Stella Dimoko Amebo Column -Weight Gain In Pregnancy And The Wahala...


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Saturday, October 26, 2019

Amebo Column -Weight Gain In Pregnancy And The Wahala...

I will not hear this gist alone!!!!

So, this woman at the salon who they had to get a bench for because she could not occupy a single seat got into a fight with a slimmer mother of two who felt she should be attended to before the chubby lady.

The chubby lady was so sluggish in deciding what she wanted to make and the slim corporate looking lady wasn't having any of it.

The slim one said ' if you make me kick your truckload of asses, you will drop to size zero'.

Na so the dryer begin pepper my scalp as everyone was trying to pacify both parties. Plus i cant stay under dryer when there is war ongoing around me. What kind of a customer would that make me (*side eyes*).

Eventually, the chubby lady left on agreement for a special home service.

Soooo... weeks passed and I was at the salon and asked the owner about the chubby lady.

Na so she carry the one wey i no ask am join the one wey i wan know ( as if i did not come to mind my business *side eyes*)

It turned out chubby was like a cheerleader back in school ( yaass! She was really like a shapy broom stick) then her Horseband felt she was too 'buriful' and began indulging her until she lost her self and couldn't do without being a complete sweet tooth.....

The salon lady said chubby couldn't conceive in time and once she had had complications at birth and lost the baby and horseband walked away an went to  settle for a 'corporate slim chick' who was way prettier than her and now they have kids together!

So the home service service made salon lady understand chubby lady's trigger sighting a corporate slim lady with kids trying to get her space at the salon!

It explains also why some dark skinned women will just hate any light skinned lady they run into -their ex probably left them for one!

Some women just go on a complete 'hate spree' once they sight anyone similar to who their men is cheating with or wishes they looked like...

Some shameless men go even dey compliment attributes wey dia wife nor get 'openly' on another lady in her presence! Men sabi wake trouble!'
Some men put their women through hell when they gain weight during pregnancy not knowing that it is not easy........

And then some are under serious pressure to lose the weight or lose their hsbands to the next slim girl he runs into who is willing to play ball with him...
Some women are lucky,if they get pregnant and put on weight,they lose it almost Immediately,some never do and pay the price!.

Na me Amebo


  1. Hmmmmmmmmm!!!
    It’s easy to gain weight for some people, others, no matter what they eat they don’t gain weight.
    We all should know our body types and work strictly with it. That way, we can monitor our weight.
    A woman who gains weight during/after pregnancy needs love and encouragement to bring her weight down. What’s marriage for again 🀷🏿‍♀️ FOR BETTER OR WORSE.
    Body shamers are quick to judge, they don’t know it’s not easy to bring down weight. People have tried all they could, still they couldn’t, so they gave up.
    Men who abandon their wives cos of weight gain, are just babies.
    What were you expecting?
    After “deforming” her in DON’s words, you abandon her and go for a slimmer lady.
    That chubby lady must have been depressed after losing the pregnancy.
    Oh well, In whatever size you find yourself, appreciate it. If you don’t, hit the gym and go on a diet.
    Also, one should try to be fit for health sake.
    To the BBB ladies out there, you are beautiful. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
    Rock your size and be happy πŸ™ŒπŸΏπŸ™ŒπŸΏ

  2. Do you want to limit weight gain in pregnancy?
    My style...

    1. Fast to prepare for pregnancy
    2. Remove sugar drinks and Replace ever refined sugar in your beverages with honey.
    3. Eat fruits and veggies during the day (with milk and plenty of water) and one full course meals at nights.
    4. After delivery, begin abdominal trimming exercise by 6th week.
    Above all, trust God

    That has made me look forward to pregnancy as a worth while journey.
    I like my shame very much.

    Amebo thank you ooo, for reminding me of wetin I dey endure sometimes.
    Na so e be o. When I carry my smooth 🀐🀐 waka enter any service place, na so some Naija sisis go dey bark like bulldogs...😊😊
    Beauty no be by big smooth nyansh, na
    character pass ooo.
    Ha ga anukwanu -will they hear?
    Ajuju ooo 😊😊😊

    1. Honey no dey save during pregnancy and no woman should diet during that process too except on medical advice (gestational diabetes).

      Is best to eat everything in moderation and well balanced diet too. Some are lucky while some just have to work harder.

    2. @OSNAC
      Remember what I wrote there; "my style"
      You can write your own style too.
      It's a journey I've been through for 5 times. The first time, I was told
      exactly what you wrote up there by "our mothers" and I suffered; nausea, vomiting, weight gain
      that was difficult to lose, etc. That was my learning point.
      I forgot to state that by merely taking off refined sugar/sugar drinks,
      I was able to knock off nausea/vomiting.
      By the way, were you not contradictory by talking about "eating in moderation and not dieting?"
      That pre-pregnancy fast (mine was 1 month daily till evening drinking plenty of water) helps you
      to be in control of your cravings during pregnancy. Self control is a treasure!

