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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Wednesday IHN

Hailings from an Original Wafferian..........


Hi Stella,

I started following SDK blog visitor last year, and since then I have been HOOKED. More power to your elbow.
My fiancee and I will be honoured to grace the IHN section.
Our Traditional Marriage comes up this weekend, Saturday, 28 September, 2019 at Akawa Nneato, Umu Nneochi LGA, Abia State. While the Nuptials takes place on Sunday, 27 October, 2019 at AGC Wuse.
Please celebrate with us, and share in our joy.

With love and regards,

Mimi & Ekene (Epic Pen)

Congratulations to you both!!!..May what is about to be sealed on earth,remain sealed in heaven....



Thanks for posting my story and thanks to Bvs for your contribution

I was surprised when some bvs thought I went under anon to reply them. Why will I even do that?

Is it safe to say that some comments under anonymous that attacked me were made by oga?
Some things happened last week before my story was published.

1. First, she called back to tell me that she later saw the money from a friend of which I know was a lie

2. About what she use all the monies for; she is always talking about debt. Whenever her hubby and children asked of the total amount, she is always dribbling them. If they all contribute 150k today to offset her debt. She will still go about asking for 200k the following week. She has handled millions from the sale of her parent's houses but we don't know what she used them for.

3. Her hubby,( my fil) too is tired of her. They finally reported her to him. I got to know lasts week that he is secretly building elsewhere instead of furnishing their apartment. According to him, he said that he can't be spending money on the house while his wife is going about asking for money from people and people will think he is not taking care of her yet he is renovating the house, and unknown to them, he has tried his best and he is already tired.

4. My fil do pray for his sons not to marry a woman like their mother. Oga is a bv, if I'm lying, he should come out and prove me wrong.

5. From his response when I told him that my story has been published, it was obvious that he saw the comments and wasn't too happy with them. His response doesn't even show as if he wants us to reach an agreement yet he kept begging me not to inform my parents.

Stella, I attached prove of our chats ( for your eyes only )

I will be informing my parents about all these issues cos I have hidden from them enough . And from the look of things, oga bv isn't ready to meet me at the middle.



Please Nigerian men work on your personal hygiene..Dont hide under 'I am a man' to cover your filthiness.I went on a date on the 1st of this month with a dirty man..He dressed shabbily and there was a sort of aloofness in him..I almost wanted to abandon him but I was singing Taylor Swift's ''you need to calm down'' in my head..We sat down in an eatery and wanted to start a conversation..

Oohh!! Jesus Christ Of Ndi Arab..This guy's breath was like he ate a big of Ogiri and body odour then he was talking spit just gather for one corner..OOH I was beyond disgusted and furious..I quickly ate my food and told him I had to go cos I had shut off completely..Damn!! He started talking about love, I told him I cant love you pls.

Then please our men if you are gay, stop marrying women to cover tracks or as a way of stopping your homosexual vibes..It is a wicked and selfish thing to do..Be bold enough to state that you dont want to marry..


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  1. May God bless your marriage and make it fruitful...AMEN
    Those business up there,May God bless your hustles.
    At the sign out meme,there's no way one won't get annoyed in this world of sin we live in except in heaven!
    Good day all!

    1. Aunty yesterday's BV, so it was really you yesterday going under anonymous to reply and cuss people out?
      You truly are retarded to be honest.

      You just proved it, cos all the things you wrote up there corresponds to the balderdash the anonymous was spewing through out the comment section.

      You've not yet officiallymmarried him and all these troubles are resonating from you.

      Can't you see that the guy is even tired of you, hence him acting cold and only after you no talking to your parents about it, and as usual, your stupid ass will go and tell.

