Stella Dimoko Notorious Kidnap Kingpin Wadume Makes Shocking Revelations About His Criminal Activities


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Saturday, August 24, 2019

Notorious Kidnap Kingpin Wadume Makes Shocking Revelations About His Criminal Activities

Oh Dear...!!!!

Notorious kidnap kingpin, Hamisu Bala, popularly known as Wadume, has made some shocking revelations about his criminal activities.

Wadume, who said he dropped out of school after junior secondary education, also revealed that one Babangida Musa introduced him to crime.

The kidnap kingpin also revealed that he is currently a member of the All Progressives Congress, APC, after dumping the PDP and helped the party win election in the presidential and senatorial election in Ibi town.

Wadume also revealed how the policemen who arrested him were killed by men of Nigerian Army who rescued him.

According to him, “I am 34 years old and married to four wives. I have only four children as two of my wives are yet to conceive. We are eight of us from my mother’s womb and my parents are dead. Due to financial constraint, I had to drop out of school after Junior Secondary School. I attended Government Secondary School, Ibi,” he was quoted by Saturday Sun as saying.

“In Ibi, we are farmers and my father used to be a fisherman. Based on the experience I got when I normally followed him to the river, I started buying and selling fish. It is not easy to catch it by yourself because of the waves and for fear of dying, I decided to restrict myself and was only buying and selling fish. I used to make as much as N5, 000 on a daily basis. I did that for years till I gathered enough money to start my own fish pond.

“I continued in that business till six years ago when my friend Babangida Musa introduced me to the business of buying and selling guns. He imports them from neighbouring countries and sell to me. I am a youth leader, so I have a strong relationship with a lot of bad boys that is why I knew that I would surely excel in the business.

“I started buying only AK-47 rifles from him at the price of N400, 000 and sold them to my customers at the price of N750, 000. Some of my customers are Yakubu Yamaza and one Halilu. Yakubu buys them in large quantities because he normal sells the guns to Fulani bandits and others. He is one of my constant buyers.

“Halilu is a notorious kidnapper and I preferred selling AK-47 rifles to him as a way to guarantee that he will not pick me up one day. In fact, his gang members almost got me but when I told them who I was, they released me. I cannot recall the number of AK-47 guns that I sold to him. I swear to God, I have never kidnapped anybody but I know a lot of them who are kidnappers. They normally buy AK-47 guns from me.

“I was making so much money, so I decided to use the money to buy cars and motorcycles for commercial purpose. I am also a politician and a youth leader. I made so much money from politicians.

“I joined politics about 10 years ago while I was a fish farmer. I was very active and that was why I was made the Sariki Matata (youth leader) of Ibi town. I started as a member of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and switched over in 2015 to All Progressives Congress (APC). In the 2019 election, APC won the presidential and senatorial election in Ibi town. During the governorship election, I switched over to PDP and assisted them to win. In politics, if you want to make money, one needs to join the winning team. I couldn’t get the ticket of PDP or APC to contest for State House of Assembly. Luckily, Young Democratic Party (YDP) accepted me but I still lost the election.

“As a youth leader, money meant for the youth was given to me. I am to mobilize them, hire thugs where necessary and make arrangement for weapons that can be used to protect our people. There is a lot of killing in my state, so it’s wise to always protect yourself in-case of any attack. It was during 2015 and 2019 elections that I made so much money to acquire cars and houses.

“On the day he was rescued by some soldiers, he added “On August 7 at about 6pm, I was in my house with some family and friends when policemen arrived and arrested me. Everyone was begging them, but they said that I am a kidnapper and handcuffed my legs and hands.

“On our way, we passed through three checkpoints. The first was that of the army and after identification, they allowed us to go. The second one was that of mobile policemen and they also allowed us to continue. It was at the third checkpoint that we wasted a little time but they allowed us to go after the policemen convinced them that they were real.

“Five minutes after we left that point, an army patrol vehicle started shooting at us. Our vehicle got hit and summersaulted severally. When we finally crashed and stopped, everybody was alive except for bullet wounds. The bullets hit part of my scrotum.

“The soldiers quickly rescued me and took me to a red saloon car and we drove off immediately. Initially, I thought they were bandits dressed in military uniform and wanted to kidnap me. It was when we got to Captain Balarabe’s house that I knew that I wassafe.

“The Captain was there and he called the DCO of Ibi Police Division, one ASP Aondona Lorbee. He came to the house and told the Captain that he could not find the key. They then brought an iron cutter and cut the handcuffs on my hands and legs.

“I was outside when I saw the soldiers drive in with four dead men. They dropped them on the ground and I realized that these were the people who arrested me. I was shocked because they were all alive after the vehicle summersaulted.

“Even the DCO saw the dead bodies and just looked at them and left the compound. While the dead bodies were still on the ground, I decided to find my way before anyone will know that I was there. One of the boys that I saw in the compound used his motorcycle to take me to the house of one of my friends, Saidu.

