Stella Dimoko Atiku Vs Buhari Judgement Today -Your View.


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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Atiku Vs Buhari Judgement Today -Your View.

On Wednesday the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal.will deliver Judgement today in the case of Atiku versus Buhari..
The former Vice President is challenging President Buhari and asking the court to sack him from the seat of the President because he allegedly does not qualify.......

What do you think the Judge will say?

Hmm its either the Judge will throw out Atiku's suit for lack of evidence or dismiss it out rightly.......I am not saying that Atiku had evidence or not,I am not saying that Atiku is right or the one for Nigeria,I am just saying Nigeria has not reached that stage where the Law respects the Law...

Atiku will keep trying until Buhari's four year term runs out...


  1. Take your mind away from it, they are all the same shameless old men.

  2. Every body knows it will not favor atiku. We don't have God fearing judges. What we have is judges who sold their souls to the devil.


  3. Atiku should already give up an move on, he is just wasting his time cos baba will keep on pushing this talk till after 4 years.

  4. The election has been upheld in favour of the "dullad of duara". so sad.

  5. Buhari contested about four times before becoming our Democratic president in 2015. All through the period he was contesting, he couldnt improve his education. He doesnt even have the minimum requirement to rule this country.( which by the way was used to favour northerners, what big company, public or private or even ministry accepts WAEC certificate as the minimum cert for employment into management level?) Buhari is a fraud. He rigged the election with the help of corrupt politicians that is why he compensated them with ministerial appointments. Apart from being a fraud, he is a weak and dull leader. Its so clear that Tunde Idiagbon was the strong man in 1984 , when buhari was head of state. See how he avoids international conferences that has to do with speaking big big grammar ( vice president to the rescue).
    The cabals will intimidate the judges to rule in favour of Buhari.

    1. So you think atiku is a better option?

    2. Presently, atiku is a better option.

    3. Atiku is better on social media . He won election on Twitter.

    4. So buhari won on paper? Waawuuu

    5. Atiku is a billion times better that the useless terrorist supporting dullard !!!!

    6. Unintelligent analysis! Do you know the physical and intellectual rigors going through military academies, both locally and internationally? Yet you low lives call a military general a nonentity and dullard??? Most of you cheated to get into tertiary institutions and are still cheating to pass through school. Your comments here give you out - bad tenses and grammar. Stella, pls ensure this is posted and not swallowed, if you have respect for old people.

    7. WE ALL knew at that time that IDIAGBON was the striking force.
      NOT BUHARI !!

  6. Both atiku and buhari are not what Nigeria needs.

  7. Who cares.
    All i need is a job and i'll be better.

  8. Atiku stands no chance with the handpicked Tanko as supreme court judge. The technicality aeroplane driver cum termite eaten 'certificateless' sharia judge will do the bidding of his paymaster. Even if Atiku win today at the tribunal which is very slim, he won't win at the supreme court. The Fulanis have long memory over a given interest and strategize very early enough on a conquest. Both contenders are Fulanis, but Buhari took advantage in the ousting of the former CJN. That was the very day he won that election. Whoever gave him that advice was a masterpiece. Godswill Akpabio is being fingered as the brain behind it. Shortly after his departure to APC, he leaked so many hopes of PDP in exchange of his 108billion corruption charges. I gave up long ago of Atiku's coming after seeing what the judiciary has become under Buhari.
    The handwriting is clear and bold enough to see.


    1. Haaaha..Mene Mene Sekene...The writing is on the wall...A ti Ku ooo!!!

    2. TJ you have just spoken the 100% truth !!!! I just pity. Nigerians that buhari wasted 8 years of their lives !!!!


  9. President Muhammadu Buhari and the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) have deployed the APC national leader, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, to lead a crack team charged with the task of extracting victory at all costs for President Buhari at the presidential election petition tribunal sitting in Abuja.

    The tribunal will be delivering judgement on Wednesday.

    Two weekends ago, Tinubu was alleged  to have met with a former Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Amb. Babagana Kingibe, a nephew and political associate of President Buhari, including Mamman Daura to perfect plans to reverse what was emerging to be an unfavourable judgement from the presidential election petition tribunal against the incumbent President. Tinubu, who was charged with the task of lobbying the justices, promised to relocate to Abuja upon his return from an overseas trip.

    It was gathered that in line with that commitment, the former Lagos State Governor, at about midnight of Monday departed Lagos at the head of a delegation that included the former interim National Chairman of APC, Chief Bisi Akande.

    The Tinubu team was given an “open cheque” to secure victory for Buhari, a source in the know about the plan revealed. “Believe it, these people are serious, they are not joking at all. Asiwaju has literarily moved his bullion van to Abuja. They are prepared to spend whatever is still left in the treasury to secure victory”, the source disclosed.

    Akande, it was gathered, was specifically charged with reaching out to Justice Peter Ige, a member of the tribunal who hails from Osun State.

    While it was gathered that the mission of the visiting politicians was to enter the capital city of Abuja in droves as a sign of solidarity with President Buhari, sources in the know however mentioned that their mission also includes ensuring that no last minute button is left in ensuring that judges in the panel do the bidding of the ruling party.

    The influx of these politicians into Abuja is a follow up to an earlier meeting among top presidency officials and power-brokers who had mapped out strategies to making sure that the verdict of the tribunal was not left to chances.

    A triumvirate agreement amongst Tinubu, Kingibe and Daura had penultimate weekend, in Abuja, etched a plan to mandate victory for the president in Wednesday’s judgement.

    The ruling party leaders are conscious  that their candidate has a very bad case, essentially the cerficate controversies.

  10. Maga fall, guy men chop😁😁😁
    They all knew he had no case, but just had to milk out more Dollars from the old thief.😁😁😁


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