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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Tuesday In House News

Blessed Tuesday.............

Don't pamper evil around you,hammer it.....
Don't manage an evil situation,damage it...
Don't settle for less than you deserve so that you don't get less than you settled for.... #4gigdatagiveawaytotwopeopleactivated.


Business woman Faith is sending a shout out to all BVs ....



I am giving away 4 gig data to two people but i wanna ask a question becos nothing is free in Freetown...LMAO

So,who killed Mungo Park and why?Hahahahahahha don't mind me oh...

Now let me ask something more serious....

If you are brought on board to solve Nigeria's problems,since you know first hand what the problems are,what solutions would you prefer and who would you pick if you were accused to convene people of like minds that can provide solutions?This question is everything and not for those who only open tohtoh and preek posts....

Reply on the response that tripped you most....Thanks  *side eyes*



Dear Stella and BVS, it's me oh, the spoilt church girl!

Missed me?

Anyway, lemme give update quick quick.... BTW, it's like some monitoring spirits here wanted to pour sand inside my garri oh.... someone likely told my husband something, because it's like he's suspicious somehow somehow!

Back to the gist....

Hmmmm, so one of my fears is coming to pass... My side guy aka cute as hell married man is falling in love! But I told him none of us should catch any feelings and now this? But he said he'll put it in check and I really want to believe he can handle it. See the thing is, I know I'm a good person, shun this small adultery I'm committing, and side guy knows fact he's surprised that I'm doing this. I think it's greed sha, and I won't stop now because I need the good life to continue...

Remember I've established myself from his goodies? I am actually not broke but thinking of all these holidays will make me continue with this.

My husband doesn't know how rich I am, but he knows I have enough money and he's been asking how come? I take the whole family on trips and that's really draining. So you see, it's a vicious cycle that has to be sustained.

My other fear came to pass, hmmmm. My husband and I went for an official function and sideguy was there, luckily he came alone, without his wife. The way uncle was looking at me ehhh, hubby had to ask if I knew him. I had to weigh my brain small and finally said "yes, we've met once or twice"๐Ÿ˜….

 After the meeting I called and had to ask why he didn't tell me he'd be there, I'd told him I was going for that function with my husband. This man said he wanted to surprise me oh; okay, but why did you have to stare at me like that na? Because you deserved to be by my side on the high table. Ha!!! I threatened him with discontinuing the affair oh, because I'm not ready to leave my husband. He's my real love.

I had to end up telling him I loved him in a special way... he somehow bought the explanation and promised to act right. I actually do love him, just not as much as I love hubby....

So yes, I'm still living the best of both worlds, though I've reduced hang outs with sidey because of the way my husband has been asking plenty "where are you", "who are you with", "how come you can afford this and that".

What i have never done in all these is bad mouth hubby, I can't, that guy has been very good to me. There's really no justification to what I'm doing to him, but I try to calm my conscience by telling her "he's also enjoying the dividends".

Sidey will be around in my city for about two weeks in some months time, I pray his wife decides to pull a fast one and follow him here, that way we won't have to meet up.

I pray for myself too that hubby is able to afford all these soonest, so that I can stop and repent of my evil deeds. Of course I confess to God alone.... Not one soul knows this part of me, not even my best friend. It goes with me to the grave....

Sorry that I have to post as anonymous Stella, NOBODY must know what I am doing.

WOW............Remember that there is bone in every fish oh.....



On my search for an affordable hotel that's less expensive, I stumbled on one that's moderate in the city of Lagos. I paid for two nights since I will be leaving on the third day. After freshening up, it was past seven pm and I decided to take a little stroll as to explore the city of Lagos.

As I walked the streets of Lagos, I saw a nice relaxation spot and decided to go in for a drink. Such a nice place and more like a garden. I got a drink and a plate of goat meat pepper soup. While relaxing, I noticed some young ladies dressed in a semi-nude attires and panties coming out from an entrance into the garden. I turned around and also saw some of them already seated with their prospective customers for the night.

In what seems to be the most shocking moment of my hanging out that night, was when one of the ladies came to my spot with a warm smile and greeted, "Baby do you need my company tonight?" She asked.

As she sat down closer to me, our eyes both met. No!!! This can't be true I said to myself. I have known her in the city of Port Harcourt and her family for way too long. Such a young pretty lady in her mid twenties. I called her by name and asked, "You are in Lagos now? She was in shock as she responded. I noticed how unease she was at the moment. What could be running in her mind?

I held one of her hands and told her to relax her mind, assuring her nothing about here will be revealed or told to anyone. With a deep breath, she said, "It's okay. Are you now base in Lagos?" She asked me. I answered "No, I came for business and will be leaving in three days time." I ordered for a drink and also  fish pepper soup for her. The 'journey' just begun... (To be continued next week.)

Did you gbensh herTeejay?LOL



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  1. Cousin Stellz! Any endorsement for today or tomorrow??? Oyaaaaaa hit me! ๐Ÿ•บ Ikwakwakwakwakwa it can paiiiiiiin!

