Stella Dimoko Germany Set To Deport 3rd Batch Of Nigerian Migrants...


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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Germany Set To Deport 3rd Batch Of Nigerian Migrants...

Barring any last-minute change in plans, a fresh batch of Nigerian migrants in Germany will be repatriated back to the country on Monday August 19th.....

The deportees will depart Frankfurt Airport at 8 am and arrive the Murtala Mohammed International Airport between 2pm and 3pm.

The deportation, if eventually carried out, will be the third in a space of two months by the German government. Two batches of Nigerians were deported from the European country last month.

The Co-ordination Activist for Network Refugees 4Refugees, a political platform for refugees/migrant self-organisation based in Stuttgart, Germany, Rex Osa, disclosed this in a chat...

Osa said: “The flight will be from Frankfurt on Monday. For those who have been given the information, the plane will take off by 8 am and arrive Nigeria between 2pm and 3pm.

“Those who will be deported will be picked randomly from their different accommodation centres from 3am till 5am at different regions and conveyed to a central place and finally to Frankfurt Airport.

“When their asylum application is already expired, they are obligated to leave the country.

“For those who don’t leave voluntarily, they will be given a what is I can translate in English to mean toleration status. This status is not a resident title; it is to show that the person is still there because the deportation is hindered because of one reason or the other.

“These people are picked up early in the morning without expecting the police.

“Some would be picked up from work also. When the police arrives in their rooms, they would be allowed to pack things not more than say 64 kilos. The police will be standing to make sure the person does not escape.”

The activist urged the Federal Government to come to the aid of the victims as many of them are coming with myriad of challenges.

“Among these people are many sick people. Nigeria should be expecting a lot of people who have psychological problems, and people with spinal cord problems leading to paralysis,” he said.

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  1. God will help us all in Nigeria..

    Safe flight to those involve..

  2. spinal cord ke,are the Germans breaking their back? This is really sad for Nigerians. Which way out?

  3. Not An Ass Licker πŸ‘…17 August 2019 at 15:47

    Chai... I feel so much for them. If only we have a working system here in NjgeriaπŸ˜”. Our Leaders ve failed us.

  4. They should not be discouraged. God will still make a way for them in Nigeria.

  5. Chei!!! Coming back to Nigeria is not a good idea at all. May God help them.

  6. My Naija people should humble themselves and stay in their fatherland.
    I am yet to understand why the desperation to live abroad is so ingrained in the minds on Nigerians to the extent of living there illegally. And even at that, they do all kinds of menial jobs (that they won't do in Nigeria even for same pay) and some engage in impunity.
    I do not overtly let people know that
    I have a citizenship that is western.
    Those that ever got to know have gotten angry with me (to the point of malice) as to why I do not "vanish and go and earn dollars there...". Someone who got to know that I have relations there once asked me "what are you still doing here?" It baffles me. No be my country be this?
    Ajuju ooo 😊😊
    If I had left Nigeria the time I had every reason to do so; unemployed, single... I would not have met the wonderful man I am married to presently. There wasn't even social media then etc. But you know what?
    2 Cor. 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight.

    But when you go "abroad", you won't be surprised to see a Nigerian "Pastor" 😯😯😯😯
    who is there illegally.
    I feel for folks that are deported these way from western countries. While there, they hardly could do anything tangible because they have
    no papers. And then deported, they find out that Nigeria has moved on without them.

    1. Abeg shut up! Omini-indesperant

    2. Chioma agbakwuru17 August 2019 at 18:23

      Quote me you are not a citizen of a better country,could be mali or Liberia. No citizen of America or UK will be in Nigeria in this present situation now unless you have nigerian government connection or were appointed to serve. Abeg shift, we know una. Blog liars

    3. Chioma say what you know! I know A LOT of people who have UK passports who have moved back to Nigeria. Tbey have great start ups ir amazing higj flying jobs. And nothing to do with government contacts. My cousin( born and bred in Nigeria) is an expatriate in Nigeria for mobil.

    4. You can only wish to be in nigerNi if you standard of living is above middle class let me tell you @oga Femilicious. The people who are happy to be in Nigeria either had their children abroad or were born abroad themselves. Do they enter molue, or drive in air conditioned cars in they work to be paid 15k a month from 7:15am- 5:00pm. Please Nigeria is an absolute shit hole country and if you have the legal means to leave please leave.

    5. Hmmmm, I have dual citizenship, an EU Country where I currently reside and I have a cooperate job but still, I plan to relocate 9ja even this year once I find a viable business to do. In essence, there are many Nigerians with western passports who are happy to reside in Nigeria even without government connection.

    6. @Aproko and Chioma
      Your comments smell of jealousy...the intense kind of it. I smelt it from afar. This girl has all you ladies ever wished for and all you chicks worship: money, cars, life abroad, does not move her one bit. All I can say from reading her here is that the Jesus she preaches means a lot to her that all those stuff. With these your mindsets, you may not learn any lesson from her which is ridiculously a great injustice to you.

    7. Chioma agbakwuru18 August 2019 at 00:59

      21:37...Jealousy for what? Nne far from it. I dont want to exchange words with you cos you all are the same liars

    8. @Chioma
      You are calling someone "a liar" and you do not want to exchange words?
      When eventually you exchange words, that will be tsunami you will unleash.
      you will tear your computer screen and rip me apart. Wow.
      This is exactly what I mean. That lady has character which you lack.

    9. ANG coming out to diffend herself as ***
      We see you. Sha softly dey lie for this blog inugo

  7. He came back from Germany is still a status symbol.

  8. They never wished to leave Nigeria as well, but circumstances and frustration which is than suicide led them to. So, be happy ure safe at ur end.

  9. Plenty opportunities dey Naijiria, come you no go die.

    1. Yes, there are lots of opportunities in Nigeria.

  10. The Nigerian high commissions in these countries make it easy for this to happen. They have been accused of encouraging these deportations because the country pay them a certain amount to process the documents. In the case of the man that died when Canada tried to deport him, it was the Nigerian high commision that advice Canada to take precautions as the man has threatened he won't leave and may be dangerous.

    1. Why won’t they make the deportation easy for them. These people are giving us bad names and making visa very hard for people with good intentions to get, it’s wrong to overstay once your visa has expired

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. You want to swindle them out of the little euros in their pockets ba. Heartless people, they see opportunity to defraud in every situation.


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