Stella Dimoko AMAA Awards 2019 Nominees And Winners....


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Monday, October 28, 2019

AMAA Awards 2019 Nominees And Winners....

AMAA 2019 kicked off with a red carpet at about 5PM at the Landmark Event Centre on Sunday, October 27, 2019.
Actress and producer, Kemi Lala Akindoju, Lorenzo Menakaya and comedian, Funnybone were the hosts for the night

The Nominees and winners are......................

1. Michael Anyiam Osigwe Award For Best Film by an African-Born Director Living Abroad

1. Julius Amedume - Rattlesnakes (WINNER)

2. Tosin Coker - Lara and the Beats
3. Robert O. Peters – Makeroom

2. Best Diaspora Short Film

1. Bail (UK) (WINNER)

2. Oath Bound (UK)
3. Fevah (USA)
4. I Am Superman (Brazil)

3. Best Diaspora Documentary

1. Wax Print 1 FABRIC, 4 continent (UK)
2. The Guardian of No Return (Guadalope)
3. Dare to Dream (USA/CUBA)
4. Drugs as Weapons Against Us (USA)
5. My Friend Fela (Brazil) (WINNER)

4. Best Diaspora Narrative Feature

1. Nine Nights (UK)
2. Olympia (USA)
3. Traffik (US)
4. Hero (Trinidad and Tobago/Canada)

5. Sprinter (Jamaica)

5. Best Achievement in Production Design

1. Redemption (Mozambique) (WINNER)2. Rafiki (Kenya)
3. Ellen, The Ellen Parkies Stories (S. Africa)
4. Urgent (Morroco)
5. Burial of Kojo (Ghana)
6. Sew the Winter to My Skin (S. Africa)
7. Mercy of the Jungle (Rwanda)
8. Delivery Boy (Nigeria)

6. Best Achievement in Costume Design

1. Sew the Winter to My Skin (S. Africa)
2. Light in the Dark (Nigeria)
3. Rafiki (Kenya)
4. King of Boys (Nigeria)
5. Lara and the Beats (Nigeria)
6. Urgent (Morocco)
7. Mabata Bata (Mozambique)
Mercy of the Jungle (Rwanda) (WINNER)

7. Best Achievement in Make-Up

1. Makeroom (Nigeria)
2. Gold Statue (Nigeria)
3. Veronica’s Wish (Uganda)
4. Sew the Winter to My Skin (S. Africa)
5. Before the Vows (GHANA)
6. Mercy of the Jungle (Rwanda) (WINNER)7. The Burial of Kojo (Ghana)

8. Best Achievement in Soundtrack

1. Subira (Kenya)
2. Mabata Bata (Mozambique) (WINNER)3. Farewell Ella Bella (S. AFRICA)
4. Mercy of the Jungle (Rwanda)
5. Sew the Winter to My Skin (S. Africa)
6. Lara and the Beats (Nigeria)
7. The Delivery Boy (Nigeria)
8. Redemption (Mozambique)

9. Best Achievement in Visual Effects

1. Makeroom (Nigeria)
2. Sew the Winter to My Skin (S. Africa)
3. Knockout Blessing (Nigeria) (WINNER)4. Mabata Bata (Mozambique)
5. The Delivery Boy (Nigeria)
6. The King of Boys (Nigeria)
7. Burial of Kojo (Ghana)

10. NFVCB Award For Best Nigerian Film

1. The Delivery Boy
2. Lara and the Beats
3. Makeroom
4. King of Boys (WINNER)5. Gold Statute
6. Up North
7. Knockout Blessing

11. Best Documentary

1. Djambar, Sembene the Unsubmissive (Cameroun)
2. The State Against Mandela (South Africa)
3. Golden Fish, African Fish (Senegal)
4. Skin (Nigeria)
5. Khartoum Offside (Sudan) (WINNER)6. Le loups d’or de Balole (Burkina Faso)
7. Sur Les Traces de Mamani Abdoulaye (Niger)
8. No Gold For Katsaka (Burkina Faso)
9. Mother, I am Suffocating, This Is My Last Film About You (Lesotho)

12. Ousmane Sembene Award For Best Film in an African Language

1. Makeroom (Nigeria)
2. Mabata Bata (Mozambique)
3. Rafiki (Kenya) (WINNER)4. Bahasha -The Envelope (Tanzania)
5. Azali (Ghana)

