Stella Dimoko Boy Stolen 2 Years Ago Found With New Mother In Anambra State


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Monday, August 19, 2019

Boy Stolen 2 Years Ago Found With New Mother In Anambra State

The police in Ogun State have narrated how a seven-year-old boy, Joshua Joseph, who was declared missing two years ago, was found with his ‘adopted mother’, Blessing Ozor, in Anambra.

DAILY POST learnt that the adopted mother, Ozor, allegedly paid N1.05m for Joseph’s ‘adoption’.
Ozor claimed to have paid the N1.05m to a level-13 civil servant in the Anambra State Ministry of Women Affairs, Ifeoma Joy, before she could adopt the boy.

Joshua, it was learnt, was declared missing by his parents, who live in Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State, in 2017, but he was found by men of the state police command in Anambra State.

The Ogun State Commissioner of Police, Bashir Makama, gave the details at the state police headquarters, Abeokuta, on Sunday, while handing over Joshua, who had been renamed Chisom by Ozor, to his father. He paraded Ozor and Joy in connection with the incident.

Makama intimated that the boy was found after thorough search and investigations by operatives of the command over the last two years.

The police boss stated that Joshua was stolen in Ijebu-Ode and sold to Ozor.

According to the police boss, two other members of the syndicate, Rita and Angela, were being held in prisons in Edo and Ondo states, respectively, for the same offence.

It was gathered that both Rita and Angela gave information from their prison cells that led to the recovery of the boy and the arrest of Ozor and Joy in Anambra State.

The Ogun State Police Public Relations Officer, Abimbola Oyeyemi, accused Joy of collecting over N1m from the acclaimed adopted mother and forged adoption documents from the Anambra State Ministry of Women Affairs.

“Joy is working at the Ministry of Women Affairs in Anambra State. She used the opportunity to arrange buyers for stolen children.
In the course of looking for her, she got transferred to four local government councils within one month in order to evade arrest.

“Our findings showed that eight children had been stolen by this syndicate from Ogun State and four had been recovered.
One of the stolen children was found when the people, who adopted him, saw the boy’s picture on the pages of newspapers and returned him.”

Speaking with journalists, Joy said, “I never did such a thing. I know the woman who brought this boy, as a worker at the Peace Sisters’ Home.
So, when my sister in fellowship (Ozor) came up with the idea of adopting a child, I called the other woman to help us get a boy and I gave Rita my sister’s particulars. When she finished with the particulars, she now came with this boy. I never knew the boy was stolen.”

In her own words, Ozor said she gave Joy N150,000 for processing of the adoption papers and additional N900,000 when the deal was completed.

“I am just a victim of circumstances by my foolishness. I went to a sister in our fellowship, who had adopted a child before, because I have two daughters already but I had a feeling for a son; my last daughter is 24 years old.

“I went through Rita because she and her husband had adopted a child before and they led me to this woman, Joy. I believed that everything was okay because she made me believe that she runs the Peace Sisters Home. That was why I adopted the boy (Joseph) from her,” she spoke in tears.


  1. Until Nigerian government (lawmakers) push for an adoption enactment laws and educate the public about how to legally adopt, this mess will not go away.
    The law makers are busy sharing monies in Abuja and state assemblies.
    The presidency is busy fighting perceived political enemies and organizing herdsmen foot soldiers.
    Adoption suppose to be transparent and not costly.

    1. Trust me the process of adoption is not easy here in naija, and it's not even because the person has a bad record, it's just the kind of difficult system we have
      Here. Doing anything here in the proper way is difficult that's why people use back door

    2. I desire to adopt a son after four girls and I don't even know how to begin. 9ja I hail. Nothing works

    3. Someone I know adopted a baby girl from the east and it was nothing near 1m. It did take time,but better to be patient and do things properly. It's not as difficult as ppl assume. It's just a long waiting period;according to what I heard.

    4. Until they steal a child from your house and they give this kind of nonsense excuse, some of you won't have sense. With some things, the amount of money you're asked to pay, the speed with which it is done and the secrecy involved, should tell you that "this thing no clean oh".

  2. Poor woman see the way Joy scammed her using her office as a cover. This is indeed an eye opener

  3. I can't even imagine the JOY in the heart of the real mother now. She must be thinking this is a dream, even if she must have prayed for it to happen. May all that has been stolen from us, find their way back to us this month.

  4. All the way from Ijebu Ode to Anambra. These people can never change. I wonder how some people sleep at night, selling human being, innocent kids like a commodity.

  5. What kind of wickedness is this?

  6. Too bad,she was a victim of circumstance
    But how can you steal someone's joy and have peace???

  7. This is a great news to the boys biological parents.

    Madam that followed backyard to adopt, you're not the victim here; the little boy, his parents are the real victim. The pains they have passed through for more than two years.

    The Nigerian police are working, Bravo to them.

    I hope the boy will be taken for a therapy session.

    1. Backyard? She approached a woman who was working in the ministry of women affairs so how can she begin to imagine that the woman is into illegitimate dealings by passing off kidnapped kids as ones approved of by the state?
      She's also a victim here because she had been duped into mothering that boy for 2years and her 1.05millions is gone forever.

    2. You dey mind ms A? Always typing from where the sun doesn't shine.
      Always struggling to comment without assimilating first.

    3. She approached a woman working in the ministry instead of going directly to the ministry to get all the necessary details herself.
      Now, you see why I said she followed backyard.

    4. It's not easy to adopt here, i know what we passed through to adopt my brother and meanwhile there is no backyard business in her own case.

    5. So Ms A if you had someone working in a place you need something from wont you approach the person for help?what are even saying

    6. @ralu m, there is something called a "willing victim". I don't know her story so I can't say for sure but when people are desperate, they become willing victims of evil& corruption. When you refuse to properly investigate, fail to use due process, or decide to remain ignorant due to fear of what you will find out. Just so that when the bough breaks, you can claim or feign ignorance. It'll be difficult to convinceme that she did not know at all..
      In an advanced country she will go down as well. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse.

  8. One more reason to be sceptical about adopting. I definitely would not want to be accused of stealing a child and paraded like a criminal.

  9. So happy for the biological mother,only God knows what she went through this 2years.gosh!!!!!

  10. The police can be useful anyway.

    What a relief to d real parents.

    Reminds me of that fair baby that was stolen from a church...may he be found o.

  11. The police tried in this case. Kudos to them too.

  12. See how she said "i have a feeling for a son"like saying i have feeling for eating banga.
    Madam u contributed to making a woman cry for 2yrs because of your "feeling" and u have kids already. Bringing 1m for an adoption shld have rang a bell dis was illegal.

  13. I just pray the NPF is well well equiped and paid well, the bad eggs flushed out. Maybe Nigeria would be proud of them and " really" be our friends. Kudos to NPF and congrats to the bio parents. "Joy" should face the wrath of the law. No freedom for the
    wicked .. Madam Uzor, so sorry for your plight. Nigeria will be great again if things are done RIGHTLY

  14. I just pray the NPF is well well equiped and paid well, the bad eggs flushed out. Maybe Nigeria would be proud of them and " really" be our friends. Kudos to NPF and congrats to the bio parents. "Joy" should face the wrath of the law. No freedom for the
    wicked .. Madam Uzor, so sorry for your plight. Nigeria will be great again if things are done RIGHTLY

  15. May God bless every woman seeking for the fruits of the womb with their own children amen


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