    Kelvin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin)

  2. Good afternoon everyone. Stella to answer your question, I will work on electricity and road. If there are constant power supply and good road for distribution, Nigeria will do more exportation than importation which will invariably increase the value of naira. For the people I will choose, I will check out people that have all round knowledge in power. road construction and a finance person with integrity.

    1. Can the name and picture that covers IHN come with the blog moniker?
      At least we get to reconcile the face and the monicker.
      My opinion, though.

    2. Faith martins i thought you were exercising,what happened? Chei
      Nice hairdo

    3. Beautiful made up faces
      Beautiful beads
      Lovely shoes.

      Wow...I smell christmas already.

    4. Even a fish can avoid problems if it keeps its mouth shut.
      Word for the week.
      Beautiful shoes.

    5. First of all, I will concentrate on industrialisation by creating more technical and skills institutions so that more goods can be produced here, since we are highly populated. Secondly I will also focus on agriculture, starting with high level sensitisation to improve farmers / herders relationship, increase funding for the agricultural sector, providing good fertilisers, mechinaries for tilling, storage and transportation of agricultural produce, Good policies to entice the young ones into farming, more lands for farming and industries. Ofcourse not without first putting our power supply in other, by creating more options such as wind, hydro, solar etc. Also I will judiciously use the country's income to get rails and railway working, across every part of the country. I will work towards uniting people from all parts of the country by ensuring equality in distribution of resources, encouraging more programmmes that promotes unity, sensitisation programmes to reduce civil unrest, preach tolerance, do a real sensors and get every citizen' biometric data captured and stored.. strengthen our sports sector, better economic policies that encourages investors to come and invest in the country. I will work with the likes of Ngozi Okonju-iweala, Oby Ezekwesili, Sanusi Lamido, El rufai (for his intellect), professor Wole soyinka, Osinbajo, Aisha buhari, the lady that moderated the 2019 presidential debates, some other unpopular people whose profiles will speak for them.

    6. Shantelle are you not seeing the evidence from exercising? Clean your glasses dear

  3. Goodafternoon bvs
    Stella abeg I no fit answer the question but i need the 4gig. Biko.
    Thanks in advance

    1. You are lazy and a very big liability with sense of entitlement. Did you make an attempt to answer the question? They only see you guys in action when it comes to trolling and throwing curse words around

    2. Chai anon all this names for me? Lazy, liabilty plus sense of entitlement. My dear, no vex, I did not know it will hurt you so bad. Please I do not troll neither do throw curse words. Thanks.

  4. Beautiful things up there but money s telling me to close my eyes and keep moving.

  5. Faith, I hail you back.
    Madam church girl,repent before it is late.
    Make up artists,more customers for you all.
    More sales to all business owners.

  6. Congrats and more sells to you BV Tenth. All market sellers may God bless you all. Teejay I can't wait to hear the end of this story. Hahahahahahahahaha

  7. ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜to beautiful faith...
    Teejah,come and complete the story๐Ÿ˜†....
    Madam small small adultery,u try..

  8. Beautiful afternoon to you all.

  9. I have been feeling really queasy for some days now so i'm not up for some arguement but i'm neither "The General's Wife" nor "My naked Gwagon".

    The naked G wagon font i ve seen during my newbie days and kinda like her but the other clue till i was forced to search her profile and old comments.

    Let's be serious, none of em write like me. Not even close.

    1. Oshey!! Perxian is back..

    2. I agree 100%. You are none of these. I know how they both write and you guys are far different in writing and character wise. My Naked G Wagon used to be my friend outside the blog until life happened l guess

    3. This is bv *MyNaked picture G wagon* I stop commenting with my ID because when bvs bash me and I reply Stella hardly post.
      Eesah,I have never met you in person we are not friends! we only chatted on email that was it I repeat we are not friends!
      I'm not Perxian this is a disclaimer I'm not perxian! some weeks ago I saw anonymous comment asking perxian if she got the Honda crosstour I didn't get the cross tour instead mother in-law gave me a smaller car. I AM NOT PERXIAN WHAT EVER FONT PERXIAN IS USING ISN'T BV *MyNaked picture g wagon.
      Thank you!

    4. Outside the blog could mean literally anywhere even email/whatsapp, stop bugging Naked G wagon. Essah meant no harm.

    5. We chatted only on email you said? Okay, no problem. Forget l said we were friends. I don't know you and we've never exchanged even mails. Thank you.

    6. Let me bug if I want to.
      The average Nigerians mind is wrapped up so I have to be god damn specific we chat on email that's it and that's that.Period!

