Stella Dimoko Shatta Wale Reveals He Has 3 Women And They Know Each Other


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Saturday, October 12, 2019

Shatta Wale Reveals He Has 3 Women And They Know Each Other

Popular Ghanaian artist Shatta Wale has disclosed he has multiple gbenshing partners and he sometimes sleeps with them on the same day. 

He says that every man is a womanizer and any woman who sticks with her man even when he cheats is a “smart” woman.

While speaking on Good Evening Ghana, the singer said he is currently not in the frame of mind to have a serious, committed relationship which is why he has resorted to having S#x partners instead.

The dance hall musician who recently separated from his long-term fiancée said he has three s#x partners and they are aware of the arrangement and are okay with it

He said:-

“I don’t really sleep with a whole lot of girls but I’ve got like three that I sleep with and I like them. They understand the arrangement and sometimes I sleep with them the same day.

“I am the type that I don’t lie to girls that is why girls like me because when I like you I want you to be around me. I will tell you and make you understand that I don’t want us to be in a relationship. We can be friends once in a while if s#x happens it is ok. It is good to be real like that to women.”

Shatta Wale said it is better to be sincere with women than pretend to be in love with them and end up disappointing them.

*Please this kind of arrangement better be using protection!!!


  1. I won't be surprised std is his breakfast.

    Shame on women doing threesome, foursome on useless men

    1. Sometimes I wish we could think outside the box. I'm not his fan or a fan of his methods but let's for once sit down and reason. Almost everyone of us was as a result of our great grandfather's and so on having many partners. We wouldn't exist had they not met our great great great grandmother's and shagged them. They had no STD's etc and guess what? We are all here now. It's almost been proven that being monogamous isn't natural and almost every animal is polygamous, minus some stork or so that snaps it's neck when it's partner dies. (don't come here and write man isn't an animal). For centuries men of all sort had many women. We take perfect examples from people like Abraham as the father of faith and yet he didn't just have Sarah and the other lady, he had keturah and many other concubines who he regularly handled their veejays. I don't go round shagging every sort, but deep in me, it's as though I know I'm in denial to what's the truth on ground. Polygamy isn't a disorganised process in certain environments. Some of us will shout STD's but forget we do the same scanning each time we get a new girlfriend or boyfriend.

    2. abi anonymously 11.15 may all the women in your life have the SAME thought process as yours in Jesus name

      May they all be RAHABS in the bible...may GOD give you peace on every side as you learn to live with them

    3. Think outside the box in the name of justifying immorality, he even quoted Bible names join. Don't worry, continue, your eyes go clear one day soon.

    4. Anon 11:15 please no offence intended but if your own mom kept 3 men she slept with simultaneously or same day while she was with your dad, how would you 'think outside the box' ?

      The story of Abraham doed not fit into this context because :
      1. He was married to only Sarah for years and did not seek Hagar out. That was Sarah's suggestion and way of having a child which backfired.
      2. Abraham sent Hagar away also on Sarah's demand.
      3 Abraham married Keturah after Sarah's death.
      4. Abraham did not have concubines.

      If you support men having multiple sex partners, DON'T EVER COMPLAIN YOUR IF GIRLFRIEND CHEATS ON YOU. After all, it's other women a randy or polygamous man must sleep with. It comes with your 'thinking outside the box' as a 'human animal' that you are.

      Long hiss!

    5. Those of you blasting etc, all forget your father's are guilty of this madness. Your BF's and husband's are actually in the same boat but you all act like mumus.

    6. Re anonymous 13:34. He had other concubines Such as keturah who he regularly slept with. Concubines were there for sex and took herbal contraceptives to ensure they didn't get pregnant.

  2. All these stupid artists think it is just ok to play women like toys, no be their fault, na women I blame, we have thrown our worth and esteem to the gutters for nonentities to step on

    1. Pls dont generalise for women. What you will say is "such women have....."
      As long as poverty continues to be on the rise, some women don't mind because of the small change they throw their way. We all can't be good women and vice versa

      There will always be promiscuous men and women. My prayer is always that they locate each other and marry themselves so that they "kill" themselves with stds

    2. 11.04 👌 your last paragraph

  3. Will they hear, they will soon HIV into the harem, and will want us to respect their privacy when sh!t hits the ceiling.

  4. Knowing your man cheats and sticking with him makes you a smart one 😂😂
    This guy is so full of himself. You and your damaged girls should enjoy.

  5. only weak man stick to one woman.
    association of terrible men.

    1. What is this one saying

    2. Anony 10:57...Ask him o.
      Disgusting comment.

      This is how they share diseases everywhere.

      Lord have Mercy.

  6. I don't blame him. I blame the women who have little self esteem

  7. He is just an ashewo. Ugly man with no standard. Poverty will not allow some women know their worth. There will always be women who don't mind sharing men.

  8. Shattered Akpa Amu

    Na only Amu matter you sabi

    Iti mpaka..udu bunch

  9. African women settle always for shit from our men, it's all about money. So sad that we are passing it on to our children.

  10. That's nothing when you have money to throw around. These girls can do anything so far there's something for them to lick.

  11. Trust me alot of girls are rushing this young man.

  12. mama triplet🕴🕴🕴12 October 2019 at 16:14

    Wht nonsense🤡ugly idiot.


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