“By then the news of my arrest and escape has spread everywhere. I immediately rented a speedboat and escaped to Tunga village in Nasarawa. I slept there and also used the opportunity to contact my family members. The ones in Ibi told me that soldiers came to the house to look for me, that they asked that I should not allow police to catch me. It was better for me to come to them first as they will guarantee my safety.

“I refused to go back because I was already scared that they killed those policemen. I knew that if they catch me, I will be killed. I ran to my Uncle’s house in Kano. I went there because, he is related to my late mother and the house that he is living in belong to me. He only advised me to report myself to the police and stop running. I decided to stay away from the border because it’s guarded by the military and my face is now known by all.

“It was my uncle who called a doctor to treat the bullet wound that affected my private part. It is possible that I cannot use it again because of the damage and I discovered that when I wake up in the morning, I no longer have erection.

“While I was hiding, friends who knew where I was collected N3 million from me. They said that they were going to use it to pay journalists, so that they will be writing good report about me. It was when I was arrested, that I knew that they did not do anything. I was terrified when men in mufti broke into our house in Kano. I thought they were hired to kill me till I discovered they were policemen.

“I did not ask soldiers to kill anyone. I was happy they rescued me, but I’m happier that police has rearrested me and I’m still alive.

“I am not a kidnapper but I supply arms to different gangs. I make enough money as a businessman. I know that I have committed a crime selling guns; I am willing to change for good.”
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  1. Who ever gree say e be killer or thief?
    Abeg lock him and throw the keys into atlantic ocean.... or hang him.

  2. Nigeria needs prayers against impunity before war breaks out finally. Imagine nonsense and a Nigerian soldier and his men are involved.

    1. So the police men and soldiers were alive even after they shot their vehicle but let they were brought in dead.Who killed dem?

  3. This one is concerned about his erection.

    You are lucky they didn't blow your entire balls off.

    Bloody bastard.

  4. The army captain and the DCO are members of the syndicate that support Boko Haram

    1. My dear, you mirrowed my thought and took it out of my mouth. Haa!! Captain Balarabe and a DCO. Where is Dolapo? Please come in here.. I bet you nothing positive or lasting will ever come out of this #allnortjerners . And the political bigwigs he has helped to win elections will swoop caon onand buy the case. No be Naija again.

  5. This man is not saying the entire truth

  6. As I read, all I asked myself was.... Is this in the same Nigeria??!!

    1. It's not seeming so , it's so scary

  7. Now the chickens are coming home to roost. Isn't it clear that the army and politicians are complicit in
    all the murders?

  8. This is how he will tell all his stories just like Evans and nothing will be done to him.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. 8 of us came from my mother's womb.. Lol before nko? "I have only 4 children“.. Oga, 4 is not only ooo

  11. Hmm!! The blood of the slain officer will seek vengeance on these animals involved in their killing. Wicked souls.. all because of money

  12. Nigeria is a crime scene

  13. When some of us are saying things about wicked alliances and plans made in the dark over Nigeria by men and women in positions of power, it will be as if we're just scare-mongering and we don't know what we're talking about. This is one man confessing what's not even the whole truth cos he's afraid to die. See how someone who operates a whole black market by himself, selling guns to kidnappers and Fulani herdsmen, is saying he doesn't want to die. I don't know what he thinks they use his goods and services for.

    I said it the other time, Nigeria is boiling and plans have been concluded to split this nation with much bloodshed involved that is completely unnecessary. Go and pray (forget prosperity prayers now) cos I honestly can't see any other way out; the plans are too high-level and too deeply entrenched for anyone but God to deliver. Fall on your face and beg God for mercy cos there's really no other solution. E dey like say I just dey yarn dust. Y'all ain't seen or heard nothing yet. This one is child's play.

    1. Nigeria really needs God's miracle. Check out all the institutions indicted: army, police, political class and the press. Listen to the sort of corruption going on on all these fronts. Is that how they are fighting Boko Haram? Add to this the ish of yahoo ppl, kidnappers and ritualists, then remember the drug pushers and scammers in diaspora. Nigeria, who do una dis tin? May God see us through this jungle.

  14. What has happened to Evans the kidnapper since he was arrested. This Wadume too will just be kept there telling stories and nothing will be done. A country where there is no justice can never achieve anything.

    1. You might not know this but cases are not tried overnight in real life. This is not an episode of Law & Order or Judge Judy. Real courts have a calendar. It's not a market where you go and demand to be served as soon as you show face. It's like you've not heard of cases that take five years. It happens all over the world, even where nobody has been bribed.

    2. you must be stupid if you think you are talking to fools...if oyibo has no evidence against you yet they will let you go and continue investigation. why is evans in custody and yet to be persecuted? is he still being investigated? what other evidence are they looking for? dont compare cases in developed world with this evans case and this mans case pls

  15. God bless you anonymous 02:49. They are not in the legal system so what do they know. There is Law and Justice, there is a need for proper investigation and trial in order to convict the offenders and not the innocent. The court itself is a person.


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