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Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Wednesday In House News

Una good Afternoon...........

''Sending love to Vivien. Hmmm You dont have money to bring her over to Germany, small error then you throw her off. We know your game madam we know it, continue ''

'Hahahahahahahahhahahaha..I love comments like this Oooooooh....whoever posted this,please dont fnd my mouth you hear......I never promised to bring her to Germany,is my husband looking for a wife?I promised to send her to Dubai on hols,which i postponed twice and planned for Xmas cos i was looking for a ticket was not too expensive since she would also have to shop,something to kill her haters...............Why you dey look for word for my mouth?..........hahahaahahhahahahahahahahahaha..I knew it would come to this!!!

It is all good and i got nothing but love oh.....



Few months ago, I lost someone I knew very well and from the same state as mine. He died in the city and about a week later, his spirit had traveled to the village to see his aged mother whom they haven't told about his death. He was received by the mother and when told to bring the little bag he was hanging as to take it to his room but declined. 

On sighting some group of women coming to sympathize with his mother, he quickly told the mother he wants to check out something at the backyard. He took the inner door that leads to the backyard as he goes away.

"Come and drink water naaaa, you must be thirsty." Said the mother. He kept going without looking back with his bag hung across his shoulder. Finally, there was a knock at the main entrance. She reached out to see who it was. Those women had arrived and greeted her. She responded to them and also informed them how strange her son had behaved few minutes ago.

"Unlike him, whenever he comes back home, the first thing he often asked of is water but today he barely sat down before going out again without even dropping his bag." This, the old woman recounted to her visitors. The women all looked at themselves in surprise and what could be running in their minds at that time could be, so she hasn't gotten the information yet. There silence and shock sent a message to the old woman who had before now been worried why the son who often calls every two days haven't called for a week.

"Why are you silent and not saying anything? What's going on here?" She quickly stood up, rushed to the backyard shouting her son's name but to no avail. One of the women went to her and held her to calm her down. She exclaimed, "Don't tell me my son is dead, I won't take that. He has never acted this way before to me when he returns home." At this point, one of the women bursted out in tears. This is all mama needed to confirm her fears. It was truly a sad moment.

I have heard about people who died in accident but still visit their loved ones, even eat before finally going away. Some will travel to a far away destination and start a family again, raising up kids and will never travel to the village. This is so strange but real....



On my way to lectures that week, i noticed a rather unkempt student who was talking to herself on the road. I accosted her and became friends. She was worried about her results and incomplete fees. I assured her all will be well. Her classmates did not like her very much and since i was a loner myself, we soon became friends.

Shortly afterwards, some girls who didn't like me very much because i minded my business alot became friends with my new friend whom i had now influenced to care more for herself as a lady. 

Not long, my new friend stopped coming to check on me in my room and whenever i checked on her, she was either hanging out with her room mate who didn't like her before then. I would sit to join them while gisting sometimes and gradually i felt her slipping off.

One day i went looking for her, I was expecting my allowance from home and i thought to check up on her to know if she needed anything. I found her in the room of one of her classmates who was usually nice and smiles with me in passing. So i met them both watching a movie on a laptop and i joined them. Her friend was called out by someone who needed her to help shapen her brows. I asked if i could collect the movie on my hardrive to watch from scratch later.

So i went to get my harddrive, my friend said she was hungry and wanted to get biscuits from her own room. So i stayed and copied the movie.
I waited for her coursemate to return so i wouldn't leave the room open. She came, i thanked her for the movie and went to my new friends room. 

I saw her chewing biscuits so i told her to check up on me in about 2hours so we could go eat proper food together. She smiled and said where will i get the money? I said 'miracles do happen'.

I received a credit notification and my sis showed up suprisingly with provisions. Later, my friend showed up in my room with her coursemate. I offered them chocolates, cookies and kfc. They ate then her course mate left and thanked me.

Fast forward to 2years after graduation. I met an old school mate at a wedding. We got gisting as per alumni. This lady sat in my car while i offered her a lift home.