      You're an imbecile sha. You truly are! 🀦🏿

    2. If anybody knows where i can get affordable gown around ojota-ikeja axis or a very good tailor that can make it.

    3. By God's grace before the end of today I will be a father for the first time. I'm so overwhelmed because this journey has been a long but interesting one. My wife is a super heroine and she has really tried. Pls ladies I have to plead with you all, I know that labour isn't easy I can never say I know how you all feel when you get those contraction pains but let fear and anxiety not force you to make a hasty decision. My wife was asking for CS since as she had false labour but the doctors insisted that as a first timer and since there was no serious reason for doing a CS they were gonna wait. I won't tell a lie seeing my wife in pains made me talk to the doctors to heed to her plea and do the CS but they still refused as the baby vitals were very good and my wife's vitals were also very good apart from the occasional high BP. They insisted on still monitoring her and as God would have it at the expected time her water broke and I know she will give birth just like the Hebrew women in the Bible before the day runs out. So pls the lesson here is to listen to the doctors because believe me they do a great job and also not rush into hasty decisions because of fear or panic. I have to commend the doctors because sometimes they don't get enough credit. I also wish for those looking for the fruit of the womb to get their desires of getting children. I'm shaking as I'm typing this. Me going to be a dad. God has been good to me and my family

    4. You started following sdk blog visitor last year. From 'bvns' to this?Nawa! I had a good laugh.

      Congrats to you and your wife to be.

    5. Bia cobweb, you are silly and stupid! I was the one in Anons mode not the poster. Go and marry the man if you are a woman! The poster doesn't look desperate from all indication! Foolish man

    6. Shantelle I fucking hate you πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      Thought it was just me that saw it o plus the...🀐🀐

  2. Replies
    1. Please ladies, I'm fixing a full frontal for the first time and want to know which of the got2b is best. Was asked to go for got2b freeze spray and that it's something I can do myself once I trim off the lace at the edge. What do you think? Thanks

    2. Anon 14:15 you need the gel to lay the edges and the spray to make it stay.make sure the edges are set properly before you cut the lace. And check that the band is firm and tight enough,so it stays on your head. You don't need the got2b glue.just buy the gel and spray

    3. Anom, Got2b blasting freeze spray and Got2b glue

  3. Dirty men on date

    Forget that empty yarns o
    If the man dey abroad, USA or that man
    dey dole out money like dollar ATM, you go dey yarn this utaba?
    "Stella, he is a very good man, he is so good to me in spite of his begin abusive and controlling...he doesn't bother what I do with my money ..."
    Pleeeeaaaaaaaaaaaase! Spare us Pharisee yarns inugo?


    1. Na me make that comment..So just keep kwayet!! Am not money obsessed like you...Nonsense...

    2. ANG! Let him fall from heaven, that's not a reason to accommodate filth!

    3. Anon 14.06, that you cope very well with dirt or that your husband is dirty with smelly armpits doesn't mean others can take it!
      You worship money and your life starts and ends with traveling abroad, I get that. But please, narrow it down to yourself because the poster and some other persons are clearly not interested...

    4. @Bitch
      Nice to know you are not money obsessed but abroad obsessed?
      For a typical Naija girl, one must catch...
      Tori go change ooo.
      "Stella even his he-goat smell is very "lomantic"πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•

    5. Anonymous 14.41 Enjoy your low budget 15seconds fame...Your comments has body odour laced around it..

    6. ANG
      please just shut the fuck up abeg lol. irritant. dirty woman

    7. Mama mia!! Thank you..Anonymous empty head...

    8. The way this Lady is being attacked and trolled here is appalling. The hostility is mega. You guys should calm down please. ANG please continue to preach Christ Crucified with Love.

