Stella Dimoko Boredom Eliminating Post


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Sunday, September 22, 2019

Boredom Eliminating Post

One stroke


  1. Replies
    1. I will not stop lashing. No need to count.

    2. I am lucky. No man's broken my heart before.

    3. Me hiding under the duvet so my children think I'm asleep, only for me to read these 2 comments πŸ‘†πŸΎ and I burst into lafta πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.
      OMG and the children ran in here with joy. No rest for me this evening 😏🀷🏾‍♀️

    4. Till he stops breathing

    5. Can't waste my energy. He'll have an experience that'd flog him for me.

  2. No lashes. He should carry his wahala and go.

  3. lashing him will not make me feel better.

    1. If I catch you Sunday. E, you wont survive it.
      I won’t use cane o. Na iron.
      Anu ahia na nsukka.

  4. 100 strokes... πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ he deserves it for playing football with my innocent heart!

  5. I just want to keep him under me forever.

  6. No man ever broke my heart.

    But make I ask my ajuju n' ese okwu o 😊😊
    Why don't my Sisis give their hearts to Jesus first?
    Ahaaaaaaaaaa,eternal life secured. And after that one, he go lead them to "his man," the one, he has for them that will not break their hearts so
    that they will give that man their hearts for marriage? No stealing of forks o 😊
    Doesn't it make sense?
    It does
    Ajuju azaaa
    Welcome to life in abundance!

    1. I didnt have sex with mine but the marriage kaput in less than a year.

      There is indeed no manual for marriage. Even virtuous sister experience or or two hiccup

    2. OK oooo, uve said it all. Marriage is like coconut πŸ₯₯, you don't know what ure buying. Even after buying and it's white, you still experience a lot during the jou. It doesn't come with manual oooo, lai lai.. I've been married for 15 years and it's patience, hard work, understanding and God.
      Wishing you healing OK ooo, but how come you guys got married and never had sex at all? That's strange 🀷🏾‍♀️

    3. ANG

      In a bid to preach the gospel you presentation leaves a sour taste

      You really need to tone it down

      The gospel and it's power empathises with other people's situations and circumstances

      You come off as shielded myopic and inexperienced with your brand of presentation of the Gospel

      Listen! Virgins have broken homes and failed marriages

      Folks that have given their heart to Jesus have broken homes too

      Pastors are promiscuous and sexually deviant

      you make it look like once people become born again their lives are perfect!

      if yours has been perfect have some empathy towards others

      Your oh-i-am born again so everything is perfect brand of Christianity is soo oooo irritating

      You sound like the modern day pharisee

      Even the crappie stuff you harp on fornication adultery etc...though God don't like these where in your pharasitic-self-righteous brain havery you also thought to mention that RAHAB the prostitute was a great grandma of Jesus?

      Lord knows you need an encounter and experience to change you

      Your self serving holier than thou ...I'm better than you all persona is verrrry irritating

      You honestly need to take a chill pill sister!

      Jiri yards nwayo!

    4. @mu nwa, very irritating and very ignorant.

      They would say I am hating but she's exactly the type of person that would turn me to an atheist.

      You are a terrible Christian!

    5. Ahaaaaaaaaa Ndi uta 🏹🏹🏹 agbabago
      @Ok ooo.
      there is a manual for marriage and life in general. It is called the Holy Bible
      @Mu nwa kwulu ya
      "Shielded, myopic and inexperienced...?" Wawu! 😯😯😯😯😯
      All these for telling my friends Naija Sisis to give their lives to Christ first?
      I have never seen you attack anybody that snatch or shoot off with such vitriol?
      Okay, "Pastors" are promiscuous, really; and you call them pastors?
      Nne, Satan's minsters masquerades as ministers of righteousness...2 Cor. 11:15
      Christians have broken homes, really? It does not change the fact that, God hates divorce Malachi 2:16
      Christians also have good, lovely and peaceful homes, a gift from the Lord and that is my own testimony.
      Please I do not need your approval to share it inugo?
      You (as doctor/Pharmacist) prescribed "chill pill" without dispensing it?