She said she needed to tell me something. She asked if i heard the news that made rounds 2years ago in school. I said i had no idea. She asked if i ever wondered why my new friend stopped hanging with me and why her coursemates acted cold.

I said i noticed she distanced herself but i just was happy she finally fit into her group. This lady who was next door to my new friend said on a day that i came to get movies in that room, my friend's coursemate said #1000naira was missing and when my new friend was asked, she said i was the one who stole the money because she saw me with lots of provisions and take out.

That day i was in shock in my car, I trembled!

 She told me everyone tagged me a thief under their breathe which is why my new friend who witnessed against me avoided me completely.

Kai, I broke down in tears considering how I helped that girl through her hard mental struggles and even financially. I began connecting dots as to how i would go look for her to help her with lunch and her coursemates would guard their room doors.
This lady lied against me and i had no idea the entire time!

Stella, a part of me wants to call out her name here because i feel so hurt and betrayed. What would you advice i do because there is no way i can reach all those people back in school to redeem my image. Kai! It hurts soo bad!

*So becos you gave that one a lift she opened up?Abeg let it go or look for her contact and confront her...There is no need calling her out until you find out how she is...She probably was the one who stole the money....



I need advice from our ogbonge blog visitors on how to handle a case of my husband that makes all financial decisions alone without involving me.

I know Nada about his money and his accounts, neither does he ask me about my salary which is about 1/8th of what he earns.

Though I contribute to the family upkeep and stuff but mostly have nothing left at the end of the month, so I live paycheck to check.

He gives me 5k every month for personal upkeep aside the feeding money for the home.....

It is only in Nigeria you find wives with entitlement mentality.....he owes you nothing and is also entitled to your money you know...
I am sorry if i sound a little too harsh but i cant stand women who make asking and getting money from their men a must...put some respect on it...your hubby is not your ATM...Most Nigerian men don't let their wives know how much they earn or share accounts with them becos their sense of entitlement mentality increases..Put some respect on yourself in that Marriage and act like you don't need his money,not to demand for it like its yours...being married gives you no right...
All singles Couples out there,please work out how this will be handled before you marry...who brings in what and when......Have an account solely for this purpose and at the end of the money both transfer money for managing the house there.

This is my mindset,please if you disagree fine but no insults otherwise you wont find your comment....



I'm so heartbroken, had this great, understanding struggling boyfriend, my friends advices me to ditch. Because I had wanted to help him with a little money to start up something. So eventually didn't help and told him I can't continue the relationship. That was over a year ago. I can still see his begging face, pleading.

Just over the weekend, saw a wedding picture of this same guy with of those friends of mine, who asked that I should let him go.

And they are expecting a child. I'm not just feeling well with all this now. She even set him up with business.

I know most of you will say, it wasn't meant for me. But stupid was I to have listened to people. He was a good simple guy. Not all this rubbish I have been seeing after him. I'm not happy with myself Stella.



A cooking club is in need of teachers to teach kids in the club.

The right candidate must know how to bake and cook and must be a graduate from a reputable institution. Even if you are not a graduate but can communicate in fluent English, you can still apply. Applicants must be willing to work with children and teenagers and must not be older than 27 years.

Preferably resident on the Island but mainland residents too can apply. Send your applications and CV to:



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Nice!!!..I like these kinds of cars................*wink'


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These Turkey products fine ooooh




    My heart goes out to the ones that are facing hard times. To the people that are depending on God to fight their battles and bring them out of situations they can’t get out of themselves. Especially the young ones.

    When you’re seeking direction or answers from the Lord, it causes you to have faith and patience while you wait. It’s not easy. It’s hard to keep the faith sometimes, especially when the people or things you’re surrounded by are the ones the enemy is using. It’s worse when it’s the people you love, because It’s not easy to just ignore them or walk away.

    There are some days when your spirit is lifted. You’ll have clarity on your situation, God’s strength, peace, joy, and love within yourself. Then you have days when you’re frustrated and lost. You’re feeling empty, weak, sad, or angry, and you don’t understand why or what’s going on. It’s as if you’re in a battle with your mind.

