Stella Dimoko Amebo Column - Akpaya Aunties Dem.....


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Monday, September 09, 2019

Amebo Column - Akpaya Aunties Dem.....

I deliberately called them with a mix of both igbo and yoruba. Them Aunties with 'troublesome hand'!

Please o, why will a full grown aunty be eating the food meant for a kid and block the pikin mouth with one slice of biscuit?

If you cannot cajole the kid to eat the food then please, let them bring the food home inugo!

We need to know if our kids are feeding well, if there is something else they would rather have or just complete loss of apetite. So as parents, we can take them to see their doctors.

On no account should you take another kid's food and give to another without asking for permission from both parents.

It doesn't matter if both parents live next door or wait to gist during school run! Na everybody sabi wetin hin put inside food for hin pikin! Nor go carry problem give innocent person for head o!

Those cretche aunties wey go carry pikin expensive cereal give their own pikin in large quantities while giving the rightful pikin cold akamu to drink! You have done well! Since you are now Mother Abraham, doing birthright changing technique upandan! Drink sprite and clap for yourself!

If you have the kind of 'slow motion' domestic help we once had, wey go dey nod head like lizard without opening her mouth to say what's happening at the cretche.

Please hurry and find interpreter or just download app on how to speak her language before she go soak you pampers wash!

These nurseries and their caretakers need to fear God o! Some would even thief pampers sef and lie they changed the baby one million times already!.

Once they know it is almost pick up time, Fiam! they clean up the baby and be forming 'coo-chu-coo-chu'! The thunder wey go faya una head na that same okuko sound him go use do rhythm land you hot one!

Some even get effontery to dictate wetin 'dey' wan chop the following day. You go hear something like this ' Mummy Denzel, that fried rice and chicken sauce was very nice, Denzel ate everything abi Denzel?! Pikin wey confusion don finish go jor nod head, wave aunty hand enter car.

You the mother no go reason ask, Bobo, did you enjoy your meal, did it pepper your mouth?should i add more vulture wings tomorrow ? Use style ask kweshion confirm say no be nanny and aunty be de devourers!.

Aunties, we know you have a favourite kid because the mother gives you gifts but the rest sha paid for your services?. We don't need the extra preference since it comes with a price tag! (clicks tongue like Stella). Kindly just love them equally.We know life is hard but God will solve your personal problems soon enough.

The fact that the parents could not meet up with fees in time does not mean you should take it out on their kids. Person wey nor get today, go get tomorrow o! We know you do not run a charity organisation but then, if you did it for genuine passion, you would understand. Let them play with their friends.

You can't be temperamental or impatient and then take up a job with kids. Except of course you need a practical way to achieve being a better person but then again, the kids are not your practise field or slapping toys.

Their life's foundation is now and you can't afford to mess it all up with your adult issues. During birthdays, please make the goodies go round. Every child deserves a treat!

We appreciate your love and support of motherhood. We pray they grow up remembering you for the good and not the unkind deeds.


  1. My nephew is 2years + and he fears no one, he can never nod his head for yes when it should be No

  2. If Akpaya is supposed to be Yoruba then its Agbaya which literarily means big for nothing.

  3. Good points

    But you need to own a creche or work in one in this terrible economy to understand what human being like you is going through.

    some earn 8k per term.

    1. These kids are innocent,tell job was a choice.treat them nicely and watch God bless u

    2. Jesus 8k? Pls is it advisable to tip there teachers?

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. This is so true. Those that involved should take heed.Some caregivers do not fear God with the way they treat the children.CCTV has actually reduced the rate at which they act wrongly. God help us all

  6. The first creche I put my baby,they will say drop 4 diaper everyday,I drop two.i never meet the two
    Now I changed her and today was her first time I put diaper and the two was returned.i met her backed,though crying but she had eaten all her food.

