategy... either by causing drama, being fake, being real, having relationship etc all na STRATEGY. Will work for some and backfire for some.

  6. Mtchewww
    Am I the only one not watching this BBN yet?
    I don't even know the HMs, I knew about Khaffi cos I read about her roll in the sack.

    Las las, I fit watch the finale.

  7. What is wrong with Venita sef! Just spoiling her game with her hands. She is being overtly emotional about all these, I expected more from her.
    Khaki should just continue to ignore her.

  8. Who have seen the video of Mercy and Ike making out in the toilet?

  9. She has expo now

    She read all the comments where you all said the show was pepperless and bland.

    She came in with the hot pepper fire formatt.

    Will it backfire? Yes

    I predict Sir Dee in the finals.. Maybe winner or runner up.

    PS I follow the show through this blog..

  10. Venita is soo fake and think she is better than everyone else. She wants attention and thinks she is famous than everyone else. If you are famous as you think u wont be in that house . You left ur hubby to he in the house and lied he was abusing you. You crave for attention so much. You arent winning girl. And u are not better than everyone else

  11. Elozanam and cindy in the finals.let's vote Elozonam oo..beautiful man in and out

  12. her hubby physical abused her, she even denied to save his face so where is the lie


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