    You have to be mindful of the fact that there’s an enemy after your soul. An enemy that wants to see you suffer; he doesn’t want you alive so he’s constantly trying to get in your head by filling it with lies and confusion.

    Thankfully, God wants you here alive and well. You have a purpose that needs to be fulfilled. That enemy has no power or control over you, he only has as much power as you give him. So don’t give him any! When you feel this battle coming on, remember to put on the helmet of salvation, place on the breastplate of righteousness, buckle up those shoes of peace, hold up your shield of faith, and take up your sword. Remember to pray and ask God for whatever you need. You don’t have to fight this battle alone.

    Depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts are all very real. There are people who are suffering from one or all of these and don’t even realize it. That’s why it’s important to surround yourself with positive people and energy so when you’re down you’ll have something or someone to lift you up, but your best solution is to look unto God.

    Did you know that you have the power to speak life over yourself? That you’re not alone and you don’t have to suffer? You may be at a really low point, feeling that you’re not able to, but always remember that God is. He can give you the strength you need, all you have to do is ask Him.

    I’ve been at the point where I honestly didn’t know what to do but pray and have hope. While I was putting my faith in full effect, God simply told me to just be still. That’s all, Be still. He will fight for you; He will make a way out of no way, just like when Moses and the Israelites were stuck and all that was in front of them was a sea of water. So in faith, they prayed to God and he parted the sea and made a way for them to go through.

    Sometimes in our situations there’s no way out or around it. You can’t go back, so your best option is to look unto God. I know it gets hard sometimes but, God will make a way through your impossible situation. Believe and have faith in Him.(By Shanequa Fleming)

  2. All these Anons attacking me, pls what’s your Aim in this life? One even wrote, she hates me so much and can’t even explain why! Ikwakwakwakwakwa
    News Flash: I’m gon be in your Face for a verrrrry long time! U just gotta love me! Ikwakwakwakwakwa.... oh wait! Are u my scorned ex from S n M waaay back?πŸ˜₯

    Kelvin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin)

    1. Lol. Na because your nyansh no smooth.

    2. God bless you dearest stella for all you do.

      Let's endeavour to make someone smile today.. the reward is soothing.

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  4. Hiii...Who dey find me!

    Una good afternoon ooo...

    Please can negative vibes shush it.

    I'm officially DavidoCheftized! #Chivido2020 #OBO

    Davido is hosting an evening party to celebrate the successful introduction.

    Kaii I love Burna Boy's voice. It's giving me orgasms. πŸ˜₯

    Angelina Angelina

    1. Beloved, good to see you here this afternoon. Davido truly loves good thing I swear. I now under why he said in that his Assurance music, "if I ever live you, make water carry me go." Dude surely wasn't joking. Who wouldn't settle down with a young lady like Chioma?

    2. Them don forgive you abi?
      But ure not fit to do business with anymore with SDK name.

    3. Ihn Don land,how una dey?lovely turkey shoes and bags ,I 😍 them, customers locate you guys have a great day ahead.

    4. Hey there πŸ™‹πŸΏ‍♂️
      Hope you are better?
      I love orgasms πŸ’―πŸ’―

    5. Welcome from your hiatus. Please tell us what happened.

    6. @Chivido
      YOu are having orgasms with the voice of sirens?
      If you don't know, I am telling you

    7. @***

      Leave my sirens alone

      Dangote Dangote! πŸ˜›

    8. Osinogini. Who and you dey hiatus. Some of you on this part of the world get dust brains. So somebody cannot resign from her place of work again in peace. Oh chimuo!

      They are allegedly killing my country people for SA, you are there Cowardly asking me ajuju.

    9. Hi Teejay... Which man no go like better thing. Igbo bu Igbo! Ukwu nwa bu go di chiii.

      Lwkmd, you don work before? So you are still a gatekeeper in your former place of work.

      My Slutty baiby. Yea, today I'm wilding.