    3. Difference between moderation and dieting.... Let me break it down well well...

      Moderation: eat one cup of rice and not 5 cos you feel or think you are eating for two.

      Dieting: Pls avoid cabs, some protein etc even when you know the developing baby needs it.

      Balanced diet x moderation: small portion of rice, vegs, protein, fruits and lots of water. And if you can stomach 3 portions of fish younger ones to avoid high marcury levels 3times a week.

    4. And if you suffer morning sickness during pregnancy, Pls take ginger tea not honey. Some docs give b6 to help out too.

    5. @Osinac
      You seem not to understand anything I wrote up there;
      I said that I merely REMOVED REFINED SUGAR (after the first pregnancy) and I never suffered
      morning sickness again in the four subsequent pregnancies.

  3. Wetin Rosina nor go see and hear for salon πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

    1. The amebo that goes on in salon eh, my ear dey full. Where women gather eh, asiri gbakute!

  4. I can't stress myself on weight issues because of any man o, person wey go cheat go cheap even if you're as tiny as a pencil.

    I usually add more weight while breastfeeding and as soon as baby stops I'll lose all the weight.Despite this, I still watch what I eat and I can't kee myself because of anyone abeg

  5. And here I am lookin for drugs that will make me fat after child birth. I have lost a lot of weight. All my clothes are now oversize... Lol
    This life self! I was so lookin forward to how d baby fat will look on me. Now, 1 singu fat I no see.
    My hubs is happy that I'm not fat but I want small additional flesh mbok πŸ™„

    1. Count yourself lucky and remain slim.It's a nasty tedious journey for so many.
      Lepa toh badt!

  6. Again its genetics, some women add nonpound during pregnancy no matter what they eat. Its only bump u will see whilst some onle d smell of fried plantain makes dem add weight.

  7. I just know I didn't eat much during and after my pregnancy. I only gained small when I stopped breastfeeding (from 63-70kg). It's been 3 months now and I've dropped to 68kg. I guess my body has its ways...

  8. When i become pregnant i loose appetite and i loose a lot of weight, after childbirth i loose more appetite and loose more weight,lol, but like 3 months later i start adding back weight, when i wean baby i loose weight again.
    I have been eating like a cow these days, i am not bothered, i plan to wean baby by december,
    Whenever i add weight eh, if i start bothering about my weight i put on more weight but if i am less concerned, i drop weight.
    I don't joke with breakfast but i can afford to skip dinner and even lunch.
    I understand this body of mine wella.

  9. Sleeping in the afternoon is what makes me gain weight and I can't help it for now cause I barely sleep at night with baby's constant waking up to eat. I'm sure when I become active during the day,I'll lose all these baby fat.

  10. I added a little weight when I started breastfeeding.

  11. The little weight I gained I have lost it on getting to the hospital this week, I have completed my first trimester yet my tummy isn't showing, complained to the doc as my mother inlaw is also worried, she said nothing is wrong with my baby and I shouldn't bother about having big tummy, the only thing is take good care of myself. I can't wait to give birth and send my testimony to Stella.

    1. Chill. My tummy was invisible till 6months. When it will come out,na you go beg am.
      Congrats in advance

    2. You get luck oooo,almost 2months and am already showing.big belle things oooo,

    3. My first baby,i started showing from months,and i had a very big tummy.the type u will turn and pity me.second baby i feel am showing already and am just 2months

    4. My first baby,i started showing from months,and i had a very big tummy.the type u will turn and pity me.second baby i feel am showing already and am just 2months

    5. Just chill it will show. My sister was also worried when she was pregnant with her twins that she goes to the hospital almost every day. On he 6th month she woke up and Belle just show.

  12. 5 months after delivery my husband hasn't touched me. Just when I was planning to jump on him, my red cycle showed up...smh

    1. Are u me? Is me u? Story of my life.
      Since he saw my bloody vag, he’s been scared. Na wa oo

  13. Women and excuses. Fat is and will always be relative. You work on it, it probably won't come/ overwhelm you. The anonymous above was right... Preempt and approach it correctly and it won't be much of a struggle post delivery.
    Women tend to forget, women of our were far more active, ate healthier and were far less indulgent than those of this generation, yet y'all want to follow suit and out of context too.
    Personal experience, wife's first pregnancy, I made sure she worked out daily and watched her diet and she looked good almost throughout and post delivery recovery was on point... Then she got lazy, and second pregnancy was 'typical'. She's just off the 3rd and final pregnancy and wants to return to form but it ain't going to be beans. Most Nigerian women don't have the sort of discipline required for consistent weight loss, just walk into any gym. Harsh but true.
    Consistent work gives good results not excuses


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