13. Efere Ozako Award For Best Short Film

1. The Fisherman (Ghana)
2. A Tune of Kora (SENEGAL) (WINNER)3. ICYASHA (Rwanda)
4. NAMOW2018 (KENYA)
5. Vagabond (GHANA)
6. Measure of a Woman (SA)
7. Mma Moeketsi (SA)
8. Motswakwa (BOTSWANA)
9. Tonight’s Opening Act (EGYPT)
10. Hello Rain (NIGERIA)

14. Best Achievement in Sound

1. The Last Victim (S. Africa)
2. Sew the Winter to My Skin (S. Africa)
3. Makeroom (Nigeria)
4. The Delivery Boy (Nigeria)
5. The Burial of Kojo (Ghana)
6. Urgent (Morocco)
7. Mabata Bata (Mozambique) (WINNER)8. Redemption (Mozambique)

15. Best Achievement in Cinematography

1. Mabata Bata (Mozambique)
2. Sew the Winter to My Skin (S. Africa)

3. Mother, I am Suffocating, This Is My Last Film About You (Lesotho)
4. Redemption (Mozambique)
5. Rafiki (Kenya)
6. Delivery Boy (Nigeria)
7. The Burial of Kojo (Ghana)
8. Redemption (Mozambique)

16. Best Achievement in Editing

1. The Delivery Boy (Nigeria)
2. The Burial of Kojo (Ghana)
3. The Last Victim (S. Africa)
4. Rafiki (Kenya) (WINNER)5. The Gold Statute (Nigeria)
6. Diamond in the Sky (Nigeria)
7. Mercy of the Jungle (Rwanda)
8. Sew The Winter To My Skin (S. Africa)

17. Best Achievement in Screenplay

1. The Delivery Boy (Nigeria)
2. The Last Victim (S. Africa)
3. Rafiki (Kenya)
4. Diamond in the Sky (Nigeria)
5. Gold Statute (Morocco)
6 Lara and the Beats (Nigeria)
7. Redemption (Mozambique) (WINNER)8. Up North (Nigeria)

18. Best Animation

1. Kitwana Journey – Kenya
2. Choices – Nigeria (WINNER)3. Isolated- Kenya
4. Afrogames – Burkina Faso

19. Best Young/Promising Actor

1. Youssef Alaoui (Ayoub) URGENT
2. Angel Onyinyechi Unigwe (Adaeze) LIGHT IN THE DARK
3. Cynthia Dankwa (Esi) BURIAL OF KOJO

4. Emilio Bilo (Azarias) Mabata Bata
5. Jamma Ibrahim (Amir) The Delivery Boy
6. Catherine Credo (Neema) Fatuma

20. Best Actor in a Supporting Role

1. Remilekun “Reminisce” Sarafu (Makanaki) King of Boys
2. Jarrid Geduld 9 (Abie) Ellen, The Ellen Parkies Story (WINNER)3. Zolisa Xaluva (Wyatt Earp) Sew the Winter to my Skin
4. Kanayo O. Kanyayo (Chief Otuekong) Up North
5. Kobina Amissah-Sam (Kwabina) The Burial of Kojo
6. Bucci Franklyn (Dagogo) Knockout Blessing

21. Best Actress in a Supporting Role

1. Eniola Shobayo (Vivian) Knockout Blessing
2. Linda Ejiofer (Oby) Knockout Blessing
3. Kandyse McClure (Golden Eyes) Sew the Winter to My Skin
4. Adesua Etomi (Kemi) The King of Boys

5. Joke Silva (Mama Jumoke) Light in the Dark
6. Arlete Bombe (Mia) Redemption

22. Best Actor in a Leading Role

1. Gabriel Afolayan Gold Statue
2. Joseph Otsiman (Kojo) The Burial of Kojo
3. Chinedu Ikedieze (Big Chi) Lara and the Beats
4. Jimmy Jean Louis (Robert McQueen) Rattlesnakes
5. Gil Alexandre (Bruno) Redemption
6. Marc Zinga ( )Mercy of the Jungle) (WINNER)7. Ezra Mabengeza (Samson) Sew The Winter To My Skin
8. Ayoub Bombwe ( Mwanyusi ) Fatuma

