Stella Dimoko Actress Timmy K Says She Regrets Marrying An Old Man Because Of His Money


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Sunday, November 10, 2019

Actress Timmy K Says She Regrets Marrying An Old Man Because Of His Money

UK-based Nollywood actress-cum-producer, Timmy K. MacNicol is full of regrets.

According to the single mother of one, some certain decisions she took at a young age have come back to haunt her.

Born into a polygamous family and orphaned at nine, Timmy K was adopted by the Hanson family from Ghana.

Now in the UK, divorced and depressed, Timmy K admitted that though she has regrets, she plans to make amends.

She says

“Some day, I will reach out to people like me. I want to reach out to ladies who go into prostitution because they are orphans. I’ll reach out to people who steal because they are orphaned.

“My story is a bitter one. I pray God keeps me alive to talk about it so I can inspire and warn others too. From the age of nine till now, I have been struggling. I want my voice to be heard. I want to tell my story to everyone out there.

“My marriage became abusive for years. I also went into depression and was rushed to the hospital. Now, I don’t think I want to give marriage another chance, because my marriage experience is very bitter. I have been abused but I kept enduring. 

I want to move on with my career but you never can tell; I might fall in love. And if I would eventually get married again, it would be to a man within my age bracket, not an old man like I did before.

I married a grandfather. Now, I will not marry an old man because of money. I was an orphan and I fell for an old man because of his wealth and affluence.”

  from the sunnewsonline

*Our fore fathers say one man meat nah another one poison....


  1. Replies
    1. Send me that old man Nos. I need an Abeg

    2. Stella,shes an attention seeking girl. Shes still with the man. Actually she snatched the old man from his wife. The man was happily married to an igbo girl,the lady went to uk to build a home for her kids and Timmy jass crase commot for the guy eyes. Shes a lazy fuck. The man don meet Ghana girl waka.but shes hopefully he will come back. No one adopted her in Ghana all na Ghana pali package. I wanna be celebrity by force

  2. Regina Daniel hope you won't give us this complain later?

    1. @Amacastel
      Hope you would write this COMPLAINT later?

    2. Amacastel wan die of envy.

    3. Shade Okoya is enjoying hers. I pray vultures like you don't get to laugh at Regina.

  3. What an excuse!!!
    Well, I am sorry it didn’t work out for you.

    1. Because you will ride that your motorcycle down that road if you
      dare catch an old rich great granny who lives abroad?

    2. Anon 13:42, my life, my choice.

    3. an orphan is proned to end up badly, even those with one parents are affected not to talk of an orphan.

      She probably wasn't guided and assume what the grandpa showed her was love, but in reality he took advantage of her predicaments. I'm talking from experience, society assumes worse for an orphan.

      So her reasons 're in order.

  4. Simply because your marriage didn't work out with an older man does not mean others who are married to older men will not have a great marriage. It is different strokes for different folks.

    1. Nekwa Naija girls o. Ndi uta 🏹🏹
      Did she tell you that's the case?
      Ajuju ooo
      She said she "married an old grand father BECAUSE OF MONEY..."👴🏻👴🏻
      Naija girls marry because of money, some Nigerian women marry because of love.

  5. Dont tell that to Regina o

  6. Hmmm, let me wait for comments

  7. Timmy, you'd get well with time. Thanks for being refreshingly sincere. I understand your sincerity
    about your personal experiences because you did not grow up in Nigeria.

    Naija girls will curse this lady oo.
    No be the "catch him rich and abroad even if he is ancestor" mantra that they chant that this lady is saying she will warn them?
    Ajuju n'ese okwu oo 😮😮😮😮😮

    Oops...Make I take cover o. Maka ndi uta full everywhere 🏹

  8. Abeg spare us your story and face inconclusive married a grandfather my foot. It was your greed that guided your decision.
    I'm sure that man's story will be different. The emotional abuse u inflicted on the poor man is enough to make Aisha relocate to London.
    Mrs 'innocent' that did no wrong in the marriage.

    1. @13:42
      She is better than your bitter soul
      She has realized her mistake and confessed and obtained mercy
      You are gearing up to rush through that lane at any non-given opportunity.

  9. Regina Daniel take note..

  10. This social ills, practiced by these predatory husbands,is prevalent in the African Black and........communities, it is still kind of alien among the Whites.

    1. This is the most ignorant statement of all time. Abuse is abuse. Some older white men can be extremely abusive emotionally, mentally and financially. In fact coercive control has been recognised in law in the country I live in. I see so much of it as a matrimonial lawyer.

    2. I laugh in Ejagham!! So you think white men are less abusive?? You're joking right??? Why are we always seeking to discriminate our fellow Africans?

      Those older white men that have mentality that young African girls are beautiful slaves to serve them. They marry and keep in the house. You will see he driving car and shopping and thinking she is living the life. But the man is using her to fulfil all his sexual fantasies, keeping her at home like an ornament and paying her with vain things he knows her background cant afford for her, way less than he does freely for his child. Money he would easily give to charity sef.

  11. Yep, one man's meat is another's poison. Let her speak for herself abeg. Firstly she has underlying issues may be from her personal background. She has psyc issues- depression. Then not all old are men are abusive. Some old folks are dotting husbands that they will even overlook some excesses of their younger wives by just shrugging it off.
    The "grand pa" was abusive, ehen. What if she pushed him to the wall all the time with her mouth and behaviors that led to mistrust?
    In marraige so many things come into play, I cannot hear story from one side only.

  12. Any Grandpa that left so many women in d house to marry another has question mark anyhow you weigh it.

  13. Haaaa!! Naija women, so because what this lady said now is against what una preferred, suddenly the story has changed, now is maybe she pushed him to the wall probably with her mouth, that was why he abused her, make una fear God small nah.

  14. ANG please what's the meaning of this ya 'ajuju'?

    1. @Laide the tailor
      Let's tailor it for your understanding inugo -you understand?
      Ajuju = Question
      Ajuju n'ese okwu =Question that causes (Naija girls) to run berserk
      OR question that causes troubles.
      Ajua m ajuju = I have asked (the trouble causing) questions.
      Nekwa ajuju = See question

      Do you understand?
      Ajuju 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    2. This ANG is a case I swear.
      Mr, ishi mebiri gi o. Ijighi aghu.
      Hahahaha. You no well aswear!

  15. God Timi, you worked as a waitress in barracuda ph rivers state. Met a guy from the uk . He opened a saloon for you. You wanted him to marry you but it didn’t work out. Even after you went to your village ogoni to do jazz for him. After he left you couldn’t run the saloon and couldn’t pay your rent. You sold your stuff and went to Ghana and met him. His name is Duncan. He was married to a Nigerian lady. He got transferred back to Nigeria you still followed him back . He was living in apapa lagos state. Timi, you knew the conditions he gave you and you gladly took it. He built a house for you in your village. He opened a magazine company for you. He opened loads of business for you, you couldn’t grow anyone. He sent you to wale adenuga actting school. Because of your bad English at that time you weren’t getting any movie rule, only a small part of 1st Jennifer movie. Abeg Timi don’t let me spill more truth about you. Lie with small conscience .

  16. Even Bianca Ojukwu has said she cannot allow her daughter to marry an older man. Hindsight is 20/20. Waiting on that smally that is always dancing like Emere on Instagram to confess in the future. Older men who marry younger women are very insecure, controlling and abusive.


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