Stella Dimoko Tony Elumelu Writes Memo On The Xenophobic Attacks On Nigerians In South Africa....


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Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Tony Elumelu Writes Memo On The Xenophobic Attacks On Nigerians In South Africa....

Tony Elumelu (CON,MON),Nigerian economist, entrepreneur,philanthropist, chairman of Heirs Holdings, and the United Bank for Africa,founder of The Tony Elumelu Foundation and one of Forbes Magazines "Africa's 20 Most Powerful People in 2012" is upset by the attacks on Nigerians in South Africa and has written a long piece that will put you in a selah mood...


  1. good write up though but stop the slavery of long years of working and no promotion in UBA

  2. I have been expecting Mr Tony's write up. I am not disappointed. Thank you.

    Mr Otedola,it's not just about the gelato. You don't seem to speak out on national issues.

    Alhaji Dangote,you have a powerful voice, use it!

    Mr FFK, Mr Reno, where hath thou? Drop the politicking briefly and speak for the masses that you claim to be about.

    Baba Obj, Baba Soyinka; why are you quiet? This is not about the Nigerian government but about her people trying to put food on their family's table.

    1. FFK has already spoken. Follow his page you will see it.

    2. And who said odetola hasn't spoken?. You wont use your social media but you will come and be talking rubbish

    3. Hello Teejay,

      Mr FFK lambasted the FG. That's ok to do but at the moment,we should speak against xenophobic attacks and the perpetrators not against ourselves.

      Anonymous 16:15, #ignore. I try not to respond to people who can't share their opinions without using rude words.

      Thank you Teejay for your mature response.

    4. Anon 16:36, you are welcome. Actually FFK blasted Mr President and I wouldn't blame him entirely for that, for this government have truly shown lackadaisical approach on serious issues affecting the masses.

  3. Nicely put. Everyone who mean well for Nigeria and Africa must stand up and strongly condemn this evil

  4. .....i also read the piece....nice one.

  5. SA is gloating now
    If it doesn't fix the fundamental problems of drug & alcohol addiction, gang setup, unemployment and frustration looking for where to express itself

    One day the monster will turn back on itself

  6. I believe that what we should be after is how we can come together to make the country a better place, suggestions are needed. We can’t keep watching politics leaders looting the country’s wealth and leaving after their tenure. How can we ensure there’s a town hall meeting where the political leaders should account for the resources given to them. How can we ensure that the legislative house has only the senate and no house of assembly in order to reduce the cost of governance. Please that’s what we beg of Nigerians, suggestions are needed. Not al these fighting and bombing back and forth. These will only drag us back. Nigeria is a blessed nation with blessed people.

  7. Too Many I I I
    Typical Nigerian always thinking it's always about them. Even these xenophobic attacks they make it seem they are the only victims. Nigerians Change your pompous attitudes part of the problem is you go to people's country's especially in Africa you feel. Everyone is beneath you. Nigerians don't respect other Africans and their countries. Stop the crime.


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