Stella Dimoko Why Igbos Cannot Be Nigerian President Without Northern Alliance


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Monday, August 12, 2019

Why Igbos Cannot Be Nigerian President Without Northern Alliance

Suleiman Ukandu, ex-chairman of the Abia State Muslim Pilgrim Board, has advised political leaders in the South East geo-political zone to resuscitate their alliance with the Northerners ahead of future elections.

Ukandu who gave the admonition in an interview with journalists on Sunday, in Umuahia, Abia State capital, shortly after the Muslim prayer to mark the 2019 El-kabir, held in Umuahia township stadium, emphasized that the northerners had been the best Igbo allies since the independence of Nigeria, lamenting the shortchange of the people of South East region in the present democratic dispensation by a northerner(Buhari)”.

His words, “The Ohanaeze and other Igbo group are on point for calling for political realignment between the North and the South East zone. I associate myself only on that. Basically, it is important and imperative that the old political alliances between the North and Eastern region should be reinvigorated. Igbos had been alliance with them(North) right from the creation of the country.

“From all the constitutional conferences, till later days, we(Ndigbo) had been in alliance with the north. And the northerners have been comfortable with us.

“We have beenk in contact with the north right from the time in memory. They had been living with us. We have been seeing them as quite better people (Northerners) to associate with. We had been doing all our businesses with the north for quite sometime. And if every northerner who is sincere could in retrospect, they would know that, Igbos had been one of their best allies north have.

“In fact, eastern region was a loyal ally of the north despite what they normally do to us. All the betrayal we are having in the alliance had not come from South east, the betrayal always come from them. We are loyal to them, but, they have refused to empower us when the need be. Still we don’t mind.”
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  1. Replies
    1. All pilgrim boards should be dissolved,it needs to end

      Religious activities are personal and non of the business of government.

      The country if it is serious about progress should stop pandering to things that add no long term value to its people

      In Islam , it is a pillar but if you cannot afford to go , you are also in order

      In Christianity , nothing binds you to go

      Enough of religious activities without actual Fear and Service to GOD

  2. Replies
    1. Where's the development?
      Be lying to yourself.

    2. lol they can’t make it in Nigeria on
      their own they must have alliance with another tribe. That’s why they are so bitter towards Yoruba people those ones don’t need them for anything but they need Yoruba onside in Nigeria. They can’t stand on their own, now it’s hausa they want as ally.goodluck to them. We will see who in their right mind will have anything to go with those people.

  3. And it will never happen. This Fulani govt has finally united the Ibos and Yorubas with your Fulani Herdsmen assassins you let go after killing and kidnapping and they will both ensure that it will never happen again. We don't need the North and we will never need the North. Na Una be the beggars of the Federation so Una go still beg las las

    1. United which Igbos and Yoruba keep dreaming. Igbos might want to unite with Yorubas but Yoruba don’t want to have anything to do with Igbos. Mark my word it will never happen. Why do Igbos want to unite with Yoruba by fire by force. Thought they hate Yorubas, lol we will see who needs who and who will have the last laugh. The world has been watching and are still watching

  4. Nkita rapokwa go Anya der. Must the Igbos align with any tribe to rise to the top. The Igbos are not second class citizens. Becos na I na-akpo is ala, therefore we should do folo-folo and ass licking like you. Nwokem Biko je nodu odu somewhere.

    1. Politics is a game of number, until block mind like you know that, you can't get to the highest office without align with others around you.
      Hate won't let you see road.

    2. And until a block head n heart like you know that the northerners are mt the only determinants of who sits on the helm of affair in naija, lnsult will not let . ,,..... mtchew

    3. Be there, let your south east determined who seat there and let s see.

  5. Igbos alone cannot choose a president, you need a percentage of votes from the other regions. Igbos alone are the South east while majority of the North east and North west are Hausa fulani, that is two to one

  6. South east votes can't win a presidential election but the people refused to tell themselves the truth.
    To become a president, present a formidable candidate, work with other geo political zone, without that, nothing will happen.
    Politics is a game of numbers.
    Nobody's gonna hand picked someone from a zone and put on the seat.

  7. even if an igbo man becomes president will it make any difference olee ni everybody

    1. Thank you o! What difference would it make for me and you. What has corruption got to do with tribe? Everyone is truly complicit in the woes of Nigeria.

    2. There will still be some non thieves

  8. It truly should no matter where a president is from. What matters is what they can do, who they are (content of their character) etc. As long as we keep having "alliances" talk, we are not ready


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