Stella Dimoko Duncan Mighty Accused Of Threatening Life Of Up And Coming Musician M2 Over Ex Gov Rochas' N11millon


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Sunday, October 27, 2019

Duncan Mighty Accused Of Threatening Life Of Up And Coming Musician M2 Over Ex Gov Rochas' N11millon

Musician Duncan Mighty recently cried out that he wanted to return the money former Governor Rochas paid him to sign (and promote) an unnamed artiste to his record label....He did not mention the Artiste or the amount involved but you can take it to the Bank that the Artiste is Phyno Look alike M2 and the amount he did not disclose is N11million...

from 2nd left (M2,Rochas and Duncan)
According to our source who reached out to M2....

He disclosed that some time in 2018, Duncan Mighty was paid N11 million by former governor Rochas (Now Senator of the Federal republic of Nigeria) to sign him to his record label, do featured songs together and help him become big but fast forward to September 2019, nothing has been done by Duncan mighty...

''At some point When he was traced to his hotel room, he pleaded with M2 and his management to forgive him and even beckoned on M2 to follow him to Port Harcourt, with the promise of carrying him along as well as securing an apartment for him only for Duncan Mighty to point a gun to M2's head and ordered him never to disturb him with the matter again else he'll be a dead man, he'll end up in the mortuary et al....''

M2 went and made entries at the police station and Duncan was arrested. He spent 3 days in cell before he was released.
While he was detained,he confessed that he had lavished the money on something else and was broke.he begged to be Given time to return the money and he was given but ever since, Duncan Mighty jumped bail severally and is yet to fulfil any of his pledge. As it stands now, he's on the run. 

Police has resumed search for him and he has been traced to Lagos

''Duncan allegedly knew this would soon get messier than it already was and he decided to post that he wanted to return the anyone stopping him from doing so?He did that post in other to gain sympathy from the public''

Below are Duncan Mighty's Bail papers..He bailed himself on self recognition,denied pulling a gun to the head of M2 and promised to fulfil his part of the bargain on Monday August 5,2019......He did not.


  1. Rochas wey no dey give gave and you chop, Duncan go buy your coffin. But how can Roro give money to an upcoming artist to help push another upcoming artist.....umukwa anya

    1. But duncan mighty is still struggling artist

    2. @queenamy hope you know you murdered that Igbo?

    3. Exactly what I thought when I saw the first report. It's not a secret that Rochas has a real problem with paying people who have already worked for him, whether male or female. But Duncan Mighty collected even a kobo from him and didn't wonder what was wrong? Lol.

  2. All these Entertainers because I can never call them celebrities because they are not worthy are all Fake Fake Fake, it's either they are photoshopping their low self esteem selves to look perfect and deceive the gullible or they are posting rental automobiles . living large on social media while they are all Run down miscreants.. I knew something was amiss when I read his post wanting to make a refund.. Haaaaa.. Nigeria..

  3. Wow...why coolest money when you know you can’t deliver?
    Duncan mighty should return the money ASAP. This is not nice at all.

    1. Because it's coolest money now.

    2. *collect 😂😂😂
      Anon 👋🏿

  4. Duncan mighty was thinking the same violence and manipulation he uses on his wife will work. Pure Narcissistic behaviour may God see all of them through.

    1. Duncan didn’t put any gun to anyone head trust me. It’s a lie to use as an excuse to write a petition “treat to life”


  6. He never paid PENSIONS but paid PERFORMERS.......Governor downgraded to Senator Rochas indeed

  7. M2 na Okorocha's boyfriend na. He bang that boy tire.

  8. he should be held accountable for the money to the last Kobo. old jatijati

  9. First of all. Who's DUCAN MIGHTY?
    You guys mean he can't spell his name?

    1.The Bail Application is riddled with inconsistencies.
    Same person signed and dated for;
    Principal party
    Police Officer in Charge.

    2. The Statement of the Accused.
    Was written in August 2010 or is it August 2019?
    Then was signed in July 2019?

    Maybe they think we're all fools.

    Duncan Mighty hope you didn't use a hustler's Sign-on fee to buy big moto for Iyawo.
    Speak the truth now.

    1. I saw the inconsistencies and wondered what the heck these documents mean. If there were misappropriated funds, it should be returned

  10. Rochas paid 11million Naira to Duncan to help


  11. Dunca Mighty Kwaaa that one that is still stuggling with his dead black Carear...Abeg he should Return the money sharp sharp....


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