Stella Dimoko Former Gov Rochas,His Wife,Daughter To Forfeit Properties To EFCC


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Thursday, September 05, 2019

Former Gov Rochas,His Wife,Daughter To Forfeit Properties To EFCC

Nigeria’s leading anti-graft agency, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) on Wednesday, revealed that it has obtained orders for the interim forfeiture of assets traced to   former Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha, and his wife.

The Head, Enugu Zonal Office of the commission, Usman Imam, made this known in Enugu while briefing reporters on the activities of the commission in the last eight months.

Imam said that the commission also obtained a similar order on a property traced to a former aide to Okorocha, Paschal Obi, and the former governor’s daughter.

According to him, the commission had established prima facie cases against the suspects which they would answer to.

Imam said that the commission would like to know how the Rochas Foundation and other accomplices acquired and or converted some of the property for personal use.

He listed some of the property to include a 16-block cum 96 flats and an eight-bungalow multimillion naira estate, hotel, two schools, shopping plaza, supermarket, hospital, and four vehicles.

The EFCC chief said that while the hospital was traced to Obi, the remaining property were traced to the former governor and his family, including his wife and daughter.

Imam said that all the facilities, including the schools, would remain functional as the commission would not like to shut them down for the sake of the students and other users.


  1. Instead of you people should concentrate on dealing with south African you guys want to use this story to distract all of us. Mtcheeeew

    1. Shut up! You idiot. What concerns EFCC with xenophobia attack in South Africa. It is this same sleazy politicians that have succeeded in making the country unbearable for it citizens, hence the mass exoduce in search of greener pasture. They should be dealt with ruthlessly.

    2. Very good. Well done EFCc. Now zero in on that arrogant Amosun!!!! Thanks

  2. only them,how then will the country progress

  3. Did l just read 96 flats?? As in 96 apartments??
    The way our Governors and Ogas at the top steal and use public funds for their personal use is very baffling. They refuse to pay workers their wages for months and don’t give a damn about workers and pensioners welfare. If these guys were Chinese, they would have been killed for corruption. What a shame. People run for office now not to improve the lot of the people but to further enrich their pockets. Greedy fools.!!

    1. I tell you! Very greedy and conscienceless people.
      Okorocha is just a very big disappointment. His own scam entered well well 😡

  4. GANDOLLar next!

    if not oku eligwe ga agbagbu EFCC

    Rochas ntooo

    1. I’m waiting to see what Nigeria will do to that gandollar. All this selective fight against corruption is nothing

  5. What will EFCC do with the recovered properties?

  6. I'm a bit confused here. I knew for a fact that okorocha was very rich even before he became governor with his numerous biz, foundation and his free education schools so why are they sounding as if he suddenly acquired all his wealth as a governor?
    I'm not saying that he and his aides didn't cut from the national fact I'm yet to see any Nigerian leader whose hands, mouths and bank accounts are not tainted with stolen money.
    In all fairness, whatever he had before he became the governor should be left alone and deal with him based on the years he stayed there and did nothing for the state and prosecute him to the last kobo he misappropriated.

    1. I bet nothing will ever come out of all the noise EFCC is making. No be APC? Have you seen any of their members being prosecuted? They're just identical plumages. I stopped taking EFCC seriously under this govt. They never account for recovered loots. PLANTED TO WITCH HUNT AND YO SHARE LOOT AMONG THEMSELVES!
      Anayo, Izugbuola onwe gi. Emere unu anya ahughi ego?

    2. Yes, he enriched himself with billions from United Nations given to his scam foundation to provide schools with quality education for the impoverished Nigerians in the North. He coveted everything to himself claiming a philanthropist.

    3. That means he diverted the funds to his personal use. One day, the poor will have nothing to eat but the rich. Bunch of thieves.

    4. Please don't be confused.
      Rochas is a thief!!!
      He robbed Imo State blind.

  7. @ Ralu m, you obviously do not know Rochas. His philanthropy from the onset was part of the grand scam that launched his political career.

    Unfortunately Nigeria does not have strong institutions that punish such heinous crimes and acts of corruption by political leaders and public office-holders.
    The law comes hard only on the poor exploited masses.


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