Stella Dimoko US Based Nigerian Professor Reportedly Resigns After It Was Discovered He Spent $243k Research Grant On Strip Clubs And iTunes....


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Friday, October 11, 2019

US Based Nigerian Professor Reportedly Resigns After It Was Discovered He Spent $243k Research Grant On Strip Clubs And iTunes....

Mr Chikaodinaka Nwankpa, a professor of Nigerian origin in the United states, has resigned after it was discovered that he spent $242,390 research funds in strip clubs and iTunes purchases.

According to a statement released by the eastern district of Pennsylvania attorney’s office, Nwankpa repaid $53,328 and resigned in place of termination after he was discovered.

The professor was also said to have paid for goods and services offered by Cheerleaders, Club Risque, and Tacony Club.

Nwankpa, who was head of the electrical and computer engineering department at Drexel University, made the purchases between 2007 and 2017.

He has also been debarred from federal government contracting for a period of six months.

William M. McSwain, a US attorney, announced that the university has agreed to pay the United States $189,062 to resolve potential liability under the False Claims act.

“This is an example of flagrant and audacious fraud and a shameful misuse of public funds,” McSwain said.

“The agencies providing these grant funds expect them to be used towards advancements in energy and naval technology for public benefit, not for personal entertainment.

“We appreciate Drexel’s self-disclosure and cooperation in this matter. At the same time, we are disappointed that Dr Nwankpa’s conduct went unnoticed for so long, but Drexel’s strengthening of its charge approval process is certainly a step in the right direction.”

An investigation into Nwankpa’s activities began in 2017 after the university voluntarily disclosed improper charges to eight federal grants for energy and naval technology-related research that it received from the Navy, the department of Energy, and the National Science Foundation.


  1. Just imagine!!!!Nigerian men always disgracing themselves

    1. Na dem Now they will call them Nigerian men.

  2. Shame! Shame!! Shame!!!
    I hope the services you paid for (which would have lasted some minutes at most) are worth this disgrace😡. Useless men everywhere with no discipline!

  3. Shame! Shame!! Shame!!!
    I hope the services you paid for (which would have not lasted beyond some minutes) are worth this disgrace😡. Useless men who lack discipline.

  4. He is not a Nigerian just because he has a Nigerian name doesn't mean he is a Nigerian, had it been he did something good the will say he is an American.

    1. Well said! I blame the Nigerian media for always painting Nigeria black. He is an American and probably doesn't even have a Nigerian passport nor visited Nigeria.

  5. This thing called vagina has been the albatross of many men for so long.
    Look at how a learned man disgraced himself and family.
    Only Jesus and not education can change a man's life.

  6. Heeey, did anyone watch the movie hustlers? What if he was used that way? #devilsadvocate

  7. He is the head of the department so he is taking in a healthy income why didn't he just pay for it out of his own salary? Nobody cares about his strip club visits or iTunes purchases, it's not illegal, but his cheap ass could not see fit to pay out of his own pocket. I don't know what is the point of getting all that education and reaching so far as to become head of the department if you were going to toss it all away. You could have just settled for repairing small appliances as a career.

    1. Actually it is illegal especially if it is a government research grant.


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