Stella Dimoko Seventy Two Year Old Woman Births Twins And Eighty Two Year Old Hubby Suffers Stroke The Next Day


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Friday, September 06, 2019

Seventy Two Year Old Woman Births Twins And Eighty Two Year Old Hubby Suffers Stroke The Next Day

A 73-year-old woman in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh has given birth to twin girls.....Doctors delivered the twins, who were born following IVF treatment, on Thursday.

"The mother and the babies are doing well," Dr Uma Sankar, the woman's doctor, told BBC Telugu.

Mangayamma Yaramati said she and her husband, who is 82 years old, have always wanted children but had been unable to conceive until now.

"We are incredibly happy," her husband Sitarama Rajarao told BBC Telugu on Thursday, hours after the babies were born.

But just a day later, Mr Rajarao suffered a sudden stroke and is currently being treated in hospital.

"Nothing is in our hands. Whatever should happen will happen. It is all in the hands of God," Mr Rajarao had said when asked who would care for the children in case anything were to happen to the couple due to their advanced age.

Having children was important to the couple, who also said that they felt stigmatised in their village.

"They would call me a childless lady,
We tried many times and saw numerous doctors," she added, "so this is the happiest time of my life."

The twin girls were delivered by Caesarean section, which is the usual method in such rare cases.

In 2016, another Indian woman in her 70s, Daljinder Kaur, gave birth to a boy.



  1. Awwwwwwwwwww..... God is great.
    Her hubby will be fine.

  2. great testimoney, Lord thank you for this great testimony. Oluwa will make a way for them to take care of their children. May God give her husband fast recovery.

  3. Lol. God forgive me for laughing.

  4. Oh my days.
    This one is loud.

  5. 72years! Like 72freaking years?! Jesus 😲

  6. God gave man dominion after creation and this is one of it, science and tech! Congrats to them.

    1. Apt!
      I can imagine their joy!
      parenthood is a blessing.
      Thank goodness for science and scientist oh!
      Congratulations to the latest parents, and speedy recovery to daddyπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

  7. What's a 72yr old woman doing giving birth?

  8. Sorry I do not like nor support this idea of old people giving birth to kids that they can't carter for.

    Everything is in God's hands, whatever will happen will happen... Like seriously, God is not the author of confusion.

    I see this as being selfish, let's assume anything happens to them oldies, who will then now take care of these kids?

    1. I actually thought of your last question then it occurred to me that they can live to be 100years and above... Indians do have a higher life expectancy than us here and mind you a young couple with little children can die via accident or what have you.
      If nothing else, they get to enjoy their babies no matter how short the years might be.

    2. Do you know if they have been saving all these while? If they have inheritance to leave for the kids and nannies/guardians in place who will care for them if they go before the kids grow up? Pls don't over assume. Let the couple enjoy the joy of children even in their old age. If it were you, wouldn't you like to still have kids if you could even if you had become old? Don't be quick to judge till you walk in people's shoes. Blessings

  9. So they traded one stigma for another. I wish the innocent children all the best.

  10. This is pure selfishness. Those doctors that perform the procedure should lose their licenses. Who is going to care for their kids when both of them are practically at their death bed?

  11. So happy for them. Oga recover quickly please and enjoy fatherhood. Better late than never.

  12. @Ms.A, 17:44 and 18:02 tell that to God who made Sarah at 90 and Abraham at 100 parents to Isaac.

    Young people make brash statements. That's the arrogance of youth. Wait till life deals you a bad hand.
    Abraham first became a biological father at 87 when he sired Ishmael through Hagar.

    Do you know how many couples who pray that IVF will work for them?
    My friends tried IVF 7 heartbreaking times in 7 years!
    Thanks be to God they are joyful and grateful parents now.


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