  10. To the solutions of Nigeria...Remove the bureaucracy and corruption around the electricity issue..Sack every single person working in PHCN, make those who sold or buy former NEPA to book...As a country in darkness can never move forward..Once electricity issue is solved, I believe I have solved 70% of Nigeria's problems...The Like minds to work with will be Teejay, Caesar (Forget he may be pessimistic but he may have great ideas)..Thank you

    1. How will you solethe problem of electricity users that refuse to pay bills and bypass their prepaid meters?

    2. @Eezi First of all Nigeria should even have a database where every home occupant is registered..However I believe people refuse to pay because 90% of the time there is hardly electricity and crazy bills are being given to them...My dear any one who bypasses their prepaid meters I will punish them seizing their prepaid meters and serve a jail time of 1 month and no option of fine will be given...

  11. Stella, by next week we will find out.....

    Isaac, nice one you got here on the data reductions of different networks. More sales and money to you.

    Good day All....

  12. Spoilt church gyal...careful o, you are your husband's karma sha, both of u deserve each other.

    1. I didn't follow the story from the start. What did her husband do?
      Btw she said its 'small' adultery. Lmao.

  13. First i will eliminate all these our evil cabals holding this country hostage. I will abolish all corrupt practices because corruption is the root of many Nigeria problems. I will work with people like Okonjo Iweala, Emir Sanusi, Akinwumi Adesina, Kingsley Moughalu and many more technocrats.

    1. Browse small about "Deep State" and you will know cabal is a thing. It's because formal state institutions are weak in Nigeria that's why cabal dey wax muscle like this. Strengthen state institutions instead

    2. How easy will you eliminate the cabals? Don't forget, whoever fights for your emerging on the throne becomes your cabal. So how do you handle that?

  14. Blogbrity herself. Beautiful you.

    Oga Teejay I must see the end of this journey o. ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. First i will eliminate all these our evil cabals holding this country hostage. I will abolish all corrupt practices because corruption is the root of many Nigeria problems. I will work with people like Okonjo Iweala, Emir Sanusi, Akinwumi Adesina, Kingsley Moughalu and many more technocrats.

  16. Hello Stella,to your question, electricity will be my priority,if there is constant light businesses will grow,no more generato,then security,I will put in place people that are capable to do the work to the citizen satisfaction,by so doing Nigeria will be a better place for us to live.

  17. Corruption
    Crime and terrorism, specifically Boko Haram insurgency
    Education and university systems
    The environment
    Road accident
    The economy
    I will tackle them by doing an override of the whole system... will make sure I b in charge...with some trusted fellow with the same vision and goal with me,persons of integrity ..... osinbanjo yemi, Jonathan good luck,okonjo iwela,kayode fayemi, governor of Oyo state....oluseyi makinde etc.not people of low estate,low IQ abi illiterate.we need technorats, people with sound minds like those pole av listed.Stella dimokokus u are on the list too o.cos u too get sense die ...u go b for tatafo ministry, representing n investigating.u go be special ๐Ÿ˜— adviser on media matters.

  18. Stella good afternoon! Good luck to the seller nice stuffs up there! Ola that Ankara for middle na how much?? Nice shoes. May God help our country Nigeria. This our president ehhh! I watched brekete family program yesterday you guys need to hear the fraud on a massive scale in federal college of education in Calabar chai I weep for Nigeria!

  19. Boss thanks for the advert are the best ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ

    If you are on NETFLIX try to see NEW MONEY๐Ÿ˜
    A Nollywood movie and it was a good one

    Falz and wofai really wowed me and the story line was also great๐Ÿ˜Š

  20. Shout out to you @Ladyboss๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜
    I don't have enough info in politics to know who can make things work in nigeria,I only know a few names who turned things around when they were there and them self follow chop....
    We need GOOD ROADS and ELECTRICITY, these things should not even be up for pleads!

  21. confederal system of Government will be best, this is a syetem whereby the region has more power than the central govt, the central just act like a body in to keep the regions together control. Nigeria is 910k sqm and thats a large land mass for the federal govt to control,due to diversity in religion, ethnic group etc. The power given to the fed govt in the exclusive legislative list is to much, it has to be cut down and spread out to the regions or states,thereby making it possible for them to utilize whatever resources they have to better their economy thereby creating employment and reducing poverty , and also due to this the state govt will have her own indigenous security force which will be conversant with the locality thereby curbing insecurity.

    if the fed power is reviewed and decentralized, the judiciary will be free, base on s.231,s.238 of CFRN which gives the President the power to appoint the supreme court justice and also appeal court, also s.174 empowers the President to appoint the AG federation, how then will the judiciary be independent.
    when power is decentralized the President wont have the power to make such appointments thereby making the judiciary independent, now if the judiciary is independent financially and odawise independent will be able to checkmate and serve justice which is d pillar of the society thereby curbing corruption

    I will need people like peter obi, fela durotoye,amaechi.. inter alia. did i make sense?

    1. What if the state governors abuse the powers given to them against their opponents? What if they use the security force to fight state oppositions?