    9. @Lisa
      Thank you o. I am used to πŸΉπŸΉπŸΉπŸ”«πŸ”«πŸ”«
      Let me ask them ndi Pharisees one question -ajuju n'ese okwu 😊😊
      Yahoo, yahoo boys wey no dey bath for years, wey dey carry mouth chop nkita sheet, human sheet, fork mad women
      for abani, una no dey kiss them, lick all the "lollipop" join, as long as he dey drop
      ego obala -blood money???? zaa nu ajuju -make una answer questions.
      Make I calculate all the names wey una don call me up there for yarning the truth??
      Dirty woman
      your dirty husband (Chai, them don insult my DH join ooo)
      Empty head
      Money obsessed
      etc. etc.
      Ngwanu, thank you all for the insults oooo πŸŽΆπŸŽΆπŸŽΆπŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ»
      I love all of you my friends Naija girls but Jesus loves una pass🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹


    11. ANG or whatever else you're called, please do not hide under the gospel of Christ in this particular issue. Preaching Christ is something to be applauded and proud of because my knowledge of God is one thing I glory in just as commanded.
      However, your comment up there had nothing to do with with Jesus Christ, rather it was laden with insults towards the poster. Don't be shouting "Jesus loves you" now because of the backlash your comment brought you and please, stop hiding behind the "Cross" to insult people because someone like me would drag you down from Calvarys' Hill...

    12. @Mama Mia
      Wawu! You have the power to "drag me down from Calvarys' (sic.) Hill?" 😯😯😯😯
      If I understand you, you commot my name from the Book of Life?
      You should know that the gospel is all about The Truth
      What I wrote in that comment up there are the things I read here that
      Naija girls do; drag someone from the corridor inside the house and fork
      the person for 105k -they chant "money, credit alert" as what they love most.
      Ask to "strangulate a bouncing baby boy already walking o" to be able to marry
      someone from USA. The two things Naija girls worship are money and abroad and
      that is the Truth. I am not afraid to say it. I don't mind the "backlash"
      Make una keep "backlashing," I will keep speaking my Truth inugo?

  4. Oh my oh my! Poster on men's hygiene, you just made me become sick with those your descriptions and narrations up thereπŸ‘†, now can you pass me a sick bowl

    Wonderful and educative sign out meme.

  5. The Challenges and unpleasant situations Nigerians are going through will get better, so they promise, and so we are hoping, but sometimes I wonder and conclude that most of the challenges are self-inflicted by the entire system; the Politicians and Government.
    All this while I never knew Nigeria has the capacity to produce rice, I use to think it's only Thailand and Singapore that produce rice. The land borders have been partially closed and the masses are paying more for rice, rice is also been shipped, will they partially close the seaports as well?.
    (The rich uses the seaport to smuggle, while the poor uses the land borders). They want us to eat Nigerian rice, but how much Nigerian rice is in the market today, and what are the prices?, so far I haven't seen any.
    Nigerians are industrious no doubt, there is also a mass exodus of Nigerians in all sectors and institutions to other countries, in search of a better life, the FG is encouraging them to come home, but there is no enabling environment for that. Our youths have become so lazy and they are known as fraud stars all over the world. A country where we import all Chinese products including toothpick, but we don't encourage young and vibrant inventors in this country that can do same.
    Nigeria is a country where we have good medical facilities, but our Politicians travel abroad to receive the same medical care that is available in Nigeria, isn't that hypocrisy, so what are they telling Nigerians in Diaspora to come home to do.

    A country where some certain people and cabals see allocations for projects as their entitlement, a country where only 10% out of 100% project money is utilized, why won't we travel to Ghana and South Africa for vacations when we are supposed to be the Dubai of Africa.
    MILITANCY: They have Politicians and godfathers in government as their sponsors.
    CORRUPTION: Governors and Senators during or after their terms in office will be living extremely large and flashy because they have connections to execute big projects. A governor after office will want to become a Senator and after Senator a Minister(self ambition to amass more wealth)
    TELECOMMUNICATION. Nigeria compared to other countries charges high rates on Data subscriptions and airtime.
    EDUCATION. Poor Educational system, training, and facilities. The Public educational system has been crippled due to the corruption of funds. Private Institutions charges are high, no hope for the common man.
    TRANSPORTATION. Nigerians wake up as early as 3am just to beat traffic, Agberos have taken over our roads. the public transportation system is a disgrace(rickety vehicles with drivers that are always high on substance).
    POLICE FORCE: The entire Police force that is meant to protect its citizens and fight crime are now perpetrators of crime themselves, with the constant killings and harassment of innocent youths. The police still stop vehicles and passerby to demand bribes as their rights.
    CBN: Introducing different charges periodically, ATM withdrawal fee, card maintenance fee, transfer charges, SMS charges, deposit/withdrawal charges, VAT increment and more that are coming.
    JUDICIARY: Lack of fair trial for the common man. A petty or common accused person will be thrown to jail without trial, while the rich and well-connected ones that stole millions will be granted bail or acquitted. A country where a Judge will look at the pocket of the accused or prosecutor to give Judgement.
    Tell me if the challenges in Nigeria today aren't self afflicted by our so-called leaders. Which way Nigeria?
    Leaders and Politicians, please fix yourselves first so that Nigeria can be properly fixed.

