Stella Dimoko Beauty-Premeur Dabota Lawson Talks About Brandng Nigeria + Posts Lovely New Photos...


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Thursday, October 03, 2019

Beauty-Premeur Dabota Lawson Talks About Brandng Nigeria + Posts Lovely New Photos...

On Wednesday,Former Beauty Queen Dabota Lawson wrote an epic open letter to all Nigerian Media houses and what she posted,all her celebs friends agreed with her......


Dear Nigeria Media Houses,
It’s nice to get traffic ,post gossip, stories, get likes , comments and followers online.

It helps to increase your market share and puts food on the table. We understand indeed it’s your hustle.
However the way you people( media houses) are portraying NIGERIANS to the rest of the world on a large scale makes us look even worse than people outside our nation already see us . Mediocrity is at an all time high. Our leaders are of a different generation, one that is not as exposed or fast paced as ours . 

They mostly see and hear foolishness, recklessness, lawlessness and uncouth behaviors from your platforms that is why they had the guts to call us LAZY YOUTHS.. I can’t begin to list how many ways this attitude will not only destroy our image but also reduce our chances when it comes to international trade and FDI . You people are not helping with how tight the boarder control is getting for Nigerians and how our children will be affected by all this.

I’m appealing to you that whilst the rest of the world thinks that we are less than worthy and we are crying about our government, leadership and hardship PLEASE help to make it better. You all have the power to push HOPE and change the MIND SET OF PEOPLE.

They are so many hardworking , intelligent Nigerians. Let’s put focus on the good, the beauty, the nobility ,and the hard work of meaningful Nigerians.

Kind Regards
Dabota Lawson.
CEO Dabota Cosmetics

N:B this letter will not get as much attention and people will stop reading not even half way through . I know for a fact my Bikini photos will get more headlines and a response to a troll will land ******* free of charge. But with your verified page and over 2m followers what you put out there will stand for truth even when it’s a lie to an outsider . Let’s be careful and let’s have a Balance. #RebrandNigeria


  1. Nice talk..You have a point dear...But Bloggers will be bloggers...We have MDA's...What happened to National Orientation Agency (NOA) and other government agencies that have been given mandate to do so..What happened to dem, what are they doing...

  2. I am happy that there are people that still think positive about Nigeria

  3. Truth she said, that's one way of rebranding Nigeria. Small small we shall get there. And as usual the 'lazy youth' will not read through nor attempt to comprehend. Some on this blog bc they dont comprehend or refuse to comprehend will say she it is attention seeking.

  4. She is beautiful,that's what I noticed.

  5. Madam your youth are lazy. Same people who are dancing to soapy a video about masterbation?
    What happened to the Africa I read about, the fertile land where you meet people with traditions and culture. This generation is already finished.
    All I see now are foolish people who try so hard to imitate the negative things of the western world.
    Madam your people lack wisdom and it will only get worst.

  6. Listen to the message

  7. Hhhhhmmmmm.... okay.

  8. She's so very pretty.,,

    Well written. What most of us do is to sit back complain and plan others. We are our own problems.

  9. Very well said. Let's start being postive in our attitudes and "Let Change Begin With Me".


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