      Adire πŸ’–

    10. Yes ooh Beloved... If na me get Chioma as babe, I for don marry since. I no need that kind delay abeg...

  5. To the lady that offloaded the "good guy"

    Nne, let's say you offloaded him because he was "struggling"
    All of you greedy Naija girls are looking for installed ATM machines you call
    Ngwanu, no be ya friend collect am "set up?"
    My Naija girls, if you will listen to me and for once suspend ya arrows to learn, if you find the man, a good man that your heart finds peace with (you have to be in Christ to understand this), hold him well. Marry him and forget all these fantasies and vanities you pursue.
    The truth is that we ladies have
    a shorter reproductive lifespan (yes, shoot your arrows to this truth 😊😊😊)
    Face realities.
    Live in the real world like Nigerian women
    and come off the fake vain world of
    Naija girls.

  6. My kids were talking and the 3 years said to the senior one that God is weeing that is why rain is falling I the sister just burst into laughter🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

  7. That wandering spirit is A DEMON.
    Look at Heb. 9:27

    1. Hope you know that it's our body that die but our souls liveth.

      I read one book like that. According to the book, some of our dreams are the past activities of the body that once housed our souls.

    2. Soul? Lol....
      Theres no such thing as soul, dont let them lie to you... you die, youre dead. It ends there!

    3. Beloved you can’t see the human soul with your naked eyes so whoever they’re seeing isn’t the dead person

  8. Pls Bv that Cabergoline experience pls help me i i identify the original version . there is one in green and white carton with the name "Dostimex 500mg CABERGOLINE " and the second one is in blue and a touch of pink carton with the name "Dostinex 0.5mg COMPRIMIDOS CABERGOLINE". Both are from PFIZER company.

    I bought one earlier "Dostinex KABERGOLIN" it didnt work that is why am confuse. Pls help a sister.. I will be at the comment section thanks.

    1. They are the same if the component is cabergolin 0.5mg.
      Continue with it bi-weekly for about 3-6months, you will see results

  9. Is it just me or those body cream look like soup? Biko let me take my panadol

    1. Don't worry about Paracetamol. Just buy one and check.

  10. Bv's pls pray along with my family, we have our Visa interview tomorrow morning it's our first time to apply though it's hubbys friend that invited us. Pls don't pass without saying a word of prayer, may God answer your secret prayers too. Stella pls post.

    1. Go and come back with your testimony in Jesus name.

    2. May your heart desires be granted


    3. Awwww. May God grant your heart desires!

    4. May GOD give your family favor at the interview tomorrow.. Amen

    5. It is done in Jesus Name, Amen.

    6. I pray it goes well and you will be granted the visa. You will receive favour

  11. People die and visit their loved ones πŸ™†πŸΏ‍♂️πŸ™†πŸΏ‍♂️
    Indeed very strange?
    Why didn’t my uncle visit me before leaving me? Oh, how I miss him so much.
    Awwwwwwwww.... Poster, I know what this feels like.
    If you are in a position to help, do so without expecting anything in return.
    If in the end, he/she changes and treats you badly, move on. It hurts like hell, but let God reward you his own way.
    Some friends are like that, out of envy they help you crash your relationship.
    God creates avenues for us to learn. For some, they learn the hard way, for others, it’s just like. Take it in good faith and pray for your man.
    I hope you are no longer talking to those friends of yours?
    And before you cut them off, let them know how unfair and wicked they were to you.
    Please, learn your lessons.
    Don’t go into another relationship with this out cash to your bf as a form of makeup for your last relationship, always remember yesterday’s chronicle.
    It’s good to help, don’t be stupid about it.
    You will be fine sis ❤️❤️

  12. This issue of Xenophobic attack on foreigners in SA is very sensitive, i blocked my sister on watsapp because of her insensitivity.....

    Will unblock her later in the year, if i remember!!

    Nobody should be insensitive or even compare two different unrelated situations....

    I can see our celebs using it for 'TREND', It's well.... I have not heard from one of my friends since yesterday.... Bsae keeps saying he's safe the area he is,is safe but i'm so scared!!!


