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Saturday, August 10, 2019

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...



Hello Stella, please I need BVs advise on, this dream I had early this month.

Things has been very rough for my hubby(he's into cars sales) even the car I advertised on here has still not been sold.

We struggled to pay the kids,3rd term fees even. So u can imagine how bad it is. So my hubby called his sisters pastor this morning for prayers,after which he told me to tell the pastor the dream I had.

The pastor said some crazy stuff about my dream.but I will like to share this dream with the BVs,see there comments before saying what the pastor to me.

My dream:
I dreamed we were in the village(my hubby n I). The relatives of my hubby told us we needed to make a sacrifice to the gods,that we need to cleanse ourselves of the bad-lucks we have been having. We refused initially,but after much pressure we decided to do they got all what they needed for the sacrifice.then started the ritual,it was like a festival of some sort.

They were dancing with the sacrifice, dancing and showing it to their god.which was a statue,made of something like red mud. And looked like partly a COW,and something else I can't explain really. So they said I will be the one to take,the sacrifice to a T junction and place it there.that I should not feel embarrassed,that the more people see me,the more things will work in our favour.

So I took the sacrifice,and carry it all the way to the T junction.i wasn't embarrassed @ all. Justing to the T junction,I saw on one side it was flooded. While the other wasn't,but some women were selling things there. So I went there and asked them if I could place the sacrifice there,the second woman said I should place it by the first woman's place(this women were selling seafood). So I asked the first,she said ok. As I dropped the sacrifice, both women asked me why I brought the sacrifice. 

So I explained,a lady came to buy fish. And saw the sacrifice,and exclaimed that this is the kind of seafood people buy. Men the sacrifice has changed to seafood( you guys know how dreams are,what was in the sacrifice wasn't seafood before.and the bowl was not bowl anymore but now seashell of Oyster. Old don't ask me how,cos me I don't know).

 So I said what people buying sacrifice,she said she will buy even if she know what it is.the women too agreed,I was surprised.the first woman said she will just add it to her seafood and sell. So I asked her to drop it,before dropping it I saw a little part has broken which she dropped together with the larger part. So I left there marveled.

please BVs ooo help a sister. Who can explain,this dream. Because when I woke up after the dream,I didn't know what to pray about. And I'm the kind of person whose dreams comes true. Pls help with prayer points and if I need to fast too.
Thanks Stella for this platform.

I cannot interpret dreams but i can say one thing for sure,there is only one GOD and you dont need to sacrifice anything to him......


  1. I don't even blame you people that come here to seek for your dreams interpretations, if you people are me that can have over 10 dreams in one sleep ooo even after taking Luma pill forte. How many of them I won write Stella as chronicle?

    1. Positive changes abound, but be patient, someone will offer u a chance to bypass the Original plan God has in stock, pls REJECT it
      Ask God to turn everything into positive for u

  2. Madam go back and your physical eyes were covered by the village people.
    They packaged what looked like an unwanted figurine and asked u to go and drop for the gods in a public place (T junction).

    After dropping it , people began to appreciate that which you didnt see, that which you were blinded to. Seafood is healthy, enriching and expensive!!!

    Your eyes were blinded to the value of what you have, but everybody else saw and wanted it whilst you discarded it.

    Madam pray using isaiah 60 , 61 and 62, Ps 51, 91, 35 , 109 , 102, 121 and 138

    Pray for mercy, protection and restoration of what the enemy has stolen from u. Your hubby should also pray. He is the spiritual head of thr homr and should take the lead in the spiritual battle you are entering.

    It wont be an overnight victory but you will be conquerors

    1. Poster sorry. I'm only very good at interpreting my own dreams becuase i know the events and background of my life but I will try with yours. I think I agree with the poster up there. You thought your problem was big only to go through with the sacrifice and loose your glory. You thought the people did sacrifice to ward off your problems but they packaged your glory to sacrifice to their gods. That is probably what God is telling you through that dream. Do you or your husband have any origin with water ( yourvillage gods). Those women weren't market women but deities. Wait and see if in the next few months your family people will invite you for any sacrifice. If they do, no matter what don't go unless what you are expereincing right now will be child's play.

    2. Poster. The only thing I know is that car business is no longer booming. People import cars directly from usa now. Also all this cars are sold so cheaply in Lagos from car bazaars etc. You might need to liquidate the business and invest in something else. Your husband should go for a training on a new business. Stop looking for pastors. Pray for yourself. You go for that sacrifice at your peril.

    3. Anon 18:15 is right. Economy is bad. People import directly

  3. Anything sacrifice to idols or fetsih stuff, I don't like it, its like give n take, nothing goes for nothing. Anyways, no debt in d universe goes unpaid.

  4. So you think here's the right place for this? You better leave social media and go out into the world for solution.
    I don't know when blog become where dreams are interpreted.

  5. Your dream shows that your luck is about to change but you need to be carefull of where you seek spiritual counsel.

    Do not go to any unclean spirit or god for help and as these people are known to recognize good glory and sometimes steal people's glory.
    The sacrifice,you need to make is an offering to people, an offering that will make them be happy with you and pray for good tidings into your home.

    You should make an offering for widows,you can do that in your church.Buy something and share for them,something that will make them pray from their hearts for you.
    You are the only one that can change the Fortune of your home and as such why you must bear the sacrifice.

    You life is about to change for the better, do this offering accompanied with fasting on the day you give out this offerings to the widows and you would unluck immense blessings upon you and your home.