    1. I want to be fixing myself in obodo Oyibo first. Till then...God help us.

    2. Point of correction..The Nigerian police is not your friend and was not to protect Nigerian citizens..They are there to protect the government..Go and read the history of Nigerian police.

      Since the name of this country was given by a side chick na there the genesis of Nigeria started...Nigeria is a project that has been programmed to fail..Save all these epistles we are who we are...We are not treated like even 1st or 2nd class citizens sef...

    3. And we are practicing Electrocracy not Democracy

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. Big congratulations @ MIEKE2019 may God perfect it for you both.
    yesterday's poster so you didn't beleive us when we told you his attitude with his mum is follow come, is alright i can see you want to send more chronicles in the future. Which ever decision you take all the best of luck.
    @ hygiene poster if you rush your food it means that guy is not as bad as you painted it, if i was to be there i cannot even eat that food else i will throw up. Some men thinks cos they are men they don't need good hygiene, i cannot take mouth, body and even shoe odor, some are follow come. I cannot come and kill myself, if i try my possible best to stay clean why should i manage someone who is not helping himself ?

    the sign out is so correct.

  8. Lmao @Jesus Christ of Ndi Arab.
    You even had the patience to eat there.
    I can’t stand dirty people, I start to itch immediately I am in your presence.

    1. If say I know, I for gbe body mi..

    2. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  9. That lady up there is not meant to marry a low key man. YOU ARE WICKED. To say you have not married this man and you have found all these faults against your supposed mother-in-law. Fiance. Please RUN from this lady. Poster look for Otedola's son and marry. The most problem we have in life is women like you. You will be a mother-in-law someday. See the way you talked down on someone who is old enough to be your mother. You lack quality home training. Shift joor

    1. Kpuchegi onu there! It's you that is foolish! She stated what she can't deal with and it already made her wicked in your foolish opinion.poster is properly brought up to know her worth and that is cool, she won't swallow everything just so she can marry inugo! Times are changing, men will learn how to sit up and man up. If the fil is tired of that mil then it's the poster that will inherit that kind of woman because she wants to appear good in your opinion.poster well done! I like you type. We all don't know whom mil is in person so she is save to write extensively on the matter

    2. The poster with the mother in law issues ,you still have a lot of growing up to do and actually have no business with marriage till you have mastered emotional intelligence, I expected you to have picked lessons from yesterday 's comments,you are here today dragging what is not,You don't have to state his mother as the reason your relationship did not work because I don't know how you remedy the damage done if you guys actually end up together.Every relationship has a cog in the wheel of its progress and I think you can sort yours by communicating better

    3. Anon 14.45 is obviously the poster, look at how you are defending your silly write up! Tufiakwa!

      May you be treated like you are treating this woman by your son's wife, amen

  10. Congrats Ekene and Mimi, God bless your Union amen. May you find favour from men to honour you both.

    Oya Dorty men, ngwanu it ya turn to tell us why una no dey wash una boxers. Some are using their boxers as nikas to sit at home or go out bread or recharge cards.