  13. I need to see that your friend and hug her, she saw a diamond in the dirt.... you lack that sight, abeg wish them well and shift.

    1. You mean the “evil” friend? Stop being insensitive.
      You make your friend ruin her relationship and immediately you claim ownership. How do you think that will end?

    2. Which stupid diamond in the dirt?
      She had always wanted the man that’s why she connived with others to advise her pushover of a friend to ditch him

    3. A friend wouldnt just wake up and advice you to dump your lover, if they dont always hear you complaining and seeing you maltreat them.... if a friend or family member disrespects your date, trust me, its cus they know they can get away with it, and u dont value it.....
      Did you expect her to tell her she wants to take over the guy she dumped? Its over a year jo.... you threw him in garbage and she picked him up and brushed him, whyru crying?
      IF I TRASH SOMETHING IT MEANS ITS NOT WORTH IT, regardless of who adviced me to do so.

    4. That man is not a good person. He is not suppose to have anything to do with that girl he is marrying after knowing that she is a friend to his former friend.

    5. So wait oh... blessed princess, you'd see someone ready to pull u out of financial difficulty and you'd say No?
      Becus of one yeye girl code? As long as theyre compatible, let them marry

  14. Stella, that car is my spec too. Mennn, it's clean!

    The lady that lost a good man, please don't beat yourself over it. Learn from this, keep your matter to yourself and move on. You'll fine someone better, don't worry. Mind who you call friend going forward.

    Olori, God bless your new line of business. More customer patronage to you.

    Una dooh o!

    1. Sweets and Stella save your money o.
      Nissan Murano and Nissan Quest are drainers, they keep you at the mechanic workshops.
      Every time na so so engine failed, gear box failure.
      The day you're on Benin to Shagamu expressway under the rain and match brakes, you go turn Edo Airways because you with your Murano go fly on air when it crash lands your teeth will remain 20 because reason why is the airbag won't come out, e go fail you paraaaaa.

      Sorry poster I've been there, find anlda moto advertise

    2. Remove your eyes from that car, except you want to be frustrated. Murano is the most useless and problematic SUV/car on Nigerian roads. The car will drive you instead of the other way - high maintenance cost and unavailable/fake spare parts.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. The Murano has a transmission different from the usual ones most cars have. This is called a CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission) and not AT (Automatic Transmission) and CVT's are meant to be serviced by their own special CVT oils rather than the common transmission oils (ATF) we use here. This is where the problem develops from. Different oils have variable viscous levels

  15. Different people live by different values but that's her husband so yeah, poster is supposed to be involved in financial decisions. Are they not one? 😐

    Bottom line is have your own money/savings/investments cos being beholden to someone else for money is tedious and possibly unpleasant depending on the man.

    1. Lol, me sef tire for Stella RED PEN!!

      How is wanting to be involved in your husband's financial decision the same as being entitled?? it's well oooooh!!

      Have your own money but any issue that concerns the household should be done together with adequate communication!


    2. Yes Perxian,youre right. "Depending on the man". They are one, their money is "their money". This is what marriage is.

  16. Where is LadyBug? I have not seen her comment recently..

    1. She could be any of this new ID springing up Lol...

    2. Y will she change her I'd,wen she is nt owing anybody,ladybug show face o don miss ur comment

    3. Even Ronalda is no where to be found... I miss her comment though

  17. Stella I beg to differ,If a wife can't exercise entitled mentality with her husband ,pray tell where else she should do it? Two will become one they said,why can't a man carry along his wife about his finances. I'm not really of the opinion of knowing the exact amount in his bank account,but I don't feel a wife should be left in the dark completely, better still she should know about the expenses. As well get adequate upkeep for the home.

    Poster with the wrong accusation ish,I know how crazy that thing can be ,I'd suggest you ask the alleged accuser and get to hear whatever she's got to say while you handle it from there.

