Stella Dimoko Nigerian Lady Narrates How She Almost Negotiated A 'One Chance' Business Transaction


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Friday, September 06, 2019

Nigerian Lady Narrates How She Almost Negotiated A 'One Chance' Business Transaction

Some things dont make sense until it happens to you personally....This story is a must read...

She writes....

''Good day friends.
Something happened last Sunday that made me begin to question these serial killings of women.

I came back from Service and got a call from a strange number, a female.
She said she saw my number in a Longrich Wine flier and that she will like to buy the wine.

The Entrepreneur in me thanked God that my prayers have started working and business is moving to the permanent site.

We talked about the price, but as we were talking, I was hearing a man's voice from the background, telling her what to ask and co.

She left the Wine she saw on the flier and asked about the Sanitary Pad and Panty Liner and I told her their prices.
She mentioned the hotel she was in and we agreed I will deliver to her at the reception by 5pm.

Few minutes to the time, I called her to let her know I was on my way.
She acknowledged that.

I got to the hotel reception and called her that I was downstairs.

That was when gbege started.

Lady: Come up to Room 207.
Me: Pardon?
Lady: Come up to Room 207.
Me: That wasn't the agreement. You said we will meet at the reception.
Lady: I am not dressed. Just come to the room door and I will come out and give you your money.

From the background,,,,

Male: (muffled sound) What is she saying?
Lady: (muffled sound) She hasn't agreed.

Me: Madam please dress up and come down. I will be waiting at the reception.
Lady: What is there na? I told you I am not dressed. Just use the lift.

Like say i never use lift for my life before, and should be jumping up at such privilege,,,,Kai,,,Ijeomaaaaaa!!!

Me: Well my dear, I am not dressed for coming upstairs. If you cant meet me at the reception, then, I will be on my way going.

(Muffled discussion between Male and Lady)


Lady: Is this how you treat your customers,,,bla,bla,bla.. Just come upstairs na.
Me: Do have a nice day, Ma.

Hangs up.


Wasted t.fare,,,but that one no pain me.

On my way home,, I don't know why, but the images of the dead ladies with white handkerchiefs round their necks in hotel rooms, kept flashing through my mind.

What if this is the way these victims were lured?

Just what if?

I gisted my Colleague this story yesterday and before I could say anything about my thoughts on the handkerchief saga, my Colleague said,,,,What if this is how they lure all those girls of white handkerchief to the hotel?

Please ladies, especially Entrepreneurs, lets be careful of where we meet customers to transact business and delivery.

Always insist on open places and avoid going at night.

If anything had happened, nobody would have believed I went there for genuine business...

Most people for say na ashawo business I go do.

As much as we hope on God's protection, let us also, protect ourselves, by applying caution in cases like this.

Please share - a life may be saved by this experience''.

Written by:
Princess Ijeoma Oguejiofor

*All you Ladies selling things,please be careful who calls you and whom you go to deliver goods to...if Possible,please use courier companies ......


  1. Wicked people with intention to kill her. Thank God she was smart enough and didn't trip cos of money

  2. saw this post in our group chat and was happy the woman didn't fall vitim. Please becarefuk when you are selling stuffs.

  3. Replies
    1. Please make use of them and build in the delivery charge into the cost. It's much safer and makes everything more professional. Not that in a bid to satisfy a customer one will end up in trouble.
      Even a dispatch rider will not start entering hotel rooms or compounds not to talk of inside the house. The jumia staff killing and all these hotel room own is more than enough lesson.

  4. Thank God o. Because you used your sixth sense. can you imagine< she is not dressed to come down stairs. Why not call the receptionist to send someone to pick the money if she genuinely wants to buy? Business in a hotel room, with someone you haven't met before.

  5. These are serial killers... but we keep calling them ritual killers because of ignorance and almost non existent police work in Nigeria. God help us.

    1. There's a notion that Africans hardly kill in such a strange manner except it fueled by ritualistic purpose.

  6. They've killed yet another young girl on Wednesday at GRA. I don't know what the police in Ph are doing. Thank God for your strong instincts.

  7. Nawaoooo. Things are really happening. Thank God for your safety. This is a big lesson to everyone.


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