Stella Dimoko Saturday Breakfast Post....


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Saturday, September 28, 2019

Saturday Breakfast Post....

Hmmmm...I feel like having some Masa this Morning................

Masa is a Snack but can also be taken as a full meal.It is made from rice and its mostly found in the northern part of Nigeria,made by the hausa people.

  Masa can be taken with:
*(Miya) a popular vegetable soup specially made for it with biscuit bones
*Yaji(grounded dry garnished pepper)
*Any side protein such as peppered gizzard,kidney,liver,chicken etc
*Others take it with syrups such as honey

3 cups of white rice or jasmine rice
3 tablespoons of yeast
A little potash
Pinch of salt
2 tablespoons of flour
Sugar to your taste

Wash your rice and soak for some hours,fetch a handful of rice seperately and per boil with a little potash(it will turn yellowish)dont fret,its normal.
Add the perboiled rice into the soaked rice,add your yeast and blend,keep adding little water as you blend to avoid it being too hard.make sure at the end,its not too watery and not too hard.make sure it blend well,mix your flour well in a little water to avoid lumps then pour into the batter.cover it in a large bowl and keep in a warm place to rise,some people keep it under the sun.

When it rise,add a pinch of salt,sugar to your taste,chopped onions (optional) and its ready to fry.with just little oil until it turn a little brown.make sure its on low heat so it can be fried all through to the inside.

It has a special pan specifically design for it to give it its signature shape but it can also be fried in a normal pan like pancakes.


  1. No breakfast for me this morning, its the season of warm water, lemon🍋 and honey🍯 in the morning.

    I will go to the street market to get some veggies and fruits and then supermarket.

    Fresh green beans salad and steak for later.

    1. Mass issa fried rice, lol
      I am having yam porridge garnished with left over suya and isam.

    2. Una go kill person for this blog oo!! Islam inside yam porridge??

  2. Got moi moi and pap on the menu this morning.

    Waiting for it to get done. Hunger dey wia me here.

  3. na hot EBA get me this morning😝😝

  4. Yummy 🤤 If you have not tasted masa from Bauchi, you never start.
    I want to make native rice this morning with a lot of chicken stock and with stock fish. I really need to get back to exercising and eating healthy. My belly is in stiff competition with my breasts. The result of not having time to eat during the day and coming back home to eat late at night.

    1. Omg that stockfish makes it sooooo delicious

    2. You know this!!! 🤤🤤🤤

  5. Best meal ever! Masa is bae😋🤗

  6. Yam and Iru sauce got me

  7. Pap, Akara and bread for me this morning.

    I saw this Masa at Kawo bus stop in KD but my fear of street food did not let me taste it.

    I'll taste it someday though

  8. Spaghetti and plantain

  9. Good morning our dearest stella and all her fantastic bv's, I love all of you and I wish nothing but the best for you,have a great weekend ahead.

  10. Please we’re can I get MASA in the u.s oo😭

  11. Golden yam with strawberry sensation Ahmad tea was my breakfast today.


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