Stella Dimoko Police Woman Dolapo Badmus Says The Confession Of Alleged Kidnap Kingpin Wadume Calls For Concern...


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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Police Woman Dolapo Badmus Says The Confession Of Alleged Kidnap Kingpin Wadume Calls For Concern...

Alleged Kidnap Kingpin Wadume has been re-arrested and he allegedly confessed that he had been set free by men in Uniform.....These men who cut of his handcuffs also wasted the lives of three Policemen in the process.........


Firstly, that a criminal who was painstakingly arrested by operatives will be made to escape is unfortunate....not only is the escape unfortunate but that five lives(3 of the police and 2 of their informants) were allegedly wasted under the supervision and directives of a superior officer of other security agencies is still baffling and incomprehensible.....

when we continue to think about insurgencies and reason why it has refused to end, this if not the only, is the reason why it could or would not end!


While some operatives are working tirelessly to end kidnapping, robbery and terrorism, some are busy sabotaging their efforts just because of material gains.....for every security personnel and all others working against the well being of this nation, may you all die sudden death for Nigeria to have peace! 

I sincerely commend and appreciate the President of our dear nation, the Inspector General of Police, the Deputy Commissioner in charge of IRT, officers and men of NPF and all other good spirited Nigerians involved in re-arresting this suspected criminal WADUME! 

We are all folding our hands to see and hear the outcome of the investigation....surely the revelation will be startling.....May the soul of the dead officers and the civilian involved Rest in Peace and may God give the family the fortitude to bear this unfortunate and irreparable loss.
May God help Nigeria!


  1. The situation is steadily deteriorating.

  2. Truly, The Nigerian Army atr taking the Nation steps back by their sabotage. No wonder innocent men are constantly killed in the fight against the dreaded Boko Haram. They give/leak first hand information to the sect of every move of the NA. God help our Nation to overcome this predicament. Police should do the needful, use them to set example to other bad eggs.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Is she saying the police is innocent of this???I believe a police officer was paid to free him,they are capable of anything

    1. Did u not read the instructions Initial story where it was stated that some military men killed the police officers and freed the criminal or you are just on of those people that will always find a way to blame the Nigerian police force even when they are not guilty of anything.


  5. God save Nigeria and keep your children.

  6. You are correct. This is why the fight against insurgency is difficult to end. Some soldiers that tried letting us know what was going on were arrested, charged for mutiny and sentenced to death. When soldiers were sent to the Niger Delta to fight oil bunkering, they became very rich because they started the bunkering business. Sad, really sad. May the souls of the dead rest in peace.

  7. When a man who said "An attack on Boko Haram is an attack on the North" later became the country president. What more do you expect? Do you expect insurgency to stop? Don't you see they are even being pardoned and enrolled in the military, and you think the newly recruited boko haram turned solder won't sabotage the military effort.

  8. now that it has hit home you can now feel organised crime thrives without insiders cooperating with them. the nigerian army uses the money meant to fight insurgency for their own personal gains. if not sambisa forest na another planet wey dem no fit clear? how many herdsmen be abi which bush dem dey hide wey intelligence no fit find them? yes you cannot completely eradicate crime but ifyou put the resources we can reduce it to the barest minimum

  9. Did he say anything we don't already know? We are not all stupid. Thing is, let him start listing the army personnel on his payroll. That is if they don't get to him in detention first.
    And shey you see Nigerian police, they can work only if they want to, or in this case, their own is involved. Hence the reason for all this noise, and the reason they didn't give up till they got him.


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