Stella Dimoko Nigeria Celebrates 59th Independence Anniversary


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Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Nigeria Celebrates 59th Independence Anniversary

WOW......Nigeria is 59 years old today and all i can remember is the melodious song she was given at 25 by Veteran singer Bongos Ikwe...

What's your take on Nigeria so far at 59?

Do you still have hope in Nigeria?

Nigeria is 25
The odds we did survive
Arise salute the nation
Come join the celebration

A people united will never fall
The sun will shine  and the rain will fall...
On Our land
Vast and mighty
Richly blessed by the Almighty
Like bees in the hive
We work so hard
To make the honey flow
But not without the use of the hoe (hoe!)

Chorus: Arise salute the nation 
Come join the celebration
NIGERIA IS 59.........

I could not find the video on youtube but the words are comforting.....
Happy 59th Nigeria!!!


  1. Happy independent to us.. . Nigeria will be great!

    1. I curse this scam called Nigeria. I also curse anyone that supports this evil government that kills her citizens and denies people their freedom of speech and protest. I curse Nigeria and her leaders for failing the young ones and having no plans for their future.
      Nigeria has never and will never be United. We all know it. Why some people insist on living in bondage is what I can never comprehend.

  2. Women are the foundations of the home, raising kids that will lead tomorrow. Go back to Nigerian history and read about the Aba women riots etc. and see how the women had always
    been the conscience of the nation.
    With the crop of ladies who live in social media, have little time for their kids, pass other men's kids to their husbands, and do anything for money, their is little hope and it is sad.
    Ask the average Nigerian lady who her role model is, will they tell you about Dora Akunyili or Okonjo Iwuala?
    No, they will talk about the fake celebrities who display all sorts of
    ill immoral so called wealth on social media. That is their role models. And if you check these role models of theirs, their family lives are nothing but a mess.
    If women do not desire to build stable homes, how will the nation be stable? Our values are warped and stained.

    1. And you are a man I guess? Mscheew.

    2. Men are the foundation of the home, siring kids in stable marriages that will lead to a better tomorrow. Go back to Nigerian history and read about leaders such as Nnamdi Azikwe and Awolowo who fought for us to be independent of British rule.
      With the crop of men who live on social media, do yahoo yahoo, fornicate with all that moves and have little time for their wives and kids, have many children with side vultures, and do anything for money, there is little hope and it is sad.
      Ask the average Nigerian man who his role model is, will they tell you about Tafawa Balewa, Ojukwuor Nnamdi Azikwe?
      No, they will talk about the fake celebrities who display all sorts of
      ill gotten immoral so called wealth on social media. Those are their role models. And if you check these role models of theirs, their family lives are nothing but a mess.
      If men do not desire to build stable homes, how will the nation be stable? Our values are warped and stained.

  3. Happy Independence day Nigeria
    Happy Independence day beautiful people

  4. Happy Independence Day Celebration, may we be truly independent by His grace.

  5. Happy Independence Day Nigeria.
    Sure,there is hope.

  6. Fr mbaka prophecy has been fulfilled, it's raining cats and dogs in lagos

    1. Taaaah. Do you know cat not to talk of nkita

    2. Dumb clout,if you can't comprehend simple adage, carry your rag self and stay off my post.I don't need your ignorant replies

  7. Happy independence to every Nigerian. I won't stop believing, trusting and hoping that Nigeria a country so endowed but marred by greedy&corrupt individuals will someday be great again.

  8. Happy Independence our great country Nigeria, things might not be exactly how we want it to be now but we hope and pray for the best.

    Happy new month beevee's,October will favour us all Amen.

  9. Happy Independence Day Nigeria and Nigerians.

  10. If you remember this song please join me. 1960 Nigeria nwere independence. Na ime onwaoo anyi enwere onweanyiooo. Azikiweeeee, Nnadi Okpara, jisie nu ikeooo, unu ga nwe mmeri. 1960 ewo oruwego.