    Some of una dey sag they show us Dorty and tear tear boxers. I no talk again. I dey see una plenty.

    Beautiful day all. Let's continue to show love not say I love you obu asi asi.

    I read where you all talk about saying darling, dear etc. I say it to people am familiar with but not on businesses or ofgicial. It is wrong in the first place to address how are you dear, when you don't know the person.

  11. Sign out meme so true... Good day everyone

  12. Awwww Mimi bride to be, you are so beautiful. I am your sister oh *shine_teeth* same state as you, tho different local government area ( Ikwuano) . Congratulations and your home is blessed in Jesus name. Your marriage will stand firm in Jesus name.

  13. Good afternoon everyone
    The day is bright and fair

  14. The lady who went on a date with the dirty man; you must be dirty yourself to be able to eat after what is in you saw. How did you meet him before he invited you on a date? Didn't you see him well before accepting to go on a date with him? You don't have to go on a date with just anyone that invites you my dear and when you saw what he is, you should have left immediately. Next time don't wait for that long; tell the person "I'm sorry we have to make this another time, I came because out of respect, I didn't want to cancel on phone". Then run for your precious life.

    Madam Tuesday Chronicle poster. Are you still talking? Instead of you to call off that situatiationship by now and be having your beauty sleep, you are here stressing yourself, You are not serious.

    1. Yeah!! You made a good point..

    2. And by the way..I am not dirty my chair was pulled away back to the AC..

    3. @excited courtesy I try my dear Its not easy..Lolzzz

  15. Congratulations Mimi and Ekene,may God bless and keep your home. Love is a beautiful thing.

    Stella, that picture beneath the smelling comment, is how some housemates feel in big brother's house about one of your favourites 😊😊😊

    BV having problems with her soon to be parents in-laws, you said you already called off the wedding, can you please allow them breathe and also let your ex-fiancee breathe too.
    Don't worry, you will find the appropriate man that will accept you and your shenanigans.

    1. I don't know what she's still doing there.
      This girl can never respect not have any regard for the supposed MIL bcos of "see finish" have.
      Somebody you eat t to marry her mum and you're spilling all these. You're very disrespectful, insensitive and uncoithed.
      This kind person nail dey expose family secrets to outsiders.
      Pls look for someone in your fad class and free the guy and his people. Rubbish!!!!
      I told you yesterday that if cannot tolerant and love the woman cod of her son, GIVE DEM SPACE. YOU'VE SPILLED ENOUGH AND I WONDER HOW MUCH YOU'VE TOLD YOUR FRIENDS... To think this guy is a BV and you're writing do much about his mum. Thank goodness it's a faceless one

    2. I pity the finace o, to read all these about his mom from his supposed bride-to-be? Chai! This woman is all out for trouble, fiance, if you are reading this, you better run from this poster

  16. E be like say faceID too na scam oo, i was playing game on my sister's phone last night, I mistakenly pressed the side button and it got locked...mind you she uses both password and faceID to open her phone since I don't know the password, I just say make I try the faceID!!
    Lo and behold, Na so phone unlock at first I thought it was a joke, I locked it again thinking it was a joke and boom my face open am again... my other sister begin laugh sey no be only my face dey open the phone oo sey her own face too dey open the face na so we lock the phone again, on the front flashlight Na so her face too open the phone meaning that the three of us can open her phone with our face
    And it's not only that oo, my finger print open someone's phone too
    So it's best to say password is the most secured way of locking phone....

    1. Try using your tongue now..If those ones failed you...

    2. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      But this is informative......

  17. Please how do I ask my boyfriend for money. Am tired of acting independent woman and he will never give. Please any tips on how to ask for money. No sex involved

    1. Tip 1 - ASK
      Tip 2 - ASK again
      Tip 3 - keep ASKING

    2. Go with an elder from your village to help you ask your boyfriend for money.

    3. Baby please I want some money

      Darling, can you please make my account green, its been screaming red red red

      Stop forming ms.independent if you know that you can't keep up.