      Okay, since you wanted "gospel with empathy", see if this is what you mean?

      gospel with empathy, gospel with empathy, gospel with empathy, gospel with empathy
      gospel with empathy, gospel with empathy, gospel with empathy, gospel with empathy
      gospel with empathy, gospel with empathy, gospel with empathy, gospel with empathy
      gospel with empathy, gospel with empathy, gospel with empathy, gospel with empathy

      Is that what you mean?

    6. I can tell you that idiot has turned a lot of people from God. She is an agent of the devil. She is on a mission here and some people will be hyping it.

    7. @Mu Nwa
      I love you so much, this is what I’ve been trying to voice to her but she ignorantly called me an arrow shooter (whatever the heck that means)
      She thinks she is a Christian but oh how wrong she is, she is nothing like the Christ I know in actions and in words
      She’s nothing but a sanctimonious, self righteous and judgmental woman who is deluded into thinking she knows Jesus
      I once told her that I wish she’d truly get to know who Jesus is- the one who came for the sinners, to love them and save them- the same people she pours so much disgust on claiming she’s advising them
      When Jesus met the prostitue that was about to be stoned by the Jewish leaders, he never judged her. He never condemned her. He never mentioned her past nor what she had been doing, he didn’t call her any names.
      O dikwa egwu. Ezigbote modern day Pharisees
      I just wish people would ignore her and her vile rants henceforth because she would never understand the folly in her actions.
      I wish her all the best sha

    8. @Olivia
      Thanks abundantly for the insults.

    9. Lol @ANG
      You shoulda just sat this one out. Mu nwa spoke the truth, your reply makes no sense whatsoever and you're just showing your emptiness and ignorance. Why don't you focus on preaching love instead of condemnation? I understand your passion for christ but sis you're just going about your envagelism the wrong way. peace unto you.

    10. Okay oooooooooooooooooooooo!
      Thanks to all of you for your insults and I apologise as I did not intend to hurt anybody by airing my opinion
      albeit with "joke".
      Biko make una gbaghara -forgive.
      All I can tell my sisters is this
      SEEK GOOD, HIS WORD, LOVE JESUS AND NOT PASTORS (who are promiscuous like you mentioned)
      Biko, Do NOT DEPEND ON MEN BUT ON GOD AND HIS WORD. If a "brother or sister" failed you,
      Jesus has not failed you. Jesus died for you and not that brother or sister.
      πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ I accept all the names and insults in good faith unu anugo?
      Thank you all ooooooooooooooooooooo!

    11. Biko I empathize with all of you for whatever happened to your hearts that were broken.
      I do not wish that your hearts remain broken. May Jesus heal your broken hearts. Amen!Amen!
      And if you are restraining from giving your heart to the Lord to heal it, biko -please, give him
      your heart to heal -Amen! Amen!
      Let me also remark that my DH just reminded me (I told him about all these anyway) that some of you may have experienced heartbreaks from
      so called "brothers/pastors". Please forgive them and heal (still from him).
      May God grant you in times to come all the discernment and steadfastness to know those fake
      "pastors/brothers" so that you avoid them on time...
      Amen! Amen! 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 May the Lord grant you the steadfastness to study the Scriptures
      and depend on him and not on any man. (I do not have a 'pastor" presently -apart from my DH. Maybe that is why I do not really initially appreciate the depth of heartbreaks that may have happened to some of my friends here). I have been disappointed by a "pastor/wife's character" toward
      the poor in the church like I have said here before. All I have is my Scriptures and Jesus.

    12. No vitrol

      No attacks

      No negativity towards you ANG

      Im a faceless person who may have told you what noone has the balls to say to you in real life

      Iwe ewenagi!

      O kwa n'ifunanya

    13. You are welcome ANG!

      You and your husband tho. Discussing blog posts.

      Peace be unto you!

    14. Mu nwa kwulu ya, I love you

  7. 3 short lashes of his dick..