  11. Well its not raining here Father mbaka! No light for the past 9days..... What difference does it make if Nigeria is 59 or 200hundred... What's the essense of an old fool? Our leaders have turned this nation into an old fool. What exactly are we celebrating at 59? Bad roads? lack of basic amenities? impoverished people? Irresponsible and gluttonous leaders? What exactly are we celebrating? Nigeria is an old fool. Thank God for your individual lives and families and keep it moving. Theres nothing worth celebrating as a nation, nothing. If there is any hope for the Nigerian people, Its hope in God for individual breakthroughs. Anyone waiting on Buhari to bring about any form of change has too much time on their hands.

  12. No light! People are hungry! No Job! Starting and grooming a business no help from the government!! Lot of youths are loosing hope!! Suicide rate is increasing!!! Still yet we stand, may God revive our nation Nigeria again. May new dawn spring forth! May her youth find hope and be patience! May God hear our prayers and have mercy on us as a nation. Happy independence Nigeria, you'll be great again.

  13. good morning, this is so true...but then, we all have a role to play in getting a better nation.the men have their roles to play,the women,children,I mean everyone single being has a role to play.if only people would learn to think deep.I'll alway say it that a person who thinks deep and practices productive reasoning can not act in some certain ways.A Yoruba adage says"ti won ba bi omo,ki omo na ko tun ara re bi" I dont know if I said that rightly but what it means is "After a child has been born,he should also recreate him self" we all know what is right,we all know what we ought to do but we fail to do them,we compromise and then blame someone or something for it.Everyone cannot be Mitchell Obama as my darling friend and sister jumoke would say,she would then go on to say,some wants to be Amber rose,some,Blacchyna(did I spell it well Jummy?)lol.If I want to talk based on what you wrote ,i'll counter you good because the men are even meant to be the head of the home right? who is a man? the women are simply help mates,so..if the woman isn't doing as she should,check the man shes under!!#laughs# in all honesty.. the thing is,the blame apportioning should stop! let's all go back to the drawing our private place and decide to change.the change we so need is in our hands.what do you want out of your life? how do you want your future to be?
    There is hope for Nigeria!! I believe in this country so much,oh Yes I see a brighter future ahead but the truth is,we are the key to that bright future, its in our hands to make out of Nigeria what we so desire!! love is the principal thing! understanding, and deep reasoning combined with productive reasoning(positive productive reasoning) is all we need.Nigeria is so blessed and we are a very intelligent people! the crimes that some crafty minds do would blow your mind away...simply because it was done through proper reasoning and planning..why can't we but this same energy into doing something positive in our own beautiful country,why can't we be for our country? why can't we love our country? the big question is why can't be believe in our great country Nigeria?
    we as a people keep shouting government government government.. forgetting our own roles.Why can't we do what's right by our selves? why can't we assist the government in making the country a better place? its not for the government alone to do! I'm not in anyway supporting the government but the truth must be said! why wait for the government to do little things that we can put our hands together to do? There's no job,there's no job...why resort to stealing? y can't you work? why can't you struggle? who says it would be easy? to get to the top,youust struggle! but in your struggle,do things the right way,in a honourable way.Do what you have to do in ur capability to make ur life better without waiting for anyone and without harbouring hatred and eveil in your heart.we dont have enough companys in Nigeria,why not build your own company? why wait for the government to create job for you? didnt you go to school? what then did you learn in school? get up and start working, God will bless your works but you have to show that u deserve to rise and soar.persistence is day e go better.The road is bad,the road is bad...why not fix it? why can't you organize the whole people on the street and try doing something about the situation? if you all staying on the street can do nothing about it,thibk about how hard it would be for the government! they have so much responsibilities.Ayomide.

  14. Happy Independence Day Nigeria.God bless Nigeria and I believe that this nation will be great.We should stop cursing our leaders and pray for them instead and also pray for this country.

    The leaders have their issues but we have our part to play as citizens.I look at the youth of Nigerian and I cringe as they are deluded and confused.


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