Stella Dimoko Ohanaeze Condemns Alleged Brutal Murder Of Woman By Men Alleged To Be Herdsmen


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Friday, August 23, 2019

Ohanaeze Condemns Alleged Brutal Murder Of Woman By Men Alleged To Be Herdsmen

Ohanaeze Ndigbo has condemned the brutal killing of one Mrs. Pat Ngwu in Enugu State by alleged herdsmen.

Mrs Ngwu’s body was found on Thursday after she went missing on Wednesday from farm in Nchatancha community.

Publicity Secretary of Ohanaeze, Uche Achi-Okpaga, gave the warning in a statement on Thursday in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State capital.

The statement reads, “The spate of rape, kidnapping and killings in Igbo land by the dare devil Fulani herdsmen has reached an alarming crescendo. The recent killing of an innocent woman in Nchatancha, Enugu, buoys the staccato out cries of national insecurity.

“With the situation virtually out of hand of the security agencies, the people may be compelled to resort to self help for survival unless a drastic effort is exerted, by the security forces, to quench the impending national holocaust.”

We therefore call on the Police, to as a matter of urgency, investigate this condemnable killing of this innocent woman and bring the culprits to face the wrath of the law in order to restore the confidence of the people”

The people’s patience have been stretched to their elastic limits and only a thorough investigation, exposure of the criminals and totally check the seemingly intractably crimes will assuage the frayed and bruised nerves of the people.”


  1. Isn't it high time Eastern governors create local vigilante to protect farmers and the people living in those rural areas? The general security system is porous and incapacitated. How long do we keep hearing this news of gruesome death of people in their farm? This isn't cool anymore.

    1. TJ, Biko asi m Kam juo na kedu
      the Ugwuanyi na-ekwu Maka the na- eme na abodo o na-achi. I think he shld take the 1st/bold so
      to rally the other govs to look into this and prefer lasting solutin just as youhsve said. It's getting out of hand. " MMADU o ga anozi n'ulo ya, nopia ihe ji ya ndu. Mbanu! They can't just behave like it's a normal occurence. By the way, where is John Nwodo'. Hope he is still with Ndigbo

      . Hope he is still with Ndigbo.

    2. Gov. Ugwuanyi is the weakest of all governors Enugu state has ever produced. A governor who weep than act. Perpetrators of Nimbo killings got away with it. The killers of the two Reverend fathers in Enugu may get away with it as well if time is not taking.

      Just like Simeon Peter, I want to ask, to whom do we go to? So unfortunate, the main primary responsibility of government to protect its citizenry have been defeated.

      Traveling in Nigeria now has become a nightmare, for the fear of kidnappers on the prowl. Each day things get worse and terrible. Nigeria is truly cursed.

  2. This is heartbreaking!!!!
    Rip madam

    May God console her family and loved ones..

  3. ALLEGED TO BE HERDSMEN being the underlined word. Until it is confirmed to be herdsmen, then any of such stories na wash. How many of such crimes committed by people of other tribes have been pinned on Fulani herders in recent years? And to make it worse, this one is coming from Ohanaeze. Since Buhari became the President, he sent his brothers on a rampage to kill Nigerians. Abeg abeg


    1. How is it our fault that everything is pinned on the herdsmen? They have shown who they are by sacking people from their farms and villages, it is unfortunate that the herdsmen are the first to be fingered when these things happen. But they have left us with no choice but to do that.

      If know a thief who picks and steals, when there is an incidence of something missing, he is the first to be accused.

      Its a pity.

    2. Eesah stop playing judge and jury at the same time. Whoever killed her, whether Fulani herdsmen or not should face the full wrath of justice. Haba! A life was lost! Most of these killings should be properly investigated. Until then, don't blame the poor indigenes for their speculations. They feel unsafe.

    3. Thank you anon 10:43 & 11:08. You just hit it at the head and save me the stress of writing further.

  4. Every brutal killing now is herdsmen haven’t you heard of copycat crimes.

    1. As sad as this may sound, I think people need to think this way. A lot of people are extremely heartless and could do anything to give a dog a bad name.

    2. When you smell like a cat, eat like a cat, dance and run like a cat, you are a cat.

  5. Every time,they just sit and condemn without making any significant effort.Our one's peaceful Enugu has become something else.

  6. Another condemnation. What's the solution? Nothing. Back to sleep until another death, then another condemnation. It is obvious that NPF and the military don't care. Should they just told their hands waiting for death and follow up condemnation?


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