Stella Dimoko Lady Reveals That Her Husband Tried To Kill Her


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Monday, October 28, 2019

Lady Reveals That Her Husband Tried To Kill Her

Seyi Oluyole,Nigerian business woman, and founder of Dream Catchers has revealed in a couple of tweets that her husband tried to kill her a few months ago..


  1. This is sad
    But it's the trend
    When they are getting ready to offload
    What is the balanced story
    Hearing from both sides.
    I can't vouch for any Naija girl that
    chants DV or offload
    The characters I see and read online
    leave me with little hope
    The values are muddied up
    There is scarcely any home training and character left.
    So so sad!

    1. Exactly, let’s hear from him 1st b4 concluding

    2. You’re sick and disgusting. In Nigeria where people with evidence don’t get prosecuted, and women are still blamed and shamed- what good would a woman get from lying? Nigeria is the freaking 9th most dangerous country in the world for women with domestic abuse and sexual abuse at record time highs but all we want to do is deny deny deny. Which men get shamed or prosecuted that a woman would waste her time to lie? And the worst are so called Christians like you who bathe in your delusions of grandeur and wickedness. If this is the quality of human beings Christianity produces then we are better off without.

    3. @14:58
      Easy o
      YOu have left me and began to attack "Christ?"
      How did I mention Christianity in my submission above?
      Ajuju oo
      "Sick and disgusting?"
      Wawu, I don hear that one before, find another line.
      So all you want is, a woman say "husband beat me"
      Then we lynch the husband?
      What is the difference between that an a lynch mob republic?
      Naija girls have a lot of sympathy to gain when they want to offload husbands
      especially when they see one that promises them "money or abroad"; yes
      Did we not read here that a married woman had a fiance in Sweden and was asking us
      if she should go and marry him?
      Those are the things I see and read that makes me never to vouch for any of you inugo?
      Thanks for your insults. 😊😊😊😊😊🌹🌹🌹🌹

    4. @15:50
      Let me suggest that you go and study law and become a judge
      The moment a lady files a case that her husband beat her,
      even without the man appearing in court, sentence him to
      death by hanging

    5. For someone who has been practicing law for the past 14 years...I can make.bold to say that Nigeiran women, for the most part, want to statay married. I have seen things. Women are are practically tortured and still they want to stay. And no, I am not talking about uneducated illiterate women ...and it is because or society is made up of women Like you and you who have entrenched the culture of shame in our society. Who have made it a womans fault for trying to get out and save herself, for even trying and so she shits up and beats it..cos even when she tries to talk , she is termed a liar or trying to gain sympathy so she can leave and go and "prostotute'

      These are women who are open small scale companies, buying and selling whatever and wherever, doing all kinds of odd jobs just to make ends meet but forbidden to want just a slice of peace of mind.

      Nigerian women generally treasure their marriages. ..and are told by people like the above not to cry foul even when there's all reasons to, maybe because misery loves company...but I am thankful now that they know they deserve more!!

      And they're beginning to speak up. To shunt the culture of silence. In my work, the number of women I have seen die in the cause of marriage or end up in psychiatric home or on blood pressure pills for the rest of their lives makes me even more determined to live my best life and hope that my daughter sees and learns what a home can be like and pray that she leaves should she ever ever be in an abusive relationship.

      Stop shaming victims!!!! Remember Jesus and the adulterous woman? The reason Jesus was loved was because shame was NOT his thing. That is because shame is of the devil. It is not of Christ.

      Stella, pls post on an appropriate post. I am just catching up on posts for the week

  2. She is my friend on Facebook....
    She is fine now and has left the house to a more secure location......

    1. Thank God she is safe and the attempt was physical. My own husband tried to use me for money ritual. Abeg let me go and kneel down and thank my God again.

  3. Nothing new here, name a period in time when husbands were not killing their wives, or men killing women in general.

    1. @14:38
      Any man that lays a hand on a woman no matter how provoked is not worthy of being called a "man'.
      But let us set it straight. Most women may not violently kill their husbands in Nigeria
      but they use alternative methods, remote/Jazz or poison.
      And in Nigeria, there is no forensic depth to their investigations so they get away with poisoned foods.
      It is entirely individual dependent. Anybody who does not know God can do anything.

    2. you couldnt have said it better.

    3. Anon @14.50 Nigerian women that obsess over their husbands Even when he cheats and are secretly co breadwinners or full breadwinners are the ones “killing” their husbands- and not their husbands HIV/AIDS which is actually statistically more likely. Bearing in mind that a lot of the men are older than their wives so are likely to die earlier. But as usual we peddle fake facts to perpetuate misogyny. You’re probably a woman, one day your husband will die and they will accuse you of killing him. Hope you don’t think you’re special or different because you hold such views

    4. Anon 15:53. You're blessed of God. Imagine, in a society where the woman is the number one suspect once a man passes is where this one is saying this thing. You people sha want to blame women by any round about way possible...tufia

  4. Locking up and seizing ur phone doesn't equate to tried to kill

  5. Excuse to leave and be single again and start doing rubbish.
    He wanted to kill you by collecting your phone?

    1. I knew the class captain of male oppressors league must show himself here. Never disappoints! Don go buy female doll o; tumble her as it pleases you, na ur money. But you see a woman that was created by God NOT you or your money; oga respect yourself! Men like you end up with the worst of them in our gender and end up washing paent* after bragging upandan.

  6. But i thought this girl was claiming single pringu?
    When did she marry? Her surname hasn't changed in years.
    I hope this is not just to seek for attention from people as usual

    1. Changing ur name or not changing ur name on SM doesn't mean a thing! Some people dnt like attention to themselves while some forgot to do dat and some do r really care!

      No be everybody wan do pepperdem!

  7. Marriage really makes you do crazy things sometimes.See me that thought I was a quiet girl I dont argue or fight with people. Once you bring wahala I just waka comot.

    But this man wants to drive me crazy.. I have never seen myself so angry. I told him "fuck you" and so many unprintable names after he said I only married him cos of his wealth. For the first time I knew that was the end of the whole thing. I'm glad it didn't lead to physical violence tho but the emotional torture is real.


    1. Marriage alters your life in many ways. It's like your 2nd phase in life! We never know how beautiful our homes we can't wait to fall inlove and leave (because they ask us to wash plate) are till we marry. Worse is marrying an entitled egotistical muther fucker. Na die sister!

      Take am jeje u hear? Build your safe space for you in that house and ignore him. If there's need to vent, vent. But don't let the anger consume you. It is difficult to pull out oneself once anger takes over you. He will equally drag you on that and that's where world people will finish you off and judge you this one he has money.

      All the best

    2. Thank you sis,really appreciate.

  8. There is always a two side to every story but if this is true its so sad.


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