    2. Enter your reply...i kinda concur with you

    3. I agree with you, but giving more power to the state might cause more issues.

  22. Good afternoon all,
    Stella i would answer you queston thus;
    First and foremost, I will get the population census of the Country and create a biometric data base to fast track individuals with the list information you can get on them, by so doing I will be able to know the citizens by knowing the total number gainfully employed and the once unemployed, educated and the once that are not educated, them create manufacturing industries across the 36 state with capacity to absorb 40% of the population from the state, empowered you with tech knowledge, by setting up a fund raising ngo to support local businesses for start up, majorly students who have been able to come up with good research work as a result of his or her project in the universities , impose taxes on specific luxury properties, in a bid to get from the rich to help the poor who have one disabilities or the other, these amongs other things. Let me mention only one name because I'm in the toilet typing this lol๐Ÿ˜›๐Ÿ˜›๐Ÿ˜› i would likely Mr.Wole Soyinka. Thanks

    1. N/B: Mr. Wole Soyinka as my special adviser..

  23. If I'm to prefer solution to Nigeria's problems, I will:

    1. Enforce the rule of law, I'll make sure the judicial system is incorruptible. There would be no immunity or excuse for corruption or wrong behavior. Everyone should be ready to face the consequences of their actions.

    2. I will reform the power sector and try as much as possible to give Nigerians 24/7 power supply. This will improve production of goods and services. There by increasing employment rate

    3. I will empower our Armed Forces and law enforcement agencies in order to secure lives and properties.

    4. I will ensure that Nigeria has functional refineries. Then diversify. our national income should not only be dependent on oil. I'll tap into agriculture,tourism and technology. (every living soul feeds, and technology is the new oil well).

    5. pay attention to Educational, Agricultural, Health and infrastructural sector of the Economy.
    Although Nigeria is a work in progress and all of these (and many more) cannot be achieved over night. But with commitment and determination it can be achieved.


    Who will i pick?
    Okonjo iweala,
    Babatude Fashola,
    Seyi Makinde,
    Femi falana,
    Folarin falana (falz).
    Stella Dimoko (for minister of information).
    people (in my opinion) who are passionate about a new Nigeria.
    I may send people out of the country for training and then co-opt them into the system.
    above all seek God's help, because Nigerian matter pass ordinary eye.

  24. TEEJAY i don't like that rough play at all, why keeping us hanging till next week when you can finish the gist today. Tell us what happened, did you off pant, boxers or just lip sealing.

    Madam sleeping with another man i cannot never judge you oh. I ma not wearing your shoes so i don't understand what you are going through at the moment. Just take it easy and be smart.

  25. Enter your comment...I wonder how am going to get my goods to be advertised in IHN one day . ... God go bless everybody's hustle

  26. That lady cheating on her husband why dont pray for God to open your way and give you ideas that will bring in money? That's my story o. As at last year I could barely feed towards the end I got a contract acting as middle woman my commission was 5m. Not that na me get or product or money oh? Just phone calls and prayers. Have you deeply thought of how heart broken your hubby will be if he finds out that the woman he loves is cheating for money despite all his efforts to make you happy? Please practice emphaty towards that man, your kids and parents and remove shame from their eyes. From your write up I can tell you are very aware of your emotions. You know what you want and what not. This path you are taking might one day go south. What you think you have in control will burst open spilling shame and regret. Biko my dear, there is nothing God can't do for you. Right now, I'm working on selling oil blocs. If it goes through I'll be 50 billion naira richer .Yeas my dear. How did I get this contract, someone that know someone that knows someone in this agency work told me. Who am I? Just a young lady who suffered in the outskirts of lagos. Go and read genesis 13 14- 15. God told Abraham to look as far as his eyes can see. Meaning if his eyes can't see anything he won't get anything. It is what you believe you are that you are. If you believe your body is the temple of God it will produce exploits. As a church girl sleeping around you have become a queen on barefoot Ecclesiastes 10:7. What was the prophecy about you when you were little? My dear you have sold your glory for bread. Not juju o. Not that your boyfriend is fetish.I wish you can see what you have reduced yourself to because of small coins. Did Jesus work a day in his ministry? How did he then eat for three years? There is nothing impossible with God. You are a daughter of zion but have become a normal human. Why an I worried about you, because I almost fell into this same pit. As a student wearing okrika I got from advances older men. It was when I Almost fell i knew morality is nothing. If you dont know who you are you will fall flat like apostle Peter. You have to keep reminding yourself that your father is the richest and can do anything. Please, read books by Joseph prince, Benny hinn and Hagin. You are a special child darling dont sell your light for .bread. I love you.

    1. Biko which kind work you dey do? 50 gini? God I need this kind breakthrough in my life!

  27. First of all, I will impeach Buhari and send him to old people's home ,then disintegrate Nigeria.

  28. Hey Stells, to answer your question, importation is killing us, I will fix our refineries, we cant be one of the world highest producers of crude and still import fuel, pump more money into the agric sector so our made in naija food can be sufficient. fix the electricity problem by doing a total overhaul at phcn, get in more investors into the power sector. Cost of governance is another huge problem, scrap the senate, they do absolutely nothing by the way, cut down on the number of ministers (forget stories about quota system) cut down on their salaries and allowances, make politics less lucrative.