  8. to be honest i will give him 79 strokes and the only reason i am not making it 80 is because i am a child of God now.

  9. 730 strokes. 1 for each day for the 2 years i wasted on him. 😊😊😊

    1. Mine was 6 quality months of my life. Months ooo but that experience cost me several years of my life.

      Yet to recover

    2. You will recover, darling. That's your font name right there..Keep
      ya head up 😘😘😘

    3. Hmmmmm, may God heal you vindicated πŸ€—

    4. Mine was 5 wasted years. I am not yet recovered. I should not just be given this kind of opportunity.
      Sunday from Nsukka, I should not catch you o.

    5. @anon 21:47 I am from Nsukka o. I want mek you vent out all you bitterness

    6. anon 00.58 I married an Nsukka man

      in my next world it will never happen again

      your menfolk are die hard womanizers ...the worst part is the wantonesss is cultural

  10. Have never had my heart broken. The separation was a mutual agreement, so "no stroke".

  11. No man has ever broken my heart

  12. No physical lash at all oo. I was convinced in my heart that he would regret his actions and remain hunted by them no matter how long.

    Years later, he's back to ask for forgiveness. Na now the lashing start albeit nonphysical.
    He has been dancing to the beats the played years ago.

    I laugh in Swahili....
    I won't hurt you and by God, don't hurt me ooooooo.

  13. ..Kai the idiot deserves 500 stroke 100 for each year he made me waste ... make I just pity am

  14. There are not enough canes for me to flog him with so it was better for him to carry his wahala and go. God has already flogged him after 20 years of numerous failures, 4 ex wives and 2 baby mamas.

    1. Damn!
      His cane was dipped in hot pepper.

    2. That is not even the half of it. God is a God that heals and vindicates though it may tarry. Sadly, such people often cause irreparable damage but God can recompense.

  15. Me non, i would gladly hug him, not to sound cliche if he hadn't messed up, i would have ended up marrying him and getting disrespected by him like what he doing to his wife now.and am happily married to my not so perfect husband but the best husband in the world. So thank you James.

  16. I have no business with flogging him.
    I learnt my lessons the hardest way, I am good and have moved on.
    I wish him the best, he is the one living with his conscience.l not me 🀷🏿‍♀️

  17. I will not lash him. I was too naive. It’s him and his conscience

  18. Well i will waste your time and move on. If i cant ghost out on you... I will just tell you i am leaving you.

    My husband died when i was 26yrs leaving me with 2 kids. I almost clapped him to wake up from dead during his burial. I was a mad woman. The hate i have for him ehn!!! Leaving me with 2 children to cater to. All the love i had for him died with him. So i realized anybody can leave anyone without a word... You owe nothing to anyone but yourself... My kids are invincible.. ( boarding house) so its just me... 31yrs like nothing happened.

    My work.. My kids.. Then my pussy appointment. No heartbreaks,no strokes no time wasted.

    1. Please can you enlighten me on this pussy appointment?
      This is one of my greatest fears, me raising my kids alone.

    2. Sorry Dear it's well with you. Pls can you share your experience so that i (we) can learn.

      The most Complex

    3. So you are 57 years old @ unknown?

    4. Exactly the nightmare i am living in right now, I am left with two children to take care of, I would have felt better if he was dead ( the father of my children) but the bastard is still alive living his life with the excuse of having a spiritual mental problem. I get furious whenever his name is mentioned because this life of a single parent he has forced on me is not easy, but i thank God for His grace. Hmmmm help me Lord

  19. So cheating on ur wife is now a crime. Ogaoooo

  20. I know a friend who says she wasn’t broken hearted but deceived and toiled with by a stupid useless old idiot whose name is Alex Carovin on FB, ladies beware of him, na cheap gold digger, he is so useless that he is looking for ladies who will feed him, abeg run for ur dear life, he used to stay in agric bus stop ikorodu, na real shameless man and maybe a rapist

  21. Nothing to Lash..I only wish his next victim best of lucky...Its his loss

  22. I will make sure his buttocks never sits till d end of time


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