    4. If he asks for sex, do it the way he does ask you for it

    5. I miss queen and boss for this kind of tory. She will jus finish you, chai! Kikikikikiki

  18. Mimi and Ekene may heaven bless your union and crown it with success all through. You both look good and sharp but na Ekene fine pass.... Mimi abeg no vex ooh, na joke.

    The foot note is a fact undisputable.

  19. Chronicle Poster is just a greedy and selfish woman. They've not even married You, and you're fighting his mother like this.

    What is even paining me is that it's not even your money. Her SON is giving HIS mother money for her upkeep and it's giving you headache.

    Please park one side.

  20. Why do Aba people always have their weddings on Sundays.

    1. Most of them are business people and they go to shop on sat, so if you wan to get better money n your wedding day n Aba, na Sunday. The average aba man will no close shop for a wedding, he will rather send his wife and you know women if okay give am 10k, she will give 5k

    2. Hahahahaha anon that is a funny analysis

    3. Even Igbo guys in Cotonou have weddings on Sundays cos Saturday's usually big sales day for them. Fix anything on Saturday, na only you o

  21. The meaning of ANGER is all I have gotten from today's IHN

  22. Congrats to the Face of IHN couple.

  23. E be like say faceID too na scam oo, i was playing game on my sister's phone last night, I mistakenly pressed the side button and it got locked...mind you she uses both password and faceID to open her phone since I don't know the password, I just say make I try the faceID!!
    Lo and behold, Na so phone unlock at first I thought it was a joke, I locked it again thinking it was a joke and boom my face open am again... my other sister begin laugh sey no be only my face dey open the phone oo sey her own face too dey open the face na so we lock the phone again, on the front flashlight Na so her face too open the phone meaning that the three of us can open her phone with our face
    And it's not only that oo, my finger print open someone's phone too
    So it's best to say password is the most secured way of locking phone....

  24. Congratulations Ekene and Mimi,may God perfect all that concerns you both.

  25. Good afternoon bvs
    To the poster on ihn yesterday, asking for recommendation on hair moisturiser,I'm the natural hair products seller.The truth is, your hair need more than just a moisturiser.Chat me up,lets talk about your hair and I will know products to recommend for you ,my number is on my blog id.

  26. Beautiful couple to be! May ur union be blessed with all the good things in life.... Congratulations to u both...

  27. Thank you so much Madam Stella.
    I'm the Skin therapist whose advert you posted.
    I'm getting calls from this blog already.
    May God continue to bless you for me.
    I'm so happy o

  28. Thank you so much Madam Stella.
    I'm the Skin therapist whose advert you posted.
    I'm getting calls from this blog already.
    May God continue to bless you for me.
    I'm so happy o

  29. Madam Chronicle forget about people bashing you,if you want to tell ur parents go ahead, some Nigerian women like pretending alot so people will say they are good,a young lady is complaining about her Future mother inlaw having a bad habit and people are bashing her ,if you dnt have advice please ur opinion is not needed,that is why some of u are suffering and smilling in ur marriage and you won't talk so u will be tagged good wife,if she marry that man,she will shoulder all the family responsibility blc husband dont have money,all the money is being given to his mother,how many of u will tolerate that in your home,some of you won't even allow ur husband to pay ordinary monthly allowances to their mother in law and some are saying she is wicked, she is that,if she doesn't talk now ,when will she talk

  30. Good afternoon Stella and BVS.

  31. Congratulations to Ekene and Mimi. Your home will be heaven on earth

  32. Thank you ALL for your beautiful comments - prayers and best wishes. Specially thanking SDK for the love. Stella, you are more than a big Sis. God bless you. We are grateful.

  33. Yesterday chronicle poster don't mind those bashing you.If your guy cannot agree that your mum-inlaw should be placed on a monthly allowance. Abeg waka, you go meet another man.Do not go into that marriage as you will shoulder 80% of the family expenses.Tell your parent and cut-off the wedding.


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