Stella Dimoko Tiwa Savage Says She Is Not Queen Of Afro Beat....


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Friday, September 20, 2019

Tiwa Savage Says She Is Not Queen Of Afro Beat....

Nigerian songstress, Tiwa Savage has declared that she’s not the queen of Afro-beat, saying “ It will be unfair to place that title on just one person as every other artiste is working hard to be the best at what they do.”

The songstress made this declaration on Tuesday, at a press parley in Lagos. This is coming after the release of her Fela inspired Afro-beat single, 49-99, as fans across the various social media affirmed that the Queen of Afro-beat has finally emerged in the person of Tiwa Savage.

“I’m flattered, I think it’s amazing that people will place that title on me but there are so many queens just like there are so many kings. You have to understand how hard we all work, you can’t limit it to one thing because Burna is doing his thing, Wizkid is also doing his own thing too. Davido, myself, Yemi Alade, Simi, everybody is working hard. And when you put the crown on one person, it makes it hard for us to do what we do. We’re blessed as Nigerians to have so many talented artistes and as such, we just have to celebrate everyone. We’re all kings and queens but there’s only one original king which is God.

When asked if she has ever been on a molue bus as her song 49-99 projects and if she sees herself doing politics in the future, the mother of one said: 

“Politics is not my calling, so I’ll leave it to those that God has called to do politics. As for the molue bus, I haven’t been on one to be honest. I spent most of my youth in the UK but I still think that just because I haven’t entered it doesn’t mean I can’t empathize with people that have gone through it. I can’t pretend like such experience didn’t or doesn’t exist. The song is to shed more light on those that go through this everyday. But I can’t be a politician.”

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  1. Is her genre afro beat? Or what classifies as afro beat?

  2. I think she is humble in life,I am yet to see any interview of her been full of herself.
    I remember watching a show of how one girl tapped her to help her take a shot,only for the person to turn and it was tiwa.she took the shot with all humilty

  3. oluwas will bless your hustle daily.

  4. She is humble and truthful. Bless your heart Tiwa. You'll surpass all your expected milestones in your carrier as you plan for yourself.

  5. Keep pretending that you don't like the so called "title"

    This Tiwa that is desperate for fame and can do anything to remain relevant.

    Be acting like a baby before wizkid that she's almost 10 years older than.

    1. Kindly Shut it! Please. ^)Gosh! are u sure...u are of the Lord? Where are u people like u from?

    2. Jeez Gorgeous Lillian,

      You are a very angry bird! Pray tell, who hurt you?

    3. Ahan!!! Why are you hating? Is it easy for a younger guy to hit on you?? Banana fall on you jare this weekend...

    4. OK, and who are you again?

    5. who will she act like a baby for if not for her man? lol. settle down you hating ass witch, i know your plan is for her to have pride before wizkid so he can become unattracted to her but it won't work.

      even if she senior am e no matter as long as the guy has the money n maturity to take care of her.

    6. why will Wizkid not hit on her? at her age she is way hotter than you that is even younger than wizkid. e pain you ode

    7. Who hurt you dear??


    8. What is wrong with all these ones? You all should Park well and stop talking nonsense. 😂😂😂😂 Did one of you call Wizkid "Tiwa's man"? Mtcheeew, rubbish.

      WEB, I don't hate on people. I only speak the truth. As for the banana 🍌 you talked about, I don't need now.

    9. Even if she likes it, she had done well by pretending a little. Pretense is needed sometimes. Learn to use it nicely.Not for evil though, use it to do good always.

  6. She is Masonic Queen

  7. God resists the Proud and favours the humble. James 4.6

  8. She has been my crush from way back and still is.

  9. Nice response.
    Lovely girl.

    I just don't like her music.

    But she's cool.


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