  29. I will first of all like Jerry Rawlings I will kill off all these old circulating leaders that keep going around like vultures and not letting the country breath, I will convert the 1 year mandatory youth service into a year of skills acquisition for graduates. If u wan learn any skill na for 1 year and if u decide to apply your skill I will give grants, and any company that needs corp members must employ such a person after they serve them for 1 year. I will close down some Churches cos they are becoming too much at least a particular amount and that is all that would be allowed, I will adopt the style in China, steal public money and die. If you are a govt. Official your children must school here and it will be in the constitution. No medical trips abroad for Govt. Officials that way them go fix the health care system. If you have an organization you must give back to the society. I will do away with the system of only NCE holders can teach, that is 1 of the biggest issue we have as a nation, if you are a graduate nd you have 1st class or 2nd class nd you want to love to teach welcome on board. I will increase the salaries of Police and teachers. That way police work will become attractive that even 1st class will be lobbying. Mk Nigeria safe our own don too much so Oyibo people can come back. The time when I small for Area 2, we had them plenty now them don run finish na. I don tire. Lastly I will kill people like Evans wey commit serious crimes, y r they alive nd eating food made for public.

    1. In as much as what you wrote made sense, it also cracked me up๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  30. Madam church wife may God help you to get your life right because 2 wrongs don't make it right...eating your cake and having it back is a myth.

    Isaacbaba if not for this new Airtel 6gb for 1,500 (7days usage) I would have patronized you.

    More patronage to all the sellers.

  31. E bi like say na Pharisees fork stories full here today
    Ikwikwi nyuru ahu si umu nna ya kwere ya egwu, ha si ya tufiakwa
    anaghi ekwere ihe ojoo egwu -the small bird ikwikwi farted and asked
    her kinsmen to play music for her and they told her it is an abomination to
    play music for evil

    I see say a lot of co-pharisees don dey play music here for evil?

  32. Face of IHN why are u wearing fake ass? To answer Steele's question, I will make sure I prevent everyone from leaving this country. We stay here and die together to fix this country together!

  33. When I said Nigeria is irredeemable, people think I joke or don't have a valid reasons for saying so. Stella, I make bold to say again this minutes that, Nigeria can never solve her problem unless certain things are done which are the fundamental issues.

    Nigeria shouldn't have been a nation in the first place, for it's a union of ethnic nationalities. The regions would have grown and developed in good pace on their own if not for the almagamation by the British colonial masters. These are people of different religious views, value and belief system and culture, yet you brought them together.

    If Nigeria must get better, a peace reconciliation panel should be set to address the grave injustice melted on the South Eastern Nigerians (Biafrans) during the 1966 Pogrom and 1967 civil war. We all know the story how over three millions Biafrans were killed including the Asaba massacre. How can Nigeria progress? You starved millions to death and went ahead to justified it that "starvation is a legitimate weapons of war and in war all is fair" No. Victor, No Vanquished! yet you ceased properties and millions of this people and offered them just £20. Where is the truth in Nigeria? What happened to the 3Rs? Reconciliation, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction.

    Even the Germans had apologized to the Jews but Nigeria still see no reason to do so. Agitations won't stop, for the right things to do were ignored. You can't talk of development or unity when there is no peace or reconciliation.

    We can't claim to have move on without addressing certain fundamental issues. Do everything you feel like doing without this I just stated above, Nigeria will still be hopeless. There's a huge need for atonement for the blood spilled and the ones still being spill today plus a sincere reconciliation and remorse from the Nigerian state to the Biafrans.

    1. TJ, you proffered zero solutions even after your tirade.

      You make it hard to stan for BIAFRA with all that bottled bitterness.

      You are Nigerian living in Nigeria talking about Biafra that never was.

    2. In furtherance to my assertions above, let me drop it how our own Chimamanda Adichie rightly puts it. She said;

      “I think we should have a sort of Truth and Reconciliation Committee in this country, not just to address Biafra, which should be a central part of it, because it is impossible to understand Nigeria without understanding her history from around 1965 to 1970.”

      “For Nigeria to thrive as a nation, we have to acknowledge the truth. In Asaba for instance, brutal massacres happened during the war and not yet acknowledged and so a lot still needs to be done, let us just air our history, sometimes all people need to hear is sorry.

      "There are houses in Port Harcourt today that were named abandoned properties and were illegally taken from their owners. There were people who lost everything they owned and just given a tiny amount to start all over. That is injustice that has not been addressed,” she said.

      “Acknowledging our history does not mean we will have to divide Nigeria AND dissent does not mean treason."

    3. @Perxian, I know you don't understand what I wrote above, but I will briefly explain. I said, it's the fundamental issues to be addressed doesn't mean there's no other things to fix. First thing first is
      my narration here. Why do you think shortly after the war the Nigerian government came up with the Reconciliation, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction mantra if it wasn't necessary?

