Stella Dimoko Suspected Kidnappers Set Ablaze...


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Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Suspected Kidnappers Set Ablaze...

Three men who posed as commercial driver, passenger and conductor to rob unsuspecting victims of their money and valuables have been burnt to death. 

The incident which took place at Dutse Alhaji area of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) saw a young lady being pushed out of a moving car.

The 'one chance' robbers met their waterloo when the young woman cried out for help and commercial motorcyclists quickly chased after the car till they were surrounded by an angry mob.

They proceeded to beat them to a pulp and set them ablaze with tires and petrol.

The policemen who were nearby during the killing made no attempt to stop the attacks.

The wounded victim was taken to a private hospital for treatment.

The FCT Police Public Relations officer DSP Manzah Ajuguri condemned the act of jungle justice and stated that investigation was ongoing to find out what truly happened.

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  1. Stella, you're doing thumbs down cos no be your loved one dem kidnap. Lol. My husband has been kidnapped before and I'll tell you for free it was the WORST period of my entire life. Imagine not knowing if the love of your life is alive or dead. And when you have proof of life, not knowing if they're treating him well or torturing him. Not being sure whom to trust cos it was an inside job. You're not sure if it's just about money or they want to make you suffer. You're wondering who you offended cos you both live very modestly. And you can't talk to the police cos no be oyibo film be this.

    Shebi Siasia's mother has been kidnapped twice this year. Imagine the trauma on that woman and her family.

    See eh, there are MANY legitimate ways to make money. I don't care how hard country is, there's no excuse for kidnap. I can even sympathise with a prostitute (depending on the circumstance), not a kidnapper abeg. While it's true that kidnapping carries the death penalty when committed in some parts of Nigeria, who has energy to repeat the drama they're still doing with Evans after how many years? Call me barbarian oh but kidnappers who get killed - including via jungle justice - deserve it.

    1. Any kidnapper, murderer, rapist or pedophile caught in the act should face instant death sentence 😩

  2. That anon that they beat with spanner, I'm sure your cry has reached God. Maybe na dem be this

    1. Spanner, ke? These people have turned Abuja into something else, oh!

    2. They stabbed my former coursemate last month. The young man died in the hospital. Abuja one chance operators are wicked.
      Someone who saw this event yesterday said half on the victim body was outside the car when they were dragging with her. Her legs were inside the car while her head Was dangling outside. that cars passing had to drive to avoid hitting her head before they finally pushed her out of the moving car.

  3. Serves them right. Their own din too much for this Abuja. 3 weeks ago, after robbing me of 57k, they nearly killed me. Na God save me. At least others body go cool for now.

  4. it serves them right. we couldn't pass through because of hold up that yesterday. Stella you need to see how these people taken every street of Abuja stealing and killing innocent citizens everyday. i fell victim last month.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Nigeria is now more dangerous than ever. Buhari, provide employment opp and other amenities so that this evil will stop we beg you in Gods name.

  7. Sept the 2nd will make it one month I had this one chance experience.also by three guys...I was beaten to pulp with hammer,my face was beyond recognition, thrown out of the car too...I wish I was there to pour more fuel to them roasting to hell..... nonsense


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