Stella Dimoko Nigerian Woman Who Used Fake Baby Daddy To Get Child's British Passport Faces Deportation To Nigeria


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Saturday, August 24, 2019

Nigerian Woman Who Used Fake Baby Daddy To Get Child's British Passport Faces Deportation To Nigeria

Maria Adesanya, a Nigerian immigrant and mother of a five year-old child faces deportation from the UK after she was found guilty of bribing a male NHS nurse to pose as her baby daughter’s father so that her child could get British passport.

Adesanya, 31, paid £3,000 to UK citizen and Nigerian-born Adekunle Adeparusi, 44, to put his name down as the father on the child’s birth certificate.

Adeparusi then pocketed a further £13,000 that he claimed in child tax credits even though he had no role in the daughter’s life.

The pair hatched the plan in January 2014, three months after pregnant Adesanya entered the UK on an eight-month visitors VISA. They were only caught in February 2015 after the mother applied for a Derivative Authority Card.

During this time the mother found work using the ID cards of two EU nationals, a Portuguese and a Dutch citizen.

The child, now aged five, is thought to still live in the UK.

At Minshull Street Crown Court, Manchester, Adesanya, from Bury, was sentenced to 14 months in jail but immediately released on licence as she had been under curfew since October.

She was found guilty of false representation and possessing false ID documents.

Adeparusi, from Gavesend in Kent, was jailed for 33 months after admitting making a false statement with intent.

Sentencing Adesanya, Judge John Edwards said: ‘This really was a performance of incredible stupidity by you.

‘You have a child out of wedlock which is frowned on by your culture and feared what would happen to you and your child if you returned to Nigeria.
The effect to them of their mother serving a period in prison would be shattering.

‘You have spent 10 months worrying about your future and your children’s future. Being separated from the children would have a significant detrimental effect on their emotional wellbeing.
But you displayed a blatant disregard for the immigration laws in this country. What you did was disgraceful and dishonest.’

When sentencing Adeparusi, the judge said: ‘Organised immigration crime such as that which you engaged in can have and does have a significant impact on public funds and confidence, and the abuse of documents and the lawful exercise of the right to enter this country goes to the heart of the system which all of us rely on.

‘When you came to this country in March 2007 and settled down with your family in Kent, qualifying as a nurse, I’m satisfied you intended to lead a constructive and contributing life.

‘But that all ended when you met Ms Adesanya. You lied face to face to the registrar and the passport office and it didn’t end there.

‘This was a highly devised and lucrative scheme, these are charges which completely undermine the integrity of the immigration system and garnered you a significant amount of money.’
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  1. Village people at work

  2. The law should keep catching up with the unscrupulous Nigerians. At home, you have no regard for our laws, abroad you want to do the same thing.

  3. Stella what kind of headline is this? How about the man?? Doesn't he also deserve to be deported?

    1. The man is a UK citizen. You know UK citizens in the UK can't actually be deported from the UK, right?

    2. at Anon 15.05 , Uk citizens can be deported as long as you are not born in the uk. the man in question came to uk in 2007 and became a nurse and naturalised as a citizen. if he commits any serious crime, the citizenship can be stripped off him. He has already lost his nursing job and his name is now on police database as a foreign criminal. omo forget o, its only people born here wey get mouth

  4. Five years! And she must have thought she has gotten away with it. Some crimes are shocking not cos of the evil, but the level of stupidity involved.

  5. Judge shatap there fuck culture! Genesis said “go into d world and multiply” foolish ppio

  6. Naija girls will do and undo to be abroad. But study scriptures and other things to find the narrow way that leads to eternal life? Mbanu, na to shoot you with arrows��������

  7. I think she is just unlucky people have been doing this long time. Maybe she is not smart enough.

    1. I’m sure a mistake somewhere happened and the home office noticed. Since marriage to a UK citizen doesn’t mean immediate citizenship, this is the route everyone is taking. They “buy pregnancy”. God help us. I’m not sure they ll deport the woman as the judge already stated she’s a single woman which the Nigerian culture frowns against. So won’t won’t to risk sending her back to naija to face supposed persecution albeit the fact that the women lied on that too.

    2. In her case, the co-conspirator is not even the biological father of her baby. She already entered the UK, pregnant. She paid him to pretend that he is her baby daddy.

  8. The whole 'shame in my country cos I'm a single mother' is what her lawyer sold the judge??! Haha! That judge needs to get on google y'all. It's not that deep.

  9. Màamí Eats Pap , Spiced Pap and Original Honey 0903028875825 August 2019 at 00:10

    All these lies to have a foreign passport is tiring for me.

  10. greedy woman, her undoing was using fake ID to get work. that must have uncovered the fake baby daddy eesh....she wanted more benefits for her daughter who would have been getting support as citizen...


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