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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative.....



I have 2 people asking for my hand in marriage, one is an Airforce officer and the other is a pharmacist, the pharmacist is a typical mums boy cos he is the last child and has his elder ones dictating his life, we can have an appointment and his elder sister will call him to get her something and uncle will just cancel our appointment without even telling me oo, I will be all dressed up waiting for him and he won't show up, but my people think I will do well with him since I am a doctor and we are both aiming to travel out of Nigeria. 

Dad thinks that once he is outside his people's influence on him will reduce, the officer is also a nice guy but am scared because they hardly stay one place, they are always on the move due to transfer and all and people said they are hardly faithful. plus he doesn't have any plans of leaving Nigeria which I don't see myself settling here. 

I am already planing of moving to either Canada or Australia .I am so confused on what to do. I have prayed and prayed yet nothing. I am confused.



Dear Stella,
I don’t know if this qualifies as a chronicle, I really hope it does ...... this might not look like the regular chronicle you get often.... I have been a blog visitor since I was 17 and I want to say thank you because I have developed a vast array of knowledge here.

I am a 24 year graduate and just completed my Nysc March this year and as someone who has been a champion for self development, I used most of the savings from my Nysc to register for a graphic designing class and also purchase a form for a masters degree with the hope of getting a job soon to be able to afford to pay for the class,but the gag is , I have gone for a number of interviews and I can confidently say I wowed the interviewers but I never get a call back, most times send out my CV and get silence.I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or because I came out with a 2:2 or I shouldn’t have gone for the course I studied

I’m not a very religious person but I’m beginning to get funny ideas of being hexed or something.......I don’t really take rejection well and I’m working on that, so I’m asking you and fellow Bvs .....anyone who has been in a similar situation and got that YES later ,for encouragements and sharing your ‘success’ story would mean a lot right now....

I don’t like to throw the word depression around loosely but I don’t like the mental state I’m sinking into ........I could talk to my mum but I know I will be Told to pray and fast more.


  1. Narrative 1.....go with the one you seem more comfortable with.

    Narrative 2.....just a little patience, all would be well.

  2. Shuoooooooooooooooorrrr!
    Stella's Chronicle folder is empty o
    Ngwanu Naija girls fire!
    Really bomb posts don dey. Them go don gather enough (tohtoh) bombs to bring down Aso 🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐

  3. Old chronicles.

    Stella your chronicle pot Don empty?

  4. I have read both chronicles before

  5. The first chronicle has been posted before. I'm not so sure of the second one but I think it has too.

  6. The first chronicle has been posted before. I'm not so sure of the second one but I think it has too.

  7. Lady T/worth more than a thousand dollars10 October 2019 at 15:08

    These two chronicles have been treated right?

    1. Both have been treated but there is a relapse..So na emergency level

  8. Narrative 1 has been posted before.
    Narrative 2 patient,something big is coming

  9. Stella you have posted these 2 issues recently and we have tackled them biko

  10. First poster I will advice you give the pharmacist a chance

  11. Poster 2, all I can tell you is to be positive and hopeful.
    Since there’s no job forthcoming, concentrate on the skill you have registered for. If you want to go back to school, it’s fine.
    I left school over 10 years ago and I have never depended on the govt or anyone for a job. I have been a hustler, although it’s not been easy, I am grateful.
    When 1 door closes, another opens. You must not get through a particular door to become great in life. There are options you can choose from.
    Please concentrate on your graphic designing class and come out a me, in the end, you’d do great and won’t even bother working for anyone. A time will come when you will reject jobs cos you won’t be able to handle all of have got God’s grace.
    Sometimes, we are made to go through some hard situations to see the brighter side of life and appreciate it.
    Keep telling yourself you are a winner and at the right time, everything good will fall in place.
    Hang in there ❤️

  12. Second Poster, you aren't jinxed or whatever you called it. Just take that away from your mind. Most times people aren't called back after interview doesn't mean they didn't do well. What if they didn't meet up to your standard in payment? Yes I know that for sure. My friend applied for a job with a 2.1 gotten from a reputable foreign university but the company he applied for a job refused taking him. The guy is very good but the company was afraid his demand could be high. Seeing the M.Sc attached to his resume, they didn't call him back. He found out later the company is trying to stand and needed people with low salary earning.

    Keep hoping, yours won't pass you by when it's the appointed time. As you wait, I will advice you take up a skill as well. It really helps at the long run. Don't be despair about the phase you are in now, most good things in life takes time to come.

  13. there is always light at the end of the tunnel. your time will soon come.

  14. Both chronicles have been addressed prior.

  15. u don post both before

  16. Seen and responded to first chronicle before. Nothing has changed. Still stand by everything I said before.

    Poster 2, I know this probably sounds trite but a 2:2 isn't the end of the world. Having it might make some things more challenging but that doesn't mean you've failed. Sometimes, we get in trouble cos we are made to believe from a young age that we're supposed to know what we want to do when we grow up and that it's supposed to be a straight road. Life doesn't always work like that. I've done some jobs that I didn't really want to do for lots of reasons. From "my mates are doing better" to "it's not what I studied". And should I tell you the truth? Looking back, what I learned on those assignments set me up for life. Some, just as much if not more than what I actually studied. They were tough but now I think about it, the worst part is I wish I had taken time to enjoy the scenery on the detours more. I do a very unconventional job that I couldn't have imagined in my wildest dreams, so it couldn't even have been an ambition when I was younger. But all the small and supposedly insignificant jobs I did when it looked like I wasn't doing much? They led me to the job I was born to do. A job I was picked for when I didn't even know anything like it existed. This job was always in the divine plan for my life, so I REGRET not stopping to smell the roses on my way here. I can't get back all the time I wasted worrying. Chai, if worrying was an Olympic sport, I might have gotten Nigeria three gold medals before I turned 30.

