Stella Dimoko Judge Dissovles Marriage Which Went 'South' Because Of Politics...


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Thursday, August 08, 2019

Judge Dissovles Marriage Which Went 'South' Because Of Politics...

This is so sad!!!

A petrol marketer and father of five, Mr Wasiu Badmus, on Wednesday approached a Mapo Customary Court, Ibadan, to express regrets for giving his wife, Suliyat, consent to go into politics because she had now allegedly become a prostitute.

Badmus, who lamented before the court’s president, Chief Ademola Odunade, said that since he permitted his wife to join a political party, she became wayward.

Badmus said that he warned Suliyat when she indicated interest in joining a political party in Ibadan that men usually had romantic affairs with female politicians, explaining that he however allowed her because he trusted her then.

“As soon as Suliyat began to attend rallies and political meetings, I started hearing negative stories of how she was laying about with men.

“Precisely, on Feb. 28, I saw a top male politician in the community returning her at 11.30 p.m., and I was sad.

“Since that time, the earliest time she came home was midnight and she stopped taking instructions from me.

“Not too long after, vigilantes alerted me around 2.00 a.m. that that same top politician just dropped her as usual, and I saw them together.

“I then reported her to an elderly politician in the neighbourhood, who promised to intervene, but her attitude even worsened.

“Moreover, I overheard Suliyat in a mobile phone conversation, booking an appointment with a man about their meeting point and time,” he said.

According to the man, he checked the wife’s phone when she was not around to get the top politician’s number, and called him.

“Later, Suliyat attacked me that I was threatening her before she reported me at the police station,” Badmus said.

He noted that the police investigated the matter and were surprised to know that she had been unfaithful to him...How did they know?

In her earlier testimony, the plaintiff told the court that she wanted the marriage to be dissolved because her husband was monitoring her affairs about in town, and threatening her existence and right to movement.

“Badmus has been molesting me around such that I no longer feel secure,” Suliyat argued.

The court’s President, Odunade warned that women who turn themselves into ‘public well’ in the name of politics will live to regret it in the end.

He dissolved the union in the interest of peace and awarded custody of the five children to Badmus...
NANS via dailypost.

This man seemed to have serious Inferiority complex and trust issues...gosh!!!

That staement by the Court President,I find it shocking that he said that before dissolving the Uinion,meaning he took the same stand with the husband....


  1. Some Men just cannot be happy for their spouse. I am sure the Man had a complex and lied by tarnishing her reputation. He is a control freak.
    The court president is wrong. Too unprofessional to say the least. He is supposed to remain neutral.
    Same thing my Cousin’s husband did. Told all who cared to listen that his wife was sleeping around. My husband and l, bought her a used Car and he started telling people that her man friend bought her a car. Dem de buy car like that give girlfriend for this yankee?

    1. Exactly what I just said,did the woman denied the allegations of her returning home by that time, so you are in support of her coming back at that shows the type of person you are is a man involved now he is tarnishing her image and a control freak.
      But if it was to be the other way round you will still be among people hailing the woman.

      Hypocrites full here abeg

    2. And exactly what is wrong with returning home at that time of night if she is coming back from work? Politics in Nigeria involve meetings at odd hours of the night. So returning home at odd hours come with the job description. So also does being in the company of male colleagues. That does not automatically mean that she is unfaithful. I was thinking he was even going to present a concrete evidence of infidelity. That man sure needs to work on himself and that statement by the President of the court is just so unprofessional.

    3. But bikonu the woman didn't deny it now.

  2. Lol. In Africa, coming home by 12am or 2am for a woman in the company of a man in the name of politics is highly ill advised. But of course their male counterparts spend days away from home in pursuit of political aspirations.

    The court president is uncouth and stepped out of line for using such foul language.

  3. I guess he does have a right to.....well,judge.

    1. 😂 🤦🏻‍♀️ your puns are always intended.

  4. Stella abeg this your comment eeh, though your 2pence but then u need to see to believe.frankly dats what happens mostly- of women politicians misbehaving sparing just a few sha.

  5. So Stella , with all these evidence you still believe the woman is innocent.

  6. Lady T/worth more than a thousand dollars8 August 2019 at 12:24

    If that is all the woman said in her defense then I suspect that her ex might not be far from the truth. And the judge must have looked at the evidence to make that conclusion.

    The woman didn't deny the allegations, it is true that they have meetings well into the night. But am sure there is a way she can do it in a descent manner without attracting any unnecessary issues.

    It it not recorded once that she said the marriage should not be dissolved. So many pointers. That is not to say the man is perfect.

    If the man had insecurities, he would not have allowed her in the first place to join politics. My opinion.

    1. You have made some interesting points

      Guys women are not bush allowance

      The sense of entitlement by men with power and money is ridiculous

    2. Lady T may God bless you and keep you from all evil.
      Coming from a lady I Stan with you.not that first anonymous hypocrite up there.

      She can not even deny the allegations made by the man against her and Stella is saying he has inferiority complex and the other one is saying he is lying to tarnish her reputation very stupid thing to say.

    3. There is no real evidence of her infidelity presented, only insinuations, I am sure she is tired of the bashing, name-calling and insults to her reputation from the man and wants to be free. Women have really suffered in this country. You aspire you suffer, you are subservient you still suffer. I have witnessed a similar case and the woman was completely innocent trying to hustle for the upkeep of her family she was feeding, including the husband. But the husband was insecure and went about everywhere pulling her down and he wad still cheating on her and not caring for the family. It was God that started exposing him.

    4. Thank you for this. You saved me from typing.,

    5. Anon 15.08
      🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 You got it right!

  7. That is Nigeria for @Stella, every average man here gets so insecure when their wife is doing better than them. They will label you a cheat and send you away. Even the elders will support him.

  8. Hm Stella in Nigeria the woman is always wrong. Useless court president. What of the top politician?? No reprimanding words. As for the husband real inferiority complex!!

    1. He will remarry soon and prevent the new wife from working. Such complex. If you check well, dude might not even be buoyant enough.

  9. Some of you on this blog are so narrow minded.
    When one says the truth, they become a hypocrite.
    Do they hold political meetings at night? Yes or No.
    During the electoral process here, don’t you guys see all the staff waiting with their candidates to give or make concession or victory speeches. Are these done in the daytime? Sometimes, staffers stay as late as 2am. TV crew nko? If its in Nigeria then the boyfriend or husband will lay accusations to all. It does not matter what anyone thinks. The woman is free from such a Man. I work and could be held up at work sometimes for extra hours not by choice but mandatoried. I get home at 3am from work l went to at 2pm. It varies so you guys should chill.


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