  7. Mine is 1yr I0, enrolled him 4summer,To get used to it b4 school proper starts , I was asked to put change of clothes and sandals , 1st week,all Charlie Charlie. I learnt not to start what I can’t finish, especially in this hardship. Drop off and pick up, teaches go carry eye put for ur body. Me:THANK YOU OOO GOD BLESS EVERYONE OF U 4 UR KINDNESS
    2nd weeek , oshetiye, same clothe on drop off, same during pick up with sweats. I kept mute. 3rd week, went early he requested to pee , on getting to his potty, wee of 2days was left there, d day b4 he wore dippers cos they had school excursion, so d pee was from previous day b4 d excursion, told proprietress, she said is Very Impossible. I no talk . Last week pikin no gree enter school from Monday -Weds. I say true true. Na God hand our children Dey o
    Mothers pls if u r a catholic, go and book a mass for ur wads. Pray pray and keep praying

    1. non catholics nko?

    2. 15;58. U can still book if u blv in our faith. Like I said , pray pray and pray some more Nne

  8. Na so the catholic creche where i dropped my 4 months old daughter almost wanted to kill my precious daughter for me if not that God has been so good to me an unworthy servant. Hmmmm the matter long but thank God i was delivered from there. My instinct from onset never wanted to use the crech ooooo but over sbai mil was preaching to her son how the creche under the church wont maltreat my child. i accepted. you wont believe that a 4-5 month old so much had sense that she would start crying immediately i step my feet there as in serious hearth breaking cry everyday, i asked why they said her sense is developing lol, i complained to hubby he refuse to take me serious. is it how there mismanage whatever i brought for her as first child now i make sure i took enough things with me so they wont have excuse. is it how there task me for extra fee even after paying the required fees, is it how they talk down on me, abi the everyday sickness, the attitude nko, ha God i suffered emotionally. The one that made me took my heels was that i complained that i used to see whitish things in the remaining hot water there used. This woman had the gut to call me to issue me warning never to say that again omo the speed i used in leaving my office running to the creche to pick up my child and went to register her in another creche even without informing my husband as i cannot come and kill myself for one catholic creche. Thank God that i even took that step cos you need to see my daughter panting for more than one hour showing that she has cried heavily only God know what there did to her. She started new creche at 6 month and since then till today she has never cried whenever i drop her. Sometimes we should listen to our instincts, i listened to mine and never look back not minding what hubby or his almighty mum would do.

    1. Good 4 u! Lost my 1st preggy in a Catholic Hospital, dey wld have saved d situation but money was more important to them. None is better! My child’s dad insist I home school him till 3yrd old but I have secretly registered him somewhere with d knowledge of his Aunty just Incase yawa gas. Is not the institution is the PEOPLE. Very wicked

  9. You are so correct Amebo, some nasty things that some nurses and teachers mete out on innocent kids is so disheartening. Please if you can afford it, make sure that the day care and nursery you enroll your precious babies have CCTV cameras, functional ones.
    Though there are some amazing teachers and nannies out of there, and they deserve some accolades

  10. That was how one teacher told me that were did I buy food for my son that I should buy for her cos the food is very very sweet
    ..... I change school for him immediately

  11. The very first day my friend dropped her 1yr old boy in the crèche was the week he died, they bathed him with cold water n he caught pneumonia

  12. That's why i would never tamper with any child's food. Some parents can be impossible too.
    When i started working at the school i didn't used to get involved with my pupils food. I open your food, mix the food if need be and wait till lunch is over. Some would complain, i don't like it, it's peppery or any other complain, i note it down in their correspondence and give them an early snack. As you carry am come or chop na so e go follow you reach house.

    The day a parent called asking about her child's milk, 50 naira peak, omo i nearly spark for am o. What i gave her before taking her to creche, she ate free school food that day and later opened the milk at creche only to keep quiet at home when being queried by the mother.

    Na to dey patient as teacher o. Some are bad eggs but some parents would expect you to perform wonder with their kids when they hardly train these children.
    I am a mother and i know that i'd love my kids to be treated well while well behaved also. God help us with these children too

  13. As a creche worker I cannot tell finish what my eyes see. Forget that thing. Nobody can love your child more than you. Is it the nonsense food that is not fit.for a dog.that some mothers pack for their children we want to talk about? Make i just rest this matter abeg. Tory go too long.


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