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Monday, September 02, 2019

BBNaija -All The Eviction Gists

Na wah......................


Esther advised Frodd to conduct himself properly if she got evicted. She told him to stop arguing unnecessarily and keep his emotions in check as it was just a game. They entered banter mode and Frodd told her to stop talking to him anyhow and she replied that he remove his hand from her boobs as that was disrespectful. They also reminisced about their journey together in the house, and it was evident that Frodd was a little choking at the beginning, reason why she outrightly told him off.


Jackye had 390 coins. She shared her coins amongst quite a lot of housemates. She gave 200 to Mike, 50 to Venita, 20 to Seyi, 20 to Khafi, 20 to Diane, 20 to Esther, 10 to Cindy, 10 to Ike, 20 to Mercy, 10 to Omashola, 10 to Sir Dee. Ebuka reminded her that there were 2 housemates she hadn’t mentioned (Elozonam and Tacha). She apologized for not giving Elozonam any coin and told him she only got love for him. She practically ignored Tacha.

Gedoni had 240 coins. He mentioned that he was going to share his coins amongst 2 housemates. He gave 140 to Khafi and another 100 for Khafi. He played a fast one on both Ebuka and the viewers.


A few minutes to the live eviction show, Biggie froze the housemates. The doors opened and Jidenna accompanied by Ebuka made their way into the house and toured it while the housemates were still “frozen”. The housemates were thrilled and really couldn’t keep still even in their frozen state. After the tour, Jidenna and Ebuka left the house without the housemates having any form of interaction with him.


Ebuka asked Ike for the reason for his save and replace decision and he said that he saved Omashola because they had common interests and whether Omashola knew it or not, he’s part of the reason he is still in the house. He said he replaced Cindy with Omashola because she was the least person he had connected with in the house. 

Esther was the first housemate to be evicted on Sunday night. On her successive winnings, Khafi told Ebuka that Gedoni’s leaving made her more determined to give her everything because she could leave anytime. Ebuka asked Mike on the gossip session on Frodd that he had with some housemates in the past week and Mike’s reply was that Frodd was quick to instigate fights and used his emotions as a defense for such acts. Ebuka asked Mike if he had ever told Frodd about this behavior and Mike’s reply was that he’s always told him and his reaction was always more emotional defense.

For her eviction interview, Ebuka asked Esther what her relationship with Nelson was and she said Nelson is her guy. When asked about Frodd and the reason she got more cordial with him after Nelson was evicted, she went mute for a while before saying that he’s an amazing person and she got to know him better. In her words, “Frodd is sweet”. When asked who she was going to go for, she also went mute.LOL

 Her highest moments were wining HOH twice and being the first female HOH. Her lowest moments was when the groups she found herself in kept losing. She was asked again who she was going to go for outside the house and she said that was to be discovered. On what next after the house, she said she’s going to explore entertainment, acting in particular. Her predictions were that either Frodd or Sir Dee would be the winner of the PepperDem season.

Sir Dee was evicted next. Diane broke down and cried profusely. Tacha was very shocked and sad and Sir Dee was the first evicted housemate she hugged. He was asked if he felt anything for Tacha and he said she was too hot to have feelings for and he didn’t want to play with Fire. He was asked if he caught feelings for anyone in the house and he said no because his babe outside the house is very hot. He also said it was just the Kaduna connection he had with Diane and nothing more. Learning the extent to which he could push himself was the highest point for him. He said having to relate with Frodd was the biggest test he had in the house. 

He also said Mike was a big test as he tries to hit you where it hurts but goes about it in a playful way. He was asked if he was going to go back to his banking job and he said that he didn’t know. He said he would continue with graphics as he’s a graphics designer and also explore the entertainment industry. When asked who he thought would win, he mentioned Omashola.

Ebuka returned to the house to speak with the housemates. Frodd was asked why he broke down the way he did and he said it was because he was shocked Esther was called immediately they were called into the lounge to sit for the live eviction show and he didn’t see it coming. He said Esther already spoke to him and he was going to be strong for her. 

