Stella Dimoko Edo Gov.Obaseki Threatened By Militant Group


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Friday, September 20, 2019

Edo Gov.Obaseki Threatened By Militant Group

A new militant group in Edo state known as the NDF has threatened governor Obaseki to create development centers in the five Ijaw kingdom and a Riverine Development Agency (RDA) or face total war. 

They also required the governor to give Ijaw monarchs staff of office and appoint Ijaw indigenes as commissioners.

The spokesperson of the group known as 'captain Osama Osama' said the Ijaw indigenes have been marginalized since the creation of the state.
They called for their schools to be built, equipped with teaching aids and qualified teachers.

They noted that the governor would be held responsible for their rash actions when they set the entire state on fire if their needs are not met.

Culled from
The Vanguard


  1. Since when has the Ijaw people become part of Edo State?

    If people from Agbor are talking I will listen, but not Ijaw people.

    Edo state is the only diverse State in Nigeria.

    1. Ms.A I hope you know there are Ijaws in Ondo state? A little Google search will show you that. Let me drop this for you according to Wikipedia. "Ijaw people (also known by the subgroups "Ijo" or "Izon") are people in Niger Delta in Nigeria, inhabiting regions of the states of Ondo, Bayelsa, Delta, Edo, and Rivers State. Many are found as migrant fishermen in camps as far west as Sierra Leone and as far east as Gabon."

      Do you also know that Ondo state could be classified as part of Niger Delta?

    2. There are Ijaw people in Ondo State, yeah.... Please, can you tell me what part the Ijaw people are occupying in Edo state?

      Wikipedia should also be able to have shown you that, right?

      Stop classifying Teejay, this is not a Biafra and Kanu the coward issue.

    3. Ms.A, You asked for the part the Ijaws are occupying in Edo state right? Now look at it; Okomu, Egbema Olodiama, Furupagha, and Gbanraun clans in Edo state.

    4. They are in gelegele, ekehuan also. The governor's wife is from Gelegele, an ijaw inhabited community in Edo state .

    5. They are in gelegele, ekehuan also. The governor's wife is from Gelegele, an ijaw inhabited community in Edo state .

    6. I am yet to see Ms A. rejoinder. I will take it that she have come to terms with my submission.

      Thanks HRH on your input as well.

  2. Are they not part of Delta state?

  3. Wetin concern Ijaw with Edo? Shebi una say na Delta una be. Oshiomole we see your handiwork o

  4. Na from clap dem dey enter dance. They better work out their differences this early, before it becomes more serious and they are tagged a terrorist organization.

  5. What is Osama Osama for a name? Don't be a coward. If you want to agitate, be bold with your identity and don't hide under women skirt. I bet you, there's a conspiracy ongoing in Edo state.

  6. they better act fast o cos they lack virtually everything in those hose communities.


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