Stella Dimoko NCAC Director Reportedly Says Cross Dresser Idris Okuneye Is Worse Than Ebola...


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Sunday, September 29, 2019

NCAC Director Reportedly Says Cross Dresser Idris Okuneye Is Worse Than Ebola...

Chief Olusegun Runsewe, Director General, National Council for Arts and Culture (NCAC), on Saturday has bombed Nigerian cross-dresser, Idris Okuneye, saying his impact on society is worse than Ebola’s, the deadly virus that killed thousands in West Africa a few years ago.

Runsewe, s cultural sheriff of some sort for the Federal Government said Bobrisky, arguably the only well known closet queen in Nigeria, poses serious hazards to Nigerian youths.

Runsewe said if Bobrisky’s activities were not promptly curtailed, the resultant effect would be worse than Ebola outbreak.

He said Nigerian youths deserved to be protected from imitating imitating the crossdresser, who said he had changed his sex, from male to female.

Runsewe urged Nigerian youths to stop imitating Bobrisky, by remaining responsible and good ambassadors of the nation.

”Bobrisky is a national disaster, an embarrassment to the country, engaging in cultural corruption as a cross-dresser and we have to start to curtail his activities before it gets out of hand

”We will not allow Bobrisky to destroy the future of our youths and the unborn Nigerians,” he said.

Runsewe said that when the cross-dresser’s birthday was halted in Lekki, Lagos by the police recently, it was revealed that he had been training some Nigerian youths to toe the same line with him.

He said immediately the cross dresser’s party was halted a good number of the boys he was training left him. “So that was an achievement”, he said.

According to him, Bobrisky’s activities negate the culture and tradition of the nation and he could be excused to go to other climes where such culture of being a cross-gender would be tolerated.

Runsewe urged parents to guide their wards not to emulate Bobrisky but take after responsible celebrities in the society.
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  1. POSE.. bobrisky reminds me of that series on netflix.. Men.. ratchet kings.. lol.. the only difference was class,nuance..poise.. you know.. those cool adjectives..rebels true to the struggle; whatever it is.. not hustlers like bobrisky.. I dont fault his hustle to survive but like someone about the money only he has nothing else to offer(apart from his behind tho..)
    In other news, yall realise how right caplocs insertion makes your sentence refulgent and eye catching..?

    1. Bobrisky I know you come on this blog to read comments so I will give you a good advice. Get a visiting Visa to UK, Canada or USA when you get into the UK after immigration border has cleared you and you have left the airport to where you decide to stay. Apply for Assylum and I can guarantee you that you will get it straight away no hastle.
      All the UKBA needs to do is search for you on Google and they will find all these 🤷🏾‍♀️

    2. So you ain't aware Bobo can't go to UK for next 9yrs, he can apply for other countries. Shim was deported last year

  2. Please can oga Runsewe tell us the source of this his beef with BobRisky? It doesn't seem normal to me anymore. Seems like they're dragging over something

  3. Bob Risky's village people have started again. They will soon push him to talk about rolling with the bosses of Runsewe. Some may say he will have enough sense not to do it again but one cannot be to sure, seeing as it's Bob Risky... I mean he might even recruit Tonto Dikeh to shade Runsewe on his behalf.

  4. Theres sonething obviously wrong with that NCAC director, his attack on Bobrisky now speaks more of gis character than the Bob.

  5. This man should leave Bob alone it by force?he's not interested in u.

  6. So who influenced Bobrisky if the culture was so pure before he came along? I do not support cross dressing, but I have never heard this person speak of pedophiles, murderers, ritualists, human body part sellers in the same manner. There are ppl in the society who pose a direct risk to the mental, physical and emotional health of the population, but this cross dresser is worse than ebola of all things. Imagine a pedophile gets a higher ranking in life than a cross dresser. This world is so fckd up it's not funny.

  7. So Bobrisky and his risk is now news,Oga wehdone sir

  8. Maybe this man toasted Bobrisky and he didn't agree. He better find something more productive to do. Problem full Nigeria and his problem is Bobrisky.

  9. What's this man's obsession with Bob, I find all Bob's antics hilarious am sure others do to, that's why they don't give a damn on whatever he does.

  10. Ebola is far better than that shemale.

  11. Bobrisky is not a cross dresser he's transgender!


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