  18. That wandering spirit thing ehn.. Lord have mercy.
    But some friends, na wa ooo. How can you advise someone against something & go right ahead to do that same thing? That friend was a frienemy. Sorry babe, forgive yourself & move on. Better man go come & since he hasn't, don't base or put your life on hold because of that. ❤️

    Olori.. business woman extraordinarie
    Correct customers I wish everyone.


  19. God forbid,I'm entitled 100% of my husbands income,so because a woman demands her husband give her more money,she doesn't have respect for herself any more,money makes me horny,money from my hubby gives me triple orgasm,anyways my Oga doesn't care how much I earn,he gives me my monthly pay at the end of the month,and when I exhaust it ,we start spending from his pocket,if I spend excessively from my income,I must collect it back,he wouldn't even know,what will I be doing in a marriage where the man is not bringing money?nawaoo but if you disagree with me fine,no insults otherwise back to sender.

    1. Sdk I feel Naija husbands need to give their wives money unlessthey are sharing the house chores 50-50.

    2. I believe you are not married if you can't access your husband account. I access all his account and he does same to mine, i draft exepnses for the month and plan with hubby.
      We access each others mail and call to give a reminder if one have not address an important mail.

      Hmmmmm what men dont know is if the woman is in control she will know how to manage because she knows if it finish its the whole family that will suffer.

      I remembered when there was an emergency and we need very huge sum, but because i could access all accounts we were able to deal with it without everyone in the family knowing whatsup. A.A

    3. Sis you and I are twinssssss tho my own money gives me orgasms my hubbys gives me triple that hehe

  20. Stella, in Nigeria, we do not have 'effective' laws that protects the woman in cases of her husband's premature death, or divorce. So, a woman needs to know about his investments before family come throw you and your children out without pant if kasala happen. Abroad, the law fights for you, but over here, one has to keep her eyes open.

  21. So dstv customer service is temporary shut down? Why didn't they return the money, since they wont be providing service. Just wasted subscription money.

  22. Stella which kind advise be that. They are married. He needs to take her along in whatever decision he wants to make. She's not asking for too much.

    Madam poster, start saving your own money.

  23. Olori na you biko. So as border close, you have sharperly diversified to organic product.

  24. I know of dead souls visiting their loved ones. My Grandpa visited my mom when he died. I can still remember that night vividly. One night we all settled down after dinner.. We were watching Super story then and relaxing. I think the series was that Nnenna. (Btw i miss Super story). Next thing NEPA took light. My Dad turned on the gen so that we can complete our Super story. When it finished, We decided to tell folktales as we were not sleepy yet. We normally take turns telling stories. My mom started. You know that folk tales that require some choruses. Mbe aga awa - Aja mbene. Ya, so we were about 5 minutes into our story, my mom said she heard someone calling /knocking in her local dialect. She stopped her story to listen well. The next thing we heard was a loud Bang! My Dad turned on the "Search light" - a fluorescent bulb that can see the whole of our front compound. Immediately the light was turned on, it turned off on its own. And doesn't want to switch on again. My dad still went and brought out his Gun and a security torchlight. The torchlight no gree turn o. Omo we the kids don dey sense danger.

    My mum just shouted Mpa muo! meaning My Father!

    My fear brother was shaking. He ran inside. Me I was just being my curious self, I wan follow see. Lol

    I followed her downstairs. When we got down to the compound. She led us to where Grandpa knocked on. It was a metal tank. His knock heavily dented the tank. I kept asking her. Where, how? She explained that she thinks her sick dad has died. That she feels he came to say Goodbye. She started crying at the tank side. The "search light" later turned on its own. Everyone came down to see the dent on the tank.

    The next day, I followed her to visit Grandpa. And they said he passed on last night, around the same time she heard the first call.

    1. Wow!!! So strange. Someone I know visited his debtors and told them to go and give his people the money. Each time the debtors did, the family always cry knowing that their death son is bringing money to them even in death.

