Stella Dimoko Alcohol Addict Reportedly Sees Jesus In TB Joshua's Church....


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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Alcohol Addict Reportedly Sees Jesus In TB Joshua's Church....

A young Ghanaian man is the latest to have testified to a ‘supernatural encounter’ after visiting TB Joshua’s well-known ministry in Lagos, Nigeria.

According to Charles Puplampu, he lived a ‘wayward life’ as an alcoholic, womanizer and smoker when business collapse and financial ruin pushed him to his ‘knees’ in prayer.

"I had no money to take care of my family,” he recounted in a testimony shared on Joshua’s official Facebook page. “My rent expired, I owed for two extra years and my children couldn't even go to school because of no school fees.”

Charles said he reached out to friends who were prospering financially but was ‘turned down’ at every request for help and left with mounting debts and despair.

“I sat in my sofa with my children around me and I was meditating on these exact words - 'No one on this earth can help me except God.' ”

Stricken by this realisation, Puplampu turned to heartfelt prayer, falling to his knees in private his room. Merely minutes later, he fell asleep.

"I had this dream where I saw myself in The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations on the altar,” he described.
I saw a man wearing a white robe with a long beard. His hair was like cotton wool and He sat on a king's chair with a crown on His head, holding a very big book,” he vividly detailed.
Before Him there were a lot of angels, who changed my black clothes to a white one just like theirs.”

Upon waking up, Charles said he immediately called an old friend whom he knew to be an ‘Emmanuel TV Partner’.

Upon narrating his ‘vision’ to him, the man financially supported Charles to physically take a trip to The SCOAN in Nigeria, as well as providing money for his outstanding rent and children’s school fees.

After visiting TB Joshua’s popular Lagos-based church, Charles claims his life has radically changed.

"After my visit to The SCOAN, up until now, I have never tasted alcohol, smoked or womanised,”he acknowledged, adding his business ventures had equally witnessed a turnaround.

“By God's grace, all those debts with court threats have been cancelled! I thank God for saving me, my family, paying my debts and restoring my business,”he concluded.

Charles’ testimony comes on the heels of several other public revelations about supernatural phenomena accompanying their interactions with the SCOAN.

Commenting on the issue, a South African Pastor named Ika Freedman opined that many clergymen equally needed Joshua’s help but didn’t seek it because of the pride associate with ‘false reputation’.

“It is hard to genuinely seek help as a well-known preacher. Your reputation can stand in the way of your freedom,” he wrote on Facebook.

“Preachers are committing suicide while help is available. Imagine after you publicly said Prophet T.B Joshua is a false prophet and God speaks to you about going to him for help, what would you do,” Freedman questioned, calling on ministers to choose ‘liberation’ over ‘reputation’

Ihechukwu Njoku is a freelance Nigerian journalist...


  1. Lolzzz 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Under the influence of the ''spirit''..Ewo!!!

  2. Schizo Charles, Schizo did not see me. Last warning.

    1. Hahahahaha. He saw you with cotton hair. What are you doing on this blog. Na here you want to carry people go heaven?

    2. I guess he forgot your name lol

  3. you are free indeed, go and sin no more.

  4. Thank God for him....
    May your healing remain permanent in Jesus name. Amen

  5. My God, these stupid people have come again!


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