For the rest of the house, he said they should keep ganging up but he’ll get realer with them. He also said that if they had anything to say, it should be said to his face and they should stop backbiting. When asked the reason why she was in tears, Diane said that it was because two of her friends left. She was asked if she would rather be evicted and she said no.

 Ebuka asked Elozonam why he wasn’t comforting Diane and he said he was going to do so after the live eviction show. When asked what his relationship with Diane was, he said Diane and him are very good friends. Ebuka said he saw some dry humping and Elozonam and he said there was nothing of such. He asked Cindy how her waist was from the Sumo fall and she said she was okay. He advised the housemates to stay consistent. He also told them that the most important thing is that they are counted at the end of the season so they should stay strong.


Cindy said she’s forgiven Ike for the swap. Ike said he knew she was strong as the cheers from the crowd indicated same. Cindy however tells Venita that if she ever wins the Veto Power, she was going to put Ike up.


Mercy said she was going to be the winner of the BBNaija PepperDem season and Ike told her to be careful as that’s what those that had been evicted said. She said none of the evictees mentioned that and she repeated that she was going to win. She repeated what she said during the fight that if she’s in, Ike can’t win 60 million and that if she leaves, he will win. She asked if he’ll give her 15 million if he wins and he said he’ll give it to her mother.


The housemates heard the main door bell ring and Khafi thought it was an evicted housemate coming back in. Jidenna came back into the house with a cake. He admonished the housemates. Mike and Khafi were the greatest marketers as they didn’t fail in introducing their brand to Jidenna. Mike event went as far as giving Jidenna a cigar.


After Jidenna had left the house, Mercy spoke with Elozonam about his feelings for Diane. She told him to tell Diane how he truly felt if he indeed cared for her and liked her. Elozonam said that he likes her but finds it hard to trust her feelings for him because he treats him as the least important person to her in the house. Also, he said that Diane relationship with him appeared transactional to him because she always asked for coins in return for anything she did for him. He said he was going to take it slowly and what they had in the house was going to be a build to anything they might want to start outside the house.


After the talk, Elozonam and Diane spoke with themselves about their “relationship”. Diane said she was upset about the coin saga earlier and also because he brought a 3rd party into their relationship, seeing that he was the one that said 3rd parties shouldn’t be involved in their relationship. Diane said it’s the best they up their game in the house, have fun and that when they got out of the house, they could know what next. Elozonam said that was fine by him. Diane however kept talking about a certain someone that she has outside of the house.


  1. All the best to Esther and Sir Dee

    I have come to know that, the more times you are hope for eviction, the more your fan base grows.
    Those that hides ehn, Just like Bally then, once you are up Na home straight.

    I could feel Khafi's joy and happiness yesterday when she saw gedoni on the screen. And gedoni has changed his top 3.....Mike, Khafi and Mercy.

    1. Gedoni is a foolish boy. He must've changed it after seeing te bashing online.

    2. Pls which peeps were on his top 3 list before??

    3. He never changed his top 3 he only added khafi to the mix

  2. Women please run away from a man like Gedoni pls, the way i fear that guy ehhh, Khafi will end up feeding, housing and doing all sort for him when she out and he will be sleeping and slowing around Mshewww.. 240 coins for her my foot

    1. If he had more time in the house and Venita had allowed him, he would have messed with her too, who it appears is more his type while still stringing Khaffi along. Well it is up to Khaffi to have sense or not. Will Esther reunite with Nelson? Anyway I assume all these peeps had lives before the house and their vista will be open outside the house.

  3. Mercy confession yesterday hmmmmmmmm are you guyz thinking what i am thinking ­čĄÉ

    1. I watched it wellwell around 1am
      Wasn't surprised she's a graduate of IMSU. Why are all of them runs girls though?
      Her gist on a married man she was dating in school but didn't know, how she insisted on serving in abuja and how she bumped into him and his family, teenage kids, wife et all.
      Haaaa haaaa the gist made sense. Mercy has lived a certain life take away one thing from sha o all her talks last night, she has a good heart.
      She will win.