    2. Beloved but you’ll agree that none of you SAW him abi

  25. Good afternoon bvs,what am I doing wrong with my advert.Stella haven't posted any of my advert since sunday,i don't know if the mails entered spam, help me oooh

    1. Are you the one who refused to give Stella a discount?
      If you are the one, she said you should start paying for adverts

  26. Stella stop this entitlement something o. Why did he marry her if he had no trust in her. The horeeband is just wicked.

    That is wickedness and wonder if most women in marriages were given out as loans to their horse bands. Were they owing the horaeband families money? Because most are being maltreated even in the first year of marriage.

    Madam since he cannot tell you and continue giving you 5k. Stop buying things in the house. Tell him the 5k is part of transport and not enough. I wonder why most of you dont communicate. Na only fuck fuck una sabi.a

    1. yori yori see ur mouth like fuck fuck like say u no dey ur type no dey allow una hubby sleep for nite be shouting rasie m'ike.itogbuolem o!

    2. lol..dis anon u don craze finish o.

  27. I have screenshot that turkey bag and the sneakers. The brown one in Particular, It is so cute.. That I will buy it when I have money!

  28. Hian Stella has come again with her one chance advice. Not entitled to your husband's money you say, who then is? Please in our bid to exercise our independence as women, we should not go and make these men lazier and callous than they already are. If one cannot ask their husband for money because of self respect, who then will we ask that our respect will still be intact? Abeg oh.

    1. Gbam. Besides in our culture, the man is the provider. The woman also said all her money goes into taking care of the home.

  29. Hmm this dead people showing themselves to their loved ones is true o.
    I remembered when I was sent to the village to live wit my granny after she lost her son.i noticed she was always keeping food in a plate in d night but by morning d plate will be one day I summoned courage and asked her.she told me her late son is d one coming to eat d food.the son came back from farm very hungry.while she was cooking he decided to buy Coke and that was how a car killed him.he was always appearing to her in d dream that he is she started keeping food for him.

  30. Fabulous_collectionss for your Turkey products 081488440694 September 2019 at 15:38

    Wow! Thanks a lot for posting my ad
    I appreciate @SDK

  31. Good afternoon everyone
    Olori may heaven bless your hustle

  32. I just vex for Stella,I am over entitled and must and does know the exact amount
    No password on phone,if you put one I do know the password and why.same for me.
    That is marriage not manage
    I am his responsibility,
    My place is his partner and better half.
    I don't start what I can not finish
    Singles pls do not take Stella advice.
    Your husband will respect you based on your bond not because of money because you are his responsibility.
    My hubby and I don't hide stuff,we quarrel,we argue and we settles.haba
    I am entitled o.

    1. Loud it. I know when he’s expecting any awoof and make sure I collect my share. Person wey even outsiders dey time him salary dey receive their cut steadily na him I go come dey do self respect for? I am your number one priority. When he goes out to work he knows he’s doing it for us. Wetin him wan use him money dey do na?

  33. Afternoon oh ! Abeg bring your eye come down, nah your blog you must read.......

  34. The dead wandering- I just can't understand it. My neighbor bought a car but the A/C had issues. He took the car to his electrician to fix and gave him 30k. Few days later he died. He was buried almost immediately. We didn't know that as he was being lowered into the grave he went to confront the electrician warning him to return his car. The electrician didn't even know that he died but he felt bad after their quarrel and decided to come visit him and apologize because they had been friends for years. The dead man was a mechanic who used to give him electrical jobs and he didn't want to lose that. He was shocked lo learn that his friend died and when he mentioned the time of his visit and their quarrel, it tallied with the time of his burial. The electrician quickly fixed the A/c the next day and returned the car, parked it beside the man's grave and gave his wife 30K. If I say these beings are demons that will be intellectual laziness. Anything we don't understand must be witchcraft, demonic, etc. I will really love to know what happens on the other side.

    1. Christianity didn't only make some people gullible, but also take away some sense of reasoning from them. I don't see reason why someone will say spirit are demons and was busy quoting Bible. Has it occur to him or her that there are good spirit and as well bad spirit? When one dies, the spirit (soul) hovers for a while before finally returning to their final abode. Most times they are the ones who died painfully. I wish I can go further than this.

