Stella Dimoko Omugwo Chronicles 60


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Monday, August 12, 2019

Omugwo Chronicles 60

What A Narrative......

Stella please post my omugwo chronicles.

I spent a few days in the hospital after childbirth and believe me it was tough.

My baby was admitted in the neo-natal unit due to jaundice and i had to keep going up and down the three storey building of the hospital to breastfeed him despite all the pains I was in after childbirth, also coupled with the fact that he refused baby formula from day one of birth.

We came back home and I called my neighbour to help me bath him (I told her before hand that she will help me with bathing my baby till I'm experienced enough to do it on my own), which she obliged.
She bathed my baby for about a week,(morning and night) and made pepper soup yam for me as well.

I observed that during the period she was bathing my baby, she would always bring her children to come and eat in my house, in fact they will ransack my kitchen, they will ransack my fridge and take drinks that were reserved for guests, little refreshment we kept on the house for visitors did not even last as intended cause that is the first place they will visit once they enter my house.

Luckily for me, my mum's elder sister was in town (my mother is late and my husband's mum is late as well) and she offered to come and help me out for a while, when I told this my neighbour about it, her attitude changed, she was like why do we want to call someone else,after all she is up to the task, I had to explain to her that the woman is my mum's sister and it would not be nice to deny her coming to see her late sister's baby, she reluctantly accepted.

I didn't hear from this my neighbour for a while after my aunt came, only for her to show up a few days later and said she is hungry, I offered to dish something for her and she declined saying that she wants to serve herself.
I allowed her, she dished what she liked from my pot.

Some days later again,she called and said her children have not eaten and there is no food in their house for her children,I should give her 1000 naira to buy food for them,I gave it to her and called my husband immediately explaining what has been happening to him.

We decided to pay her off and refuse her access around my house anymore.

Her husband is late and she has a son...she lives with her elder brother and his wife.

WOW...Omugwo duties with entitlement...
Good that you paid her off....


  1. She just saw an opportunity and abused it. God bless your baby and keep your home

  2. My dear you did well
    you may not understand the impact you have made in that woman's life.
    The thing there is that she failed to guide and direct her children accordingly;telling them to coordinate themselves at all time especially when they are outside the four walls of their home.
    please continue having compassion on her for she's a widow with many hands to feed. hardship must have taken its toll on her thereby making her neglect some decorums of life.
    I pray for you and your family....that whatever it will take to extend your generosity towards your neighbours(mankind) will never cease to exist in your home in Jesus name...AMEN.

    Congratulation Ma.

    1. D golden you sound so soft and sweet

      See how you described the rascally and entitled behavior nicely

      You made a point though about how conditions of life can actually make one discard decorum if one isn't careful

    2. Chai, dgolden God bless you so dearly for this response.

  3. Lol. Thnk GOD you paid her off if not the situation would have been worse that is why some people dont like neighbours coming into thier apartment. They kind of assess you financially with what u have in your house. That is life for you

  4. I only saw you calling your "aunty" "my mum's sister".
    If you know you know.

    1. She used it because you are a bloody Nigeria. You might confuse Aunty with something else. mum's sister is clearer

  5. I'm happy you did not complain about how she handled your baby. It's just food and you can see they're in lack. Thanks for paying her as well. Life happens


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