Stella Dimoko Cultist Vomits ‘Live Demon’ In TB Joshua’s Church


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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Cultist Vomits ‘Live Demon’ In TB Joshua’s Church

A shocking video has emerged on YouTube showing a young Nigerian vomiting three ‘demonic cowries’ during a church service presided over by prominent cleric TB Joshua.

The man, who identified himself as Desmond from Kogi State, Nigeria, subsequently admitted his involvement in a ‘secret cult’ and gave a sordid confession of his nefarious activities.

The clip shows the cultist drinking ‘Living Water’ prayed over by Joshua and subsequently clutching his stomach and vomiting uncontrollably.

Amidst the sputum lies three ‘cowries’ – small white sea-shells – which are known to be major components of ‘witchcraft charms’ and used for divination by traditional ‘witchdoctors’ in West Africa.

“These are the powers I was given – to kill and destroy,”Desmond admits, soaked in sweat and clearly overwhelmed at what had just transpired.

The clip then skips forward to the Kogi-indigene’s subsequent testimony in The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) where he exposes chilling details of his past life of crime and sorcery.

“I was 14 years old when I was initiated into a secret cult,” he began, revealing a friend deceived him to join after he was intoxicated with alcohol.

As Desmond grew, so did his wild nature and involvement in delinquency.

“This power would lead me to fight, destroy things, kill and steal – I enjoyed destroying people. We fought each other in the cult over women – using guns, cutlasses, axes. People used us and hired us to carry out evil,” he explained.

Desmond rose to the rank of second-in-command in his own fraternity and began frequenting ‘witch-doctors’ to seek ‘devilish powers’ for protection.

“The charm with these cowries involved a sacrifice for seven days,” he divulged, adding that the ‘spiritualist’ commanded the objects into his body and he didn’t swallow them.

“This cowry is a spirit that directs me – just like a human being… Whenever it said something to me, I would act immediately,” he claimed.

Subsequently, whenever the young man sensed danger – signified by excessive heat within his chest – he would repeat a ‘Yoruba incantation’ and then ‘disappear’.

“I have disappeared and found myself on a tree, in a river or in a market. I would be seeing people but they wouldn’t see me,” he astonishingly claimed, insisting he would be ‘in the spirit’ and temporarily ‘leave the world’.

Desmond asserted he was shot several times ‘during elections’ but the bullets did not penetrate his body, also adding that financial gains from his ‘operations’ were soon squandered.

“We were given a lot of money, a lot of millions to carry out operations – I smoked with it, took drugs, went to clubs and carried prostitutes,” he confessed.

Revealing what led him to seek help in TB Joshua’s church, Desmond revealed his nights were plagued by terrible nightmares.

“Whenever I slept, the people I harmed would come and appear to me in the dream and chase me around,” he said, as foreboding of his impending demise grew steadily stronger.

Entering TB Joshua’s popular Lagos-based church, Desmond said he ‘felt fire’ and began asking God to ‘have mercy’ on him.

“Immediately I drank the Living Water, I felt something running in my stomach. The power that I received was greater than the one in me and I vomited the three cowries,” he candidly revealed.

Ever since the ‘demonic deposits’ came out, Desmond revealed ‘the urge for destruction’ had disappeared and he was sleeping well for the first time since his initiation.

“A lot of prophets tried to deliver me but they couldn’t,” he admitted. “I can see there is power – the power of God is here… My advice to youth out there - there is nothing you gain in a secret cult. You will just waste and destroy your life.”

Desmond’s shocking confession comes on the heels of another cultist making headlines in Nigeria for the cold-blooded killing of multiple women in Port Harcourt.

Gracious David West admitted to murdering 15 women because of ‘the urge to kill’, adding he had unsuccessfully sought deliverance in several churches.

Watch th Video HERE

Written by Ihechukwu Njoku, a freelance Nigerian journalist


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    1. That Girl πŸ‘§26 September 2019 at 23:41

      Stella, pls stop accepting to post things for that man! He’s evil!!!!!!

  2. Really pity people who run to this man not knowing that they are getting more demons into their lives.
    have you seen the video of the Indian who got possessed after this man "anointed her with oil?'

    1. All these na wash! Fake miracle!

  3. So strange!!! Things we see with the eyes are so shocking.

  4. Most of the agberos you see today in Lagos have cowries in their stomach. They make them to drink blood too before joining these agberos.

    Since one vomited cowries and blood together, I always look at the agberos with clear eyes.

    They are all into cult.

  5. Stage managed
    Type Evangelist evangelist bisola hephzibah theresa johnson on youtube.
    That woman is TB Joshua's black box!

  6. Las las, na God get power pass.

    Thank God for deliverance.

  7. Some pastors are there too. They cannot control the urge to have sexy with anyone when that thing comes. Some can’t stop eating. The first picture of food that enters their mind, oya zoom to the location and they eat for 10people at once! Choi!!! Things we hear in church!!!!

  8. I hope he will be handed over to the police after this confessions.

  9. I hope he will be handed over to the police after this confessions.

  10. Story story, story
    The more you look the less you see.

  11. OK.


    Lemme come and be going πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ

  12. I would believe this shit if he had vomited a conch shell.


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