    2. Teejay no go dey do pass yourself. So what are bad spirits na

  35. sister that lost her bf to another lady, that will teach you a lesson that next time keep your relationship frpm your friends. Is not whatever you in your relationship that you must tell your friend.

    money matter i feel my husband shuld be the one to pay bills oh, i am the woman his help mate and not his spening machine, if you marry a lazy man and start spoiling him with spedning he will leave all the responsibilities to you and follow other girls.

  36. Stella's BVs can write tales by moonlight sha. 🀣🀣🀣 one said her granny use to keep food by the side at night and his dead son comes to eat. Some of you on this block need mental evaluation; what the heck! Why all the childish lies though. Smh.

  37. Please does anyone know how I can renew my passport within a day or two because I just visiting Lagos for 3days.

  38. To the lady that was accused of stealing, don't worry that frenemy paid you evil for good that you did to her, and you getting to know now is just a sign that God is on the case and has started vindicating you. In life you don't do good to the person that you know is or will be capable of rewarding you now or later if not it is no longer help or good deed but a transaction. God is the Judge and rewarder.
    To my sister that dished her boyfriend, it's painful to the heart I know, I have been there, I did same, just that mine was not influenced by anyone and he wasn't begging for my help then he was just comfortable, when I finally decided to accept his proposal he was getting married, he later got a job with a foreign oil company, I tell you he is doing great now, and am super happy for him because he suffered and God is rewarding him now. why am I telling you this, 1. YOU are not alone in this, it happens don't be too hard on yourself, like you when I found out I cried my eyes out but God is a God of second chances, when you fall don't stay there, dust yourself and stand up and move, God will do for you too like he did for other person, He will bless you too, you are one of His. (By the way that my oil friend is indeed a gentle man, he didn't mock me when life turned out well for him, he contacted me and still told me some good things about me, surprisingly then God showed me in the dream that he will become great and I told him but I don't know...).
    Stay strong dear.

  39. A friend of mine then shared how his cousin was owing one man #200 and the man died and he has not yet paid him. So one day he was going on a road and he saw the man coming, then out of fear he changed direction and still saw the man coming towards him, what he did was to throw away the dead man's #200. And following this event I tell people owing even if I die that they must not owe me if mistakenly I'm owing anyone they should meet my family for payment of my debt.
    That my friend told me this around 1998 in Owerri.
    This's a true story

    The most Complex

  40. Please don't buy MTN data from that advert above,it's most likely a scam,have fallen victim through such advert on nairaland.

  41. Friend's advice when dating..... we need to be very very careful and go with our instincts. When I was dating my atheist ex, I told a friend of mine that I was uncomfortable having a guy who doesn't acknowledge God. She told me that it doesn't matter as long as he is a good guy, bla bla. I followed my intuition and broke up with him (the events that have followed made me know it was just God who saved me πŸ™ŒπŸ½).

    This friend of mine will later marry a very churchy guy, who she quietly follows to church and thanks God for his faithfulness. I dont think she meant me evil, but imagine if I took that advice and ran with it. As of today, I would hate myself. My point is, in relationships just sort yourself out with God. Dont listen to people and learn for subsequent relationships. Good luck!!

  42. Friend's advice when dating..... we need to be very very careful and go with our instincts. When I was dating my atheist ex, I told a friend of mine that I was uncomfortable having a guy who doesn't acknowledge God. She told me that it doesn't matter as long as he is a good guy, bla bla. I followed my intuition and broke up with him (the events that have followed made me know it was just God who saved me πŸ™ŒπŸ½).

    This friend of mine will later marry a very churchy guy, who she quietly follows to church and thanks God for his faithfulness. I dont think she meant me evil, but imagine if I took that advice and ran with it. As of today, I would hate myself. My point is, in relationships just sort yourself out with God. Dont listen to people and learn for subsequent relationships. Good luck!!

  43. I see dead people all the time and I ask them "what are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be dead?". They would just smile with no explanation. Freaks me out whenever I have such dreams.


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