    1. Spot on. I just pray that ur pastor is not d devil himself

  6. Just Pray and Fast and Meet a Priest if youre a catholic to pray for your family. Sometimes brokage is a phase in life that will eventually pass. All is well. May God bless your household

  7. My dear. No bad luck is following you. We Nigerians always quick to say bad luck.
    Go and learn strategies in selling
    Market as often as consistently as you can
    Ensure what you are selling is of good quality that after buying people will tell friends
    Use every avenue to selll. When you meet people tell them what you do and show pictures
    God has given you and hubby brain use it
    Don’t be ashamed of it as long as it’s legit and pays your bills
    Learn and improve yourself daily
    Be diligent and always commit your ways to God
    Keep yourself from sin
    You will just see yourself going higher everyday
    You don’t need any Pastor to talk to God on your behalf. Kneel down and talk to God. That was why Jesus died and the temple curtain was torn into two that we who have acccepted Jesus as Lord and Saviour, May come boldly to the throne of Grace and obtain mercy and grace to help in time of need.
    Do these and come and share your testimony

    1. Is it not the cars they advertise on this blog? One tuketuke car 5million naira.And they think people will take them serious? Ajuju n'ese okwu

    2. God bless you for this comment. It has spoken to me and I'm not even the chronicle poster.

    3. Fan exactly. My husband sells direct belgium cars too in Abuja and he doesnt try to add too much profit when selling his cars and the move very fast. Sometimes he sells 3 cars in a week. Poster your husband should reduce his car prices and liaise with car stand owners if he doesn't own one

    4. See them business consultant.
      Your husband sells Belgium cars, which Belgium?

  8. All I’m seeing is how you’ve dedicated your family to an idol and how you aren’t worried. You need to fight for your family’s deliverance if you are a child of God. If you aren’t carry go. Just know whatever you sacrificed in your dream will manifest as a sacrifice in real life. And be prepared to renew it.

    1. Go and sit somewhere, backward thinkers association. Imagine nonsense, she dedicated her family to idol.
      That's why people where don't developed because of stupid thinking.

  9. My own revelation / interpretation..or more of advice for your dream is when next your husband's business picks up: do diligence to save money, keep your profits and don't spend your last cash recklessly! Avoid asoebi, and paying for makeups, eating out, going on vacations, buying things to show off. Most especially run away from church where u r asked to make heavy contributions and donations, pay tithes etc. Inugo!!!!

    *And by the way, "sacrifices" or believe in fetish things when facing hard times is actually rather a distraction for getting serious now, look for jobs even the most menial or lower paying, anything tangible you can do to get yourself and family out of financial woe.
    Praying and excessive fasting won't help too much! Unless you are utilizing your energy, mind and self into making yourself employable, or doing skills development for self employment etc to make money!!!

  10. The truth is that as a car seller your hubby should have another source of
    income because car business is not a commodity that sells everyday. Please there's nothing wrong with you or your husband. Strategize on New ways of marketing what you sell.

  11. Is this mammywater thinz ? Pls madam, search for biblical references and use them toto pray and fast . God still hears prays . Let your faith be unshaken . Its just a phase trust me ....It will end in praise for you and your family . God doesnt bless lazy hands. Get something to do, be diligent so he can bless it . Very important !

  12. Seeing idol or festival in one dream is not synonymous to the poster sacrificing her family to some negative spiritual thingy ...these symbols are messages !
    Hi Poster
    Yes you need to cleanse yourself and rid off all the negative energy revolving around you and your family .
    Give alms to the needy, if possible cook or volunteer at place were you can help the needy .
    By the way sea food or fishes symbolize wisdom and understanding.
    The T junction is basically a cross road can also mean Esu(confusion/tricker/a messenger ) Or the cross (Jesus)

    You have to weigh every single thing you saw in your dream if possible write them down revisit what you wrote and observe what’s been happening around you .
    Good luck .

  13. The pastor may even tell her to start selling sea food say people go tush am and she go blow from the sales. Please go to God in prayers and I pray He alone gives you the direction.

  14. Madam make a sacrifice and pray , with open heart buy things take to motherless home , pray ask God for open door , ask for favour , don't underestimate the power of sacrifice . If prayers are not working join sacrifice . Give give and give. With clean heart , your situation will change

  15. the god they were sacrificing to is a marine god seeing the flooded junction,the women selling seafood and the sacrifice turning to seafood

    1. Lol ,that’s a wrong interpretation but ok .

  16. it could be that the family from home have something to do with marine powers or your fore father went the marine way to seek power to get favour and they want you to keep up with them or else nothing will work for you

  17. the scary thing is that you did as you were told and you eventually offered the sacrifice but there's nothing prayers and God cannot do

  18. Maybe they should start sea food business by the side.
    Like 15.29 said, learn marketing strategies.

  19. To this poster
    Just know that you and your family should seek the ONE TRUE GOD through Jesus Christ
    whom i understand you worship.
    Seek him in fasting/prayers because if you do not do so, you might soon be stampeded like
    in this dream to offer sacrifice (SUBTLY) to an idol and you will anger God by doing so.
    Be very watchful and prayerful because the enemy of mankind will soon encapsulate
    worship for his deceitful self in the guise of seeking God and you might fall for it.
    Just like in this dream, "you might not see anything wrong with it".
    Proverbs 14:12 There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death.
    Psalms 16:4 Troubles multiply for those who chase after other gods.
    I will not take part in their sacrifices of blood or even speak the names of their gods.

    I don yarn finish oo.

  20. Dear Poster, as much as I don't know the full interpretation, I'll say this much: 1. You have bonded your family in a strange ungodly covenant. The bible says that while men slept, the devil sowed tares. This happens through our dreams.
    2. You NEED to begin a three-day dry fast.
    3. Pray to break the covenant.
    4. Afterwards, go and make sure to give to the needy, the homeless and so on.

    1. Your husband should lead prayers

      The work of man is as Priest for family altar not only to knack you belle

  21. Go and read Psalms 16 and 35.
    Be weary of those who ask you to make sacrifices to idols....


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