Stella Dimoko Nigerian Mission In South Africa Gives Update On Attacks


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Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Nigerian Mission In South Africa Gives Update On Attacks

Nigerian Mission in South Africa says no Nigerian died but over 50 vehicles and other property worth millions of dollars owned by Nigerians were vandalised, burnt or stolen, in fresh attacks.

The Nigeria Consul General in Johannesburg, Mr Godwin Adama, spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in a telephone conversation from Johannesburg, on Tuesday.

Adama was reacting to the renewed xenophobic attacks on Nigerians and other foreigners in Pretoria and Johannesburg, South Africa on Aug 28 and Sept 1.

The crisis resulted to looting and burning of businesses and property belonging to foreigners and death of five people.

According to him, the situation has been tense as the attacks have been well coordinated in the various areas such as Jules Street, Jappestown, Marven, Alexandra and Turffontein.

“Several foreign owned shops were targeted but it affected Nigerians greatly; over 50 vehicles in car marts owned by Nigerians were vandalized, burnt or stolen, although few were reportedly recovered.

“As at today, the situation is calm, the only area there have been looting are the traders shops at a place called Alexandra in South Africa, where shops were looted overnight.

“This is to show you that it is not just Nigerians they have been looting, mostly foreigners that have shops and businesses in South Africa.

“These include Indians, Chinese and Pakistanis; where Indians have major malls have been locked, maybe they will open today,” he added.

He, however, said that no Nigerian was killed and that the five people that were killed died as a result of a building that was gutted by fire.

He said that most criminals seized the opportunity of the fire outbreak that occurred to loot property belonging to foreigners and as such some people were affected.

“No Nigerian has been killed, and the only thing that the criminals attacked were shops, because they may know that such shops belong to foreign nationals.

“There is a place where only two shops belonged to Nigerians out of the nine that were attacked, but there are other places where there are more Nigerian shops in Marvel or Jules Street.

“These are areas Nigerians love a lot, because we have large number of Nigerians there. So, some of the shops were burnt and even looted and they lost a lot within these areas.

“There was not attack against anybody, there was only attack on property and those property in business areas,” he said.

He said that the African National Congress (ANC) had condemned the attacks, as well as the Minister of Police Affairs, Cele Bheki, dissociating the party and government from the actions.

“They all saw the whole development as criminally related.

“The missions have also condemned it in local media, as well as in host government space and called for the protection of foreigners, including Nigerians.

“We have equally reported the development to our government at home, who are currently taking measures to respond in the interest of our bilateral relations,” Adama said



  1. The South Africans have proven to be irredeemably accursed. They will surely pay for these crimes and dastardly act against humanity. I feel being born black is truly a crime. #EndXenophobicAttacksNow#

    1. Most of them are useless, lazy, ugly in and out, brainless and very wicked. Thank God other African countries are reacting to their stupidity.These reaction is long overdue.

      When you keep treating delicate issues like this with kids gloves then it will spiral out of control. They hate Nigerians for no reason and they never hide it.

      If every single Nigerian leaves the country, they will still be useless because they are extremely lazy.

      It is nobody's fault that most of you are neverdo wells and failures. Leave Nigerians and other Africans alone. Stop taking lives that you cannot create, stop this inhumane act.

  2. If our government refuse to take action and keep saying be should be calm then I am sorry cos this sick South Africa people will never top killing our people. Is to start killing here then we all will reset our brains.

    1. How many of them can you count here and how many of us can you count in their place? Na we go lose pass. Even their giant stores here na naija be workers there.

      Is sad at this time we don't have OBJ, the weak Jonathan (according to them) or even devil himself Abacha as president. Wish we can move cows and Fulani men to South Africa. That is only when Aso rock can move fast.
      For now our brethren there should protect themselves, though hard cos embassy self don close their gates, till God makes a way for them back here. I weep for Naija.

    2. What would OBJ GEJ or even Abacha have done? Order SA citizens to be killed in reprisal? Lol. That's why the law states that: to be president, you must be 35 years and above because you must have outgrown petty matters and sentiments.

      This kinda situation requires affected countries to explore extant bilateral channels with SA to find solution.

  3. South Africa is a xenophobic country and they don't hide it..mxm.

  4. Believe this at your own perilπŸ˜’πŸ˜’

  5. I swear this man is following a script giving to him.

  6. For now, I will call them South and not Africans.

    And where were the police in all these? Of course so long as the majority involves those they hate they don’t care. I heard what their deputy whoever was talking nonsense about 80% of the resources in their land are owned by foreigners and it is not meant to be so. Another complained on twitter that because Nigerian shops are far cheaper than what the South shops sell, they are jealous. Are you kidding me?

    Why would you be jealous of people making money for your country in your country?

    Infact I don’t even understand again. But it’s time Nigerians in South who truly love themselves evaluate their stay in that country.

  7. This isnt true, I have two friends who lost their brothers, these brothers are the bread winners of their families

    1. I put it to you they are drug dealers

    2. Drug dealers or not should they be killed because they deal on drugs? Catch them and send them to jail...

  8. Imagine south that we help with all our resources. Ungrateful souls.

  9. These South Africans are so backward sha! Their low life is top notch!

  10. This man is a liar. How dare he say no Nigerian was killed

    1. Mob psychology.does it pain you that the reality is that nobody died after all??

    2. No, it should pain that we have a government who can't defend her people but will defend cows.

  11. Someone I know lost his brother. Oga you are lying.

  12. So Nigerian Consule is not only closing it's door against Nigerians running to them for safety but also down playing the deaths recorded as a result of the xenophobic attack?
    I spit on Nigeria Government...
    May those playing politics and saving face with this outrageous lies never find peace even in their dreams.


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