      Truth is that, if those three Rs were rightly implemented, we won't have been in the mess we are today. You think the pillage of problems facing Nigeria is ordinary? You can't talk of fixing a country there's no unity or peace. Who does that? Nigeria should address the problems from the root. After the war, has Nigeria gotten itself? The people that brought the war how are they today? are they better of today? Aren't their place ravage with destruction by their own people?

    4. Chimamanda and/or any other Igbos that want that injustice to be addressed will most certainly be disappointed because Ojukwu will receive the blame for that 100%.

      It was Ojukwu that seized the Nigerian-Pound holdings for the igbos in bank branches trapped in the Biafran territory, he then converted the pounds into worthless Biafran pounds that you can't use today.

      It was also Ojukwu who refused to accept negotiated settlement to end the war on time contrary to the advice of Zik, Uwechue and others thereby prolonging the suffering and misery of the Igbos.

    5. @Perxian, so in essence you are justifying what happened? I would have love to go further with you to tell you things the media won't let you know about the war, but will stop here so I don't end up dragging this column of IHN to a history discussion. Maybe when occasion calls for it some other time on a different post.

    6. No, TJ. I'm not justifying anything, just saying let sleeping dogs lie.

      I can't even go any further. Hell, i'm having withdrawal symptoms just by typing too long. Have a Good evening.

    7. Thanks for your engagement... Have a lovely evening too.

  34. To whom it may concern! This is bv *MyNaked picture G wagon* I stop commenting with my ID because when bvs bash me and I reply Stella hardly post.
    Eesah,I have never met you in person we are not friends! we only chatted on email that was it I repeat we are not friends!
    I'm not Perxian this is a disclaimer I'm not perxian! some weeks ago I saw anonymous comment asking perxian if she got the Honda crosstour I didn't get the cross tour instead mother in-law gave me a smaller car. I AM NOT PERXIAN WHAT EVER FONT PERXIAN IS USING ISN'T BV *MyNaked picture g wagon.
    Thank you!

    1. Well, you could ve come out after the anon's comment and save me the trouble.

      Don't let them run you off, girl.

    2. Perxian,sorry about that I hardly keep up with blog these days I read it late and it wouldn't make sense replying days after they'd still say you are writing on anon if I had replied that early that's why I let it die but today? I'm happy I'm off work today atleast I gave specific clarification to everything.

  35. Good afternoon to us all.
    If I am called on to fix Nigeria's problems, the issues that I will tackle first is Corruption, followed by electricity, good roads , availability of good food, health, then education. I will also work on a good housing scheme for the Nation.
    On the People that I would call, Engr. Yusuf Haruna former ED Engineering of Nigerian Ports Authority and his team , to handle all Engineering related works.
    On Corruption, I will probe all past Leaders, from 1985 till date, Presidents, Governors, Senators, Heads of Parastatals etc, all Public officers must be probed.
    Security will also be one of the major areas that I would focus on. Then I have to make jobs available.

    1. I will search both Private and Public organizations for Technocrats, I won't use any of these "popular" persons, NO. I am bringing FRESH people onboard. I may also work with other Nations to get things done, eg, Nations like China, UAE, Russia .

  36. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  37. The major problems affecting Nigeria have their roots in CORRUPTION. Corruption covers all spheres and not only deals with embezzlement of funds.

    Asides corruption, the giant problems are bad governance, economic recession, poor transportation system, poverty, insecurity, lack of education, high crime rates&social vices, lack of / inadequate social amenities, unemployment, family conditions, high importation rate instead of exportation among others.

    The best solution to all these problems will be working with the Seven Points Agenda of Late Yar'Adua/vision 2020 (power&energy, food security, wealth creation, security, land reforms, education, transport sector)

    If I'm to convene people of like minds to solve these problems, I would say we should first dissolute the law makers in Nigeria cos the legislative organ is the root of corruption. Then, call back the likes of Goodluck Jonathan, Obj and if possible reincarnate Musa YarAdua.

  38. Faith is this your ikebe real or padded butticks?
    Drop your Instagram or Facebook, my cousins need a wifey with big backside like yours.
    They are 2 sons of a Bishop so don't fear if they link you

  39. Stella no time for long story o.
    Just gather
    Okinjo Iweala
    Kigsley Moghalu(former pres asp)
    Peter Obi
    Seyi Makinde
    Femi Falana
    Oby Ezekwesili
    Wole Soyinka.