      Lily speak your mind, why scare?

    2. 'Prince' with four kids abi? Now i believe her hoeing stories. Later her fans will call her 'decent' and be crying about omatshola pressing her yansh like soaked Agege bread when mercy is very pleased and isn't complaining. Shior!

    3. You will think and think and get tired of thinking Mshewwwwww

    4. Very stupid ass babe she confirm that she is a runs babe, idiot mother fucker, side hen to a married man, bleached fake ass

    5. Tell us what you are thinking joor.

    6. I don't understand you people up there? abi didn't you guys here when the man lied that he wasnt married?

    7. @ Invincible the confession hottttttttttt
      In summary she said " i was dating a guy that was all over me, anytime i am traveling i will carry my bedspread and pillow case along, because my boyfriend will always call me to snap where i am or tell me to give my mum the phone that he want to speak with her, and whenever i come to Lagos to see him, he put me in an hotel,
      i kept on complaining he will beg me that his house is a family house that consist of his mother and siblings, because of him i almost serve in Owerri (NYSC) i had gotten the apartment but arm robbers chased me away, at dieing minutes i changed my mind to go to Abj, during my stay in Abj i had an event in Ibadan ............. "

      I don tier to type

    8. You guys are bloody liars abeg, she said she was dating someone and realised she was played when she found out he was married and he has a 17year old. The way you people twist this rubbish enh.
      Just because you don't like her. If you like say she's a prostitute that stands on the road, we will still vote for her. If she's a runs girl then that's more reasons why she needs the money to change her life. Mtcheww

    9. @lily chia! Look at the way I was reading very fast to get to the end of the gist ehn.. lol

    10. What confession are you talking about? Same one I watched?

      Where she was telling Cindy that the guy she dated 4 years ago was married and never knew?

      That the guy was such a control freak and wanted her to leave her friends, so she had to carry her bed spread and pillow whenever she's going to her friend's place?

      And the reason she didn't know the guy was married was because he said he's a crowned prince and his mom frowns at him bringing in women to his father's house. So whenever she comes visiting from school, he would lodge her in a hotel.

      And because of how controlling the guy was, he wanted her to spend her services year in Owerri until the new apartment she was going to stay was robbed .

      Then she moved to Abuja and the relationship ended. She only got to find out the guy was married months back when she bumped into him at a birthday party with his wife and kids of upto 17 years old.

      I'm sure you or your friends must have experienced worst in relationships. It's clear that most of you hating Mercy are cheap jealous runs girls.

      I hope you also heard when she said online banter doesn't translate to vote? Support your fave with your 1k votes and online banter, we will meet at the finals. Grace has found Mercy, demarket her all you want, same will be done to you at your own breakthrough point.

    11. Lilly didn't you also hear the part that she was lied to by the man? Isnt that what happens most times? Wasnt it here a poster brought a story about her married colleague so why is mercy's story different?. It's okay not to like the girl but don't try to bring her down

    12. Hahahaha so you people believed those lies. As street wise as Mercy is. She didn't know he was married. If I hear. Na today IMSU girls dey date married man.
      I am sure the so called Prince was in his early 40s. Atleast 41/42 for him to have a 17yr old child. So you see a bros like that. With plenty money join (cos I know Mercy won't date a broke ass),he travels up and down. Lodges you in different hotels,takes care of your needs and you believe he is a single guy. Say that to a baby pls.
      I can spot a married man when I see one and my eye never tear reach mercy. I can't even see a very clean guy,Late 30s to 40s,rich and expect him to be single. In my mind I will know this is a bros and he probably has a family somewhere. It now depends on if I want to play ball or not. She should not lie please.

    13. @ Anno 12*17 thanks for typing
      @ anno 12*47 bring who down u must be high, i was just trying to figure out as wise as mercy is, a guy that have a child that's almost an adult fooled her, that guy should be close to 40 or more, a guy that was so domineering and didn't take her to his apartment and always find quarrel anytime he want to go and see his family in d abroad should be enough sign.