    I was always that focused person who wanted to do things at a certain time in a certain way and if didn't happen, it meant my life was over and God hated me and all that jazz. So as you can probably imagine, I spent a lot of time crying, wondering and actually praying amiss.

    I know you implied you don't want to be told to pray and fast. But I don't know any other way. If you ask God how far with an open heart, you might be surprised at what you'll hear. I feel like many problems start when we try to force God to pick from between two or more options we present to Him. There's a lady called Ijeoma Ndukwe (CEO of Bubez Pap). She actually used to have a tailoring shop that was doing OK. She prayed for direction and God told her to close the shop. This was a legitimate business, she wasn't doing anything wrong or criminal or unethical. Today, Bubez Pap has 6 or 7 flavours. I was shocked when I saw it cos pap I remember from when I was little was either white or yellow. I didn't know it could have flavours! If she didn't close the tailoring shop, I have a feeling Bubez Pap wouldn't exist today. Or maybe it would but God would have given someone that idea cos He can't be kept waiting forever.

    Sometimes, God just wants you to give Him the reigns then come closer to Him and enjoy the ride - no matter how scary it is. He seems to enjoy the scenic route. But He'll sort you out; He always does. If you do Him right, He'll do you better. After what I saw yesterday, I can bet my life on that and nobody can tell me otherwise. At the end of the day, His opinion of how well you're faring in life is the only one that matters. He legit RESTORES time. You're not supposed to have everything figured out in your 20s, oh! Or (shock horror) in your 30s. If Jesus tarries, nobody is getting out of this life alive so kam dan. You fit reach 50 sef realise, "This whole adult-ing thing issa scam!" Lol.


  17. Chronicle one..... I stopped at “Your people think”. Lol you are not ready. How old are you again? You think marriage is all about what “his” people, “my” people think?

  18. Chronicle 2 .... I understand what you are going through. Please keep pushing. Life after NYSC is unpredictable for most people. Don’t give up. If you can, remove the 2:2 from Your Cv.

    1. If she removes it, potential employers will assume the worst when they see her CV as they'll think she's deliberately trying to hide something cos she's ashamed. They might think she got a 3rd class, that she didn't even finish university, etc. And she won't be there to explain cos she may not even be called for interview.


  19. Poster-follow your heart, God will direct your path, so that you won't make mistakes, marriage is a delicate journey.
    Poster 2-You will surely get a good job, keep trying, when it will happen, you will be shocked, I wish you all the best.

  20. Poster 2: I came out with 2.2 Microbiology from UNIBEN and it is boldly written on my CV and when asked during an interview I say it with all confidence..The current job I have now..Their requirements are that you must graduate with 2.1 (yeah,right!) I went through the interview and today I am working with them, there had other options but why me..Becos I stood out and said that a mere paper cannot define who I am..When I talk.people are marvelled at my intelligence...What am I trying to say? The days of sulking and crying are over cos you have to believe in yourself and stand for yourself..Life is tough out there...Do some professional course you can never go wrong with it.I work as a customer service but want to move into HR.currently running my CIPM programme..

    Another break through into building your career, start with internship you can never go wrong with it...All the best

  21. Poster 2 you're being too too hard on yourself. I came out with 2:2 and my friends who have 2:1 on their cert aren't doing better than I am. We all struggle with the same things and grow through them. The only part I miss is not being able to apply for multinational oil company jobs cos I know say I for smash am. Lol

    Try work on your CV. Make it very nice. Theres a popular job website that re-writes CV for 5k or less, use their service. Also, rejection during interviews can be for a lot of reasons.

    1. Connections. Nigerian job market (and even other parts of the world) is based on who-know-who. You can be the best and brightest, but someone's child who doesnt know Jack gets the callback. Is that your fault?

    2. Psychometric test- these are psychological tests carried out on candidates, to determine their psychological and behavioural fit; into the team they are supposed to be working in. If you aren't the right fit, they will pick someone who is. This is done in order to avoid personality clashes and a toxic work environment in the long run. A rejection might be saving you from a toxic boss.

    3. Culture fit. If you are someone who works better in a fast-paced environment, an interview can spot that and decide that their work processes are too slow for you. They probably dont want to get in your way.

    4. Funding and revenue. The company closed the hiring process. They decided to leave it until they get funding for the project, and re-open. Or maybe the departments budget cant handle one more person on their payroll. I've had jobs I interviewed for and they went quiet on me contacted me a year later to explain that they just secured funding and need me if I am still available. By this time, I have abused them in my head for not giving me feedback at the time I expected.

    The list is endless my dear. Why I would advice you do is try and get money to do a professional course, while you still have time. PRINCE 2, PMP, AGILE, SCRUM, HSE, ICAN, ACCA, CFA, or any ones related to your field cos when you start working you wont have time on your hands to focus. Use this time to upgrade your qualifications into your profession of choice. Borrow money from mum if you have to and get it done. And yea, step up your spiritual game and pray for favour from God. Cheers and NEVER give up.

  22. Poster 1,pls u must not marry either of your suitors.take your time,don't be pressured.its your can go ahead n leave d country,nothing stops you from meeting a good man abroad.DONT YOU EVER MARRY THE PHARMACIST.I REPEAT DONT YOU EVER MARRY THE PHARMACIST.i was once like you and yes I am medical doctor.all these my mummy said,my sister said,my uncle said boys in men's body don't ever change.i married one hoping he will change,it got worse.every decision was first made by his mother n siblings.dat was d worst period of my life,13 months after I was out.may it not b your portion.


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