    I fit even beg Chimamanda Adichie to join sef

  40. The root cause of Nigeria problem is the Nass(senators in particular), all their wages should be reduced to 1/3 of the present pay. For security, reform the police totally(60% are criminals, 20% are graduates who had no choice but to take the only available jobs to survive, so they work reluctantly with no zeal and only 20% are doing the right job). For the army, all army former and present heads that are alive should be sent to jail until they stop the insurgency( the army heads know why boko haram and herds men still exist). All state and federal political leaders(commissioners, local government chairmen, governors and ministers) should be sentenced to 60 years in prison if found guilty of embezzlement. For the health sector, no doctor working in a government hospital should be allowed to own a private clinic, also government hospitals should be supervised to ensure equipments and facilities bought for the hospitals are not taken to private hospitals( CMDs or any body found guilty of this should be sent to jail), all government hospitals should be renovated. Doctors pay should also be increased, likewise nurses. For Education, government schools need a total turn around, education should be free for primary and secondary schools. Teachers salary in government schools should be increased by 40%, this will make them take the job more serious, their the least paid in Nigeria. The schools should be made very comfortable, instructional materials should be provided and improvement in scheme. This way the number of private schools will reduce. For the universities, education is too expensive in Nigeria because of bribe, any lecturer caught collecting bribe to give admission or increase students grades, or sexually harass students should be sent to prison. Your jamb score should be valid for 5 years. For poor infrastructures like roads, light and water, Ministers are incharge of this, please send them to prison for embelesssment of funds meant for this projects, because contracts have been awarded but abandoned. All of these will only work with a transparent judicial system, therefore only a well learned individual should be a chief judge. During elections, voting should be done only online. Loans and empowerment should be made accessible for farmers. In conclusion, for the idle youths that have decided to join cult just pack them to prison, any nurse found guilty of harassing patients should be sent to a rehab, apprentiship should be encouraged in Nigeria, whereby once you finish secondary school,you learn a skill and get gainfully employed,or get a loan or empowerment and start something, this will reduce unemployment and robbery by at least 30%(Nigerians too go school). Minimum wage should be increased to at least 100,000. This will help reduce bribery in ministries and having ghost workers. The highest monetary note in Nigeria should be 50 naira, we should go back to coins. We need a revolution and l will choose segalink for like minds( I don't know his real name but his on twitter as segalink). Pardon my poor English.

  41. Dear Stella,

    Good day.

    Nigeria is rich in Arable land and different mineral resources, Agriculture will be the main Economy of the country, the different region will revive Agriculture to the extend we will feed ourselves and export to improve our exchange rate to the dollar and encourage our citizens to export more, Agro-Allied companies will be encouraged and taxed less so that production, manufacturing will increase hence more jobs opportunities.
    The mineral resources will be used to generate capital to fund the Agricultural project in all the region of the country.
    Further more, Education will be compulsory for all the citizens of the country and I will ensure new innovation is taught in the educational system. Having done these, I will gradually move to solve other areas such as Electricity, Housing and Health.
    I will engage resourceful and honesty people who are not power drunk and corrupt like Adeshina one time minister of Agriculture under former President Jonathan, Ngozi Iweala for Finance, An experienced American or Briton in the Oil and Gas field to manage our Oil and Gas with it's refinery with other seasoned and tried honest men and women in different field from all areas of the country. My dear Stella will definitely be part of my information team.

    Thank you.

    I am Vivian.

    1. Stell please pardon my grammer I mean to say persons like Adeshina, Ngozi Iweala, and other honest and seasoned person who are not corrupt will be engaged for this noble task.

    2. If I were President, I'd first of all go after corrupt politicians like jerry Rawlings did, this will encourage investors in the long run. Revalue our currency, introduce solar power and post policemen to guard power supply lines, if anything is vandalised, no salary for you. I will scrap VIO, FRSC and all paramilitary. I'd rather add them to the police force. I'll make subsistence farming a requirement for every civil servant. I'd run government owned farms in partnership with banks and land developers, everything must be mechanised in the farm. I'll open a school for local fabricators where they can be taught by Chinese expatriate on how to fine tune their product. I would make sure there's a national carrier airline, I'd build my fleet from seized private jets (kidding..not). The police force must be revamped under my administration, CCTV in every state, street corner. Police on foot doing patrols. Lagos will undergo massive marine transport development, each bank must submit 30 boats, and maintain them. I will pick only the best hands to work with, tough women and men. I'd make public office soo unattractive, only altruistic people will be leaders. As for mungo park, he died of malaria, the murderer? Anopheles mosquito.

  42. Good afternoon everyone
    Faith, you are beautiful
    Nice things for sale

  43. Adulterous house wife! Quontinue, one day, your monkey go go market e no go come back...

  44. Stella please stop deleting my comment allow me clear the air once and for all This is #MyNaked Gwagon" I'm not perxian, neither is Eesah and I friends we chatted on email and that's it I have never seen him live before. My Ire is that people keep saying this, that I'm Perxian I'm not I have my own personality and wouldn't like to be tagged with another and like she said we don't write alike please stop.
    Thank you!