      So shuhhhhh ok, everything hate hate tuehhhhh

  4. Elo please forget Diane, babe is a confused somebody. I didn't see Sir Dee eviction coming. So happy venita was saved, since my Lambo wasn't up, i voted for her

  5. I loved Mike's response to Ebuke,very apt!
    Crying Diane kikiki....should we tell her?
    Ike dash Mercy 15M?not in this life or the one to come. That guy isn't foolish the way some ppl 'think' he is. Igbo man with better sense. If tables were turned,wld mercy give him the 15M? bullshit!

  6. Btw Stella,sir dee isn't the first evicted housemate Tacha has hugged. She also hugged Gedoni.
    Ebuka said Esther's was the most quiet interview he's ever had. Gosh!
    Boring in the house,boring on stage. Girl bye!

  7. Thank u stella for the update. I have missed like one month viewing.

  8. I never expected that Sir Dee will be voted out. Life goes on.

    Eli, please face your front ant leave Diane alone. That babe doesn't know what she wants.

    Frodd should know that Esther was just using him. She couldn't even say much when she was being interviewed yesterday. Na them sabi.

  9. Thanks for the update but Sir dee confirmed before Ebuka that he has no girlfriend outside the house. Khafi was all over Jiddenna yesterday , I wonder the product she is selling?. Elo was not sure about Diane's love because of the way she gives Sirdee attention more than him and dropping hints about someone outside. Mercy and Ike plays a lot and throws jabs at each other, I wonder why viewers always take their jabs seriously. Mercy told Ike that she will ensure that he did not get a strike on Saturday night. Merike are my favourites in the house.

    1. Elo likes Diane but not as much as he likes Tacha. SeyCha are not on talking terms, gbam, unku Elo is using the fact that Diane cares about others than him against Diane.

  10. Whoever that is compiling this gist is doing a good job but please, always indicate when Housemates make playful/joke comments.

    Mercy and Cindy's comments were jokes.

    With the way you wrote it, people might see Cindy as revengeful and Mercy as proud.

    Pls don't mislead those that aint watching. Thank you.

  11. I love love Jidenna.
    And he flowed so well with all the house mates. Khafi,Mike and Venita really made him feel at home. I almost sensed an attraction when he said he liked Khafi's accent. She's such a sweet girl,the way she ushered him round and offered him a drink.

  12. Diane is not a very smart girl. I guess it's her age though.
    You complain that you aren't sure if Elo is serious with you. But same you told Elo you have a love interest outside. Who the hell gocks themselves over a love interest. You are not even dating the guy outside and you are limiting yourself and trying to be faithful.
    Elo as a sharp guy is already using that point against you. You shld have kept quiet and played out both sides. Then pick whichever favours you.
    Elo shld just leave her. He's 33 and needs a WOMAN and not a girl.

  13. mercy told ike she's used to dating sugar daddies when ike told her about his ex gfrd and sugar Daddies, why are her fans trying to defend her when she said it with her own mouth nawao and by the way not everyone is a runs girl like u anonymous 12:17

    1. don't mind her. how can she say she didn't know the prince was married.
      how many grown men of the calibre have you seen before that wont have family somewhere. They may just be outside the country. but he will have.
      is there big deal in dating married men ?

    2. I'm Anony 12:17

      And I can proudly tell you I'm not a runs girl. I'm not just a judgemental person and love people irrespective of what people think about them.

      As long as you're a sinner, you're no different from a runs girl but we all have our own struggles and deserve love.

      I personally have a special likeness for people who need special care. Does that make me disable? No.

      I'm self-made, self-developed digital marketer and Brand developer and works on Fiverr and Upwork. I'm also into eBay & Amazon Procurement and Logistics from USA to Naija.

      You see, I'm even richer than your runs girls gaan. Haq haq haq

      Information is POWER.

  14. Enter your comment...mike my boss, vote for he please


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