23. Best Actress in a Leading Role

1. Sheila Munyiva (Ziki) Rafik
2. Rita Dominic (Jumoke Arinze) Light in the Dark
3. Jill Levenberg (Ellen) The Ellen Parkies Story
4. Beatrice Taisamo (Fatuma) Fatuma
5. Seyi Shay (Lara) Lara and the Beats
6. Sola Sobowale (Eniola) King of Boys

7. Jemima Osunde (Nkem) The Delivery Boy
8. Samantha Mugatsia (Kena) Rafiki

24. Best Director-First Feature Film

1. Blitz Bazawule - The Burial of Kojo (Ghana)

2. Adekunle “Nodash” Adejuyigbe - The Delivery Boy (Nigeria)
3. Sippy Chadha – Subira (Tanzania)
4. Nicole Amarteifo – Before the Vows (Ghana)

25. Best Director

1. Wanuri Kahui – Rafiki (Kenya)
2. Adekunle “Nodash” Adejuyigbe - The Delivery Boy (Nigeria)
3. Daryne Joshua -Ellen, The Ellen Parkies Story (S. Africa)
4. Jahmil X. Qubeka - Sew the Winter to My Skin (S. Africa) (WINNER)5. Kemi Adetiba – King of Boys (Nigeria)
6. Mohcine Besri – Urgent (Morocco)
7. Mickey Fonseca – Redemption (Mozambique)
8. Joël Karekezi- Mercy of the Jungle (Rwanda)

26. Best Film

1. Rafiki (Kenya)
2. Mercy of the Jungle (Rwanda) (WINNER)

3. The Delivery Boy (Nigeria)
4. Ellen, The Ellen Parkies Story (S. Africa)
5. Sew the Winter to My Skin (S. Africa)
6. Redemption (Mozambique)
7. King of Boys (Nigeria)
8. Urgent (Morocco)


  1. Congratulations to the winners.

    The Rattle snake, is it the old movie or is there a new one??
    I want to watch that Rattle snake ; heard so much about it.

  2. Congratulations to all winners..Kemi Adetiba Welldone!! King of Boys was the first Nigerian movie I watched at the cinema and I never regretted it..The world is your oyster..

    1. Abi o. almost 3 hours but intriguing

    2. Just watched it last week, my husband so lolove the movie

      *Larry was here*

  3. King of Boys worth the win. very interesting movie

  4. Congratulations to all the winners! .... But I love the gold statue! my Gabriel Afo should have won!

    1. Gabriel is a very good actor but underrated. Gold statue is a lovely movie.

    2. Gabriel Afo is truly underrated
      Guy is good. Still have gold statue on my phone.

    3. Were can I download ghost status from

  5. congratulations to aunty solasobowale and adesuwa.congratultions all

  6. All these stuff are bought and paid for

    1. Na dem
      Never see good
      Koshi ojare

  7. Na wa o. How can a film get more than five nominations and win nothing! Not even one award? Chai, how dare you raise the hope of the producer, director and actors so high and and crashed it at the end? It's painful.

    And if you are wondering about the film I'm talking about,check the list 👆 again.

    Another film I thought wouldn't win any award too after five nominations finally got one award for "best cinematography".

    Congratulations to all the winners.

  8. Congrats. Mercy of the jungle nearly pick all the awards.

  9. There was nothing special about Adesua’s role in king of boys, just like a Pa to her mom. In my opinion she doesn’t deserve the best supporting actress. She’s a good actress no doubt .

    1. Exactly what I said

    2. Exactly. I dont even think she's a fanstastic actress. Her best movie yet is King of Boys. But I'm honestly wondering why Toni tones wasn't on that list. she really deserved it than adesua. either ways good luck to the winners and nominees.

    3. Toni Tones should have been nominated instead.

    4. When I kept saying that Adesua’s acting is only skin deep people were saying No, now everyone can see she’s just lucky and can speak British English and of course she’s fair skinned naturally. Outside of that, Adesua is an average actor.

  10. What’s up north doing there, nothing special about Adesuwa’s acting in king of boys. gold statue deserves an award

    1. But did you vote? Aren't these awards given based on votes after nominations. Vote first them complain.

  11. I love King of Boys. Adesua did fantastic and I would have been mad if she didn't win.

  12. King of boys, that woman e, very interesting

  13. Congratulations to all d winners...thumb up to Sola sobowale n Adesua etomi

  14. Congratulations to all the winners and kemi adetibe's king if boys. Beautiful story,great caste.


  16. why didn't reminsce win for best supporting actor? his performance was stellar in King of boys


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