    1. Alright girl. Thanks for clarifying. I don't know you and we've never exchanged any messages. Let's leave it at that. Thanks

  45. My own idea of solving Nigeria's problem is social entrepreneurship. The government has failed and is still failing one cannot rely on them. Social entrepreneurship has to do with developing your own environment the best way you can. It starts from your home, then the streets, the neighbourhood. In cash and in kind. From the little you earn make sure the environment is clean, no homeless, jobless or hungry person in your neighbourhood. Mobilise those who can pay for it to make contributions and oversee the project in your spare time.
    For instance, the road in your street is very bad, you can hold a meeting with all the house owners, make contributions and tar the road or possibly canvass for support from the those who live in the street that can fund it.
    For the jobless, they can clean the streets for a token, boreholes can be built with joint efforts and they will oversee the maintenance and the paltry sum the income from the water can bring.
    For the homeless, money from the joint contributions can be used to pay rent for them but they must earn the money. Those who can help them get jobs will do both in and out of the neighbourhood.
    If all the streets are tarred, bad roads is eliminated to an extent, that leaves the government to do the highways.
    Each one be his neighbours keeper, develop your home, your environment. If this is done lives will be better.

  46. If I'm to proffer solutions to Nigeria's problem, here is what will be done.
    * Our system of government is very expensive. The benefits of Public service shouldn't be so enticing that you think about what you gain during and after your tenure but your service to the nation.
    * Economic growth. As large as Nigeria is, we are a consumer nation. If we eat and use what we produce. That will go along way in helping the economy.
    * Education, this should be an investment to the nation such that when graduates are eligible for employment, they are employed the nation is moving forward through the tax. (we have more production companies now)
    There are hundreds of festivals through out Nigeria. This will attract tourists in the country all round the year, this helps economic growth.
    * We have to learn to reduce, reuse and recycle. Climate change is real.

  47. One major thing I will stop isallowing the same circle of people rule the country.
    How can you become a governor, stay 2 terms, then proceed to become a senator, stay 2 terms, then you are given ministerial appointment.
    After you step down, your wife or children or brothers or in-laws start theirs again, and the circle continues. Does the country belong to certain people only?
    This is the height of greed and corruption.
    I will ensure a law is passed that once a governor, you can't be a senator or hold ministerial appointment again. (You can't be master of all nah) and your wife, chidren and children's spouses, can't hold or contest for same positions after you.
    Same for a ministerial or senatorial appointment.
    Also, for contested positions, the contestants must swear to the court of law, to do the things they promised during their manifestos and campaign or be jailed/imprisoned after their tenure. This will be a law.

    So many more, but won't bore you guys.

  48. Sorry I'm late here but I will chip in my own idea.

    First off, I understand that Nigeria's problem didn't start just in the government but from the smallest unit which is the family. Corruption necessitates greed.
    Corruption affects power supply!
    Corruption affects education!
    Corruption affects prices of goods and services!
    A corrupt government can't provide good road and other social amenities!
    A corrupt government can't provide good jobs for the looming youth!
    And those are just few to mention. Growing up in Nigeria, you'd be taught that the measure of success is by luxury; how much luxury one can afford which is very deceptive. This is the root cause of most of our problems. That even when the most educated takes a position, he starts thinking of his pocket first befor ed any other thing.

    This makes our youth to seek wealth in anything and by any means. You can imagine that some of the people making critical decisions in most states were once political thugs. And those political thugs came from families that don't mind where the money their children brings home comes from.

    So, if we need to solve our problem, the 'get rich quick' syndrome needs to be eliminated and it should start from the smallest unit.
    I will device a means to educate the grassroot across the country especially the young ones on the importance of contentment. I will also make them understand that success is not measured by wealth and luxury but by self-satisfaction and self-actualization. Greed needs to be eliminated for a country to be free of coeruption and evil vices.

    That is where I will start.
    And for who I will pick, I likely would not like to write the persons name here because he's not popular and not a politician as well as not popular. But if you must know, his name is Mr. Ladi Akeredolu. He works with Channels TV and he has an outstanding personality which I believe is required in today's politics.

  49. I hope this is not too late.
    1)General sensitization: Honestly, before any meaningful change can be made in Nigeria,everybody most especially citizens needs to be enlightened about what democracy is truly about. They need to be taught that in order to hold their leaders accountable, they should pls stop collecting pepper and salt and all the other other rubbish they usually collect from them. If they don't collect anything from the politicians it would he easy to hold them accountable. They should know that political office holders are there to serve them and as such they should stop requesting cars, recharge card and other things from them. They are there solely to bring positive change.
    2) Ethnicity: Positions should be given to people who can perform and not given on the basis a ethnicity or religion. Intact Ethnicity should be the least criteria for picking someone to a position of authority. Square pegs should be put in Square holes.
    3) Religion: I wish we as Nigerians can channel all the money we donate to religious leaders into our personal lives. Instead of donating part of our salary to someone in the name of sowing seed why not pay for an orphans school fees?, add it to someone's business, do a small gutter in our community. If all of us do such things Nigeria will be better for it...
    So let's go to industrial revolution.
    4) Electricity: No matter the amount of money that can be invested in Nigeria power sector, it would continue to go from bad to worse until we implement point 1. So assuming that the sensitization has worked, Nigerian government should focus on revamping the electric sector by creating a conducive environment for interested investors. old cables should be changed.
    5) Education: I believe our technical schools should he revamped. Our curriculum in Universities should be upgraded to reflect recent global development. Emphasis should be made on innovation and application of knowledge.


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