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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Education Versus Entertainment In Nigeria......

In Nigeria, they say Education is the key but it looks like the padlock has been changed to Entertainment..........

In Nigeria, it pays more to go into a realty show and get nude than to enter in for a talent show hunt.....

Check these out......

-Big Brother Africa $300000 (N48m)
-Big brother Nigeria #60m + 1car from Innosun motors
-Maltina DanceAll N10M
-MTN Project Fame N7.5M plus SUV
-Etisalat's Nigeria Idol N5m with a multi million Naira contract
-*** Naija Sings N5M PLUS SUV
-Gulder Ultimate Search N10M PLUS Endorsement plus SUV

-Cowbell Maths Competition N1 Million
-Lagos Spelling Bee N50K
-Who Wants to Be A Millionaire, does not go beyond N250,000


What do you have to say about this?


  1. It pays more to go into politics than to follow a career path.

  2. Well, education still tops the owe yourself that.
    You can get educated and still go for other legit side hustles.
    We are in a country where education is not valued, still we can do what’s right.

    People don’t believe in getting educated anymore, after all, it’s money we all are striving to make.... for survival.

    EDUCATION is important!!!!!

  3. Who wants to be a millionaire was 10 million for the final question answered correctly.
    Cowbell maths competition also includes a trip abroad for the winner, these guys are teenagers, you don't expect them to win millions. Munachi Ernest Eze the winner in 2016( also the first person to win both senior and junior categories) is now in Canada, studying to be an aeronautical engineer
    The first winner of Lagos spelling bee is an engineer too, and is doing very well for himself.

    We should really stop all these silly comparisons.

    The reward processes for education and entertainment differ.
    The guys you see now on cowbell, all things being equal, will grow to have fulfilling careers and will be comfortable, if not extremely wealthy. His growth process will be gradual, and all things being equal will do better in 20 years time.

    The guy who wins project fame now, if he is not careful, can land back at square zero, with nothing to fall back on.

    Follow your talent, if you're brainy go for education, if you're talented go for reality shows, and if you're the rare breed that can do both, go for all of them eg Tejiri the first class graduate of electrical electronics engineering from project fame few seasons back.

    1. The focus needs to change from rewarding gimmicks ( people just bevome more dumb and outrageous in trying to outdo each other )
      to rewarding talent, discipline and intelligence ( there are different types)

    2. The 'education' ppl, from ur comment, appear to have made it on their own. They wd most likely have gotten where they are today with or without the competition, for all the impact the rewards may have had on their lives. Critics of the reward system are comparing the amount of LEVERAGE offered the two categories of ppl. The margin is just too wide. Even u confirmed it by stating that those plying the education route may have to wait up to 20yrs to achieve what those in entertainment actualize in a much shorter period of time. There's no denying that the entertainment packages give a much bigger 'push'. It's up to the winners to utilize such 'push' accordingly. What the winners have been doing with the opportunities given them is what u are analyzing here, as opposed to the size of the opportunities themselves; which is a different matter entirely.

    3. Olodo, we know some ppl excel in academics, while others live off their talent. The point is that too much emphasis is laid on arts alone. Academic studies (particularly the sciences) actually aid the development of the arts. I don't see how any serious country can afford to place entertainment above academics.

  4. Who wants to be a millionaire winner goes home with 10million naira. Entertainment pays more than education in Naija.

  5. Its not just Nigeria, in the US too. The only difference is that the degree holders will get a comfortable job eventually. How much is Jay z worth, vs how much Dr Ben Carson or even Dr 9021 is worth? Plus it's much more difficult to b a hit in entertainment, but once u get it that's it. Na so e b, only business is constant.

    1. However without talent the struggle for relevance is lifelong

      Kardashians and gimmicks

  6. Truth, nothing encouraging children to study. Look at little children now, the people they want to be like are entertainers. You find only very few that are still interested in education. They want to be musicians, actor, actress, there money dey

  7. Yea i really feel bad seeing the way they reward best students.

  8. Well Education in Nigeria isn't really encouraging, the stress students pass through to gain admission or score well in jamb, graduating and not getting a job, not to talk of the courses most people study ain't relevant in this present time. Mean entertainment once there talent is there, it earns one money in Nigeria, that's why people are more inspired to go into entertainment. The reward is more encouraging.
    In nut shell, I think is better to get your basic education first before venturing into entertainment, that way one is more firm, exposed,focused and knowing exactly what they want.

  9. I am so disappointed with "Innoson motor" for sponsoring this BBN nudity!
    I once saw a video on this blog where Innocent Chukwuma, their CEO was
    preaching. Preaching Jesus should have some decorum attached to it.
    Why doesn't Innoson and co run a scholarship scheme for those who cannot
    otherwise afford college education? Why not honor excellence in our University
    faculties instead of the "fowl and yam" that the government gives to first class
    graduate and gets her to pose with it for photo shots? 😯😯😯😯😯😯
    Why aren't Nigerian churches campaigning to boycott companies that sponsor nudity
    instead of devoting their energies to fight OAP like Freeze who says the truth about
    tithes being meant for "the poor among us" instead of taking monies from the poor?
    Why is the government allowing sex on national Tv but hunt down musicians who
    bring it to the street on their vehicles they bought with their monies?
    Where is BON -broadcasting organisation of Nigeria who will harass Falz for a
    record video "this is Nigeria" but turn the other way when sex is exhibited and
    hailed live on a TV station they licensed?
    THIS IS NIGERIA 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

    1. Sports for me.

    2. I think it's d 'coscharis' guy that was preaching ,not 'innoson'

    3. I'm also disappointed in Innoson. I hope he's sponsoring activities in Science and Engineering faculties in Nigeria.

  10. Anon 16.47, God bless you...

  11. Innoson sponsored bb too? hahahaha. Preaching does not equal being holy. I know some very irresponsible preachers. One once referred to a "ghost worker" as favoured. God have mercy


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