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Saturday, October 05, 2019

Amebo Column - Hold Your Mouth!

My people na beg I take beg una o! Please ehn, when you meet someone who is asking you about another person Abeg, make we no dey quick bad-mouth or Jam talk.

You know say God no go come down help person find work or connect, na human being he go use! Abeg, make we no dey block road for another person.Even if the person no deserve the link to the helper, abeg do it for your own posterity.

Some helpers that we daily pray for, may be searching and asking for us from someone who has been hurt or offended by us in the past. The hurting person may not even know what we are passing through at that moment!

I know it is hard, let us allow God use us to be bigger persons. You can link them up and ask the helper to mention you were the link. It is then left for that person to decide to reach out and make ammends with you or not.

I have learnt in life that there is nothing worse than standing in God's way! I mean when God wants to do something for someone you have concluded as being 'unfit' for that favour! You also forget that living life itself is by grace! Unmerited one at that!

That person you are blocking has many destinies tied to them and you can never tell if you are on that same queue or someone in your bloodline!

Let us connect whoever needs to be connected, help whoever needs to be helped!

You have made yourself a part of their history and there is nothing they can do about it.

The greatest form of revenge is not being in a higher position to help an enemy o!

It is actually the action which entails you lifting them with the power that you have!
You can keep them at armslength afterwards but first, help them and be happy about it!

Na me


  1. Nice one madam stella, you hit the nail on the head. Thanks a lot

  2. So funny on how some people pull others down thinking they will rise themselves by that act. You can only rise by lifting others up. What are people actually dragging at in this life? A human today, a corpse tomorrow. Do you think you will live forever? Do you think the people you snitch on to gain favour won't be better than you in years to come?

    I used to think death is the greatest loss on earth but I was wrong. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.

  3. Some people no deserve help abeg, leave that thing!
    Even God no dey help everybody...

  4. Thank God for you Amebo,the right up make sense wella

  5. There is this inner peace given from helping others. A girl resumed in my place of work recently. I do not know her and we have no mutual friends. She is just someone who happened to pass the interview of a job advert I put on IHN that stella posted. The position she got is a pretty good one. I feel so glad within actually to actually have been part of what God has done. So people plz help. There is so much unemployment out there. If u can take some one out of it, thats something . Nothing is too smlal plz. You cannot help everybody but at least help some one.

  6. Nice post, very enlightening and encouraging... helpers for FG Agency jobs please locate me ejoor!

  7. Madame koinkoin aka the 'peace maker'5 October 2019 at 16:38

    Weldone Ma